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Match-O-Matic II

Posted by on 10 October 2008

Still undecided about who you want to vote for in the Presidental election??  Here’s a new kind of poll (that was sent to me from a Y!Group) to help you decide which candidate best matches what you feel and believe in.  Simply click the statement that best matches your views.  At the end, the Match-O-Matic 2 will tally up your choices and match you with either Barack Obama or John McCain.  The comments will be on everything from the economy, Iraq, medical and abortion with a couple other topics thrown into the mix. 

Got your clicker ready??  HAHA  Here’s the fun poll to help you cast your vote.  And be ready to read the comments thoroughly!!  

On your mark…..

Get set….

Vote in the Match-O-Matic II!! 

8 Responses to Match-O-Matic II

  1. Edward


  2. Elaine

    You don’t need to try it Edward. You’re not old enough to understand what the quotes mean. Besides, you’re NOT handling yourself well with election materials.

  3. Edward

    Well, yeah. Oh well I got people waiting in simcity 4 deluxe.

  4. Elaine

    Edward….people waiting??

  5. Debbie

    Okie dokie. Pretty much what I expected. Me thinks one of the candidates is a tad too liberal in their way of thinking for my liking. And a bit out of touch with reality. Although I am very idealistic, I at least have the common sense that tells me when something just isn’t going to happen. You can’t spout crap without having a way to back it up or it’s just that. CRAP.

    Have I stated my opinion generically enough? LOL

    My candidate is……..McCain!!! No apologies!

  6. Edward

    I had to fix the amount of garbage in my city and get people to go to school

  7. Edward

    I have out of 15,000 people 1 person is in high school.

  8. Elaine

    LOL I agree with your views, Debbie. Too much crap being spewed and I don’t like it one bit. I expect a certain amount in any election, but I’ve never seen so much 2-faced activity in my life. I can’t even get into it here!! LOL

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