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Daily Archives: 9 October 2008


Today’s posting will be a little bit of everything.  A potluck, so to speak!!

I’m still in a tither about politics.  I fear one day soon, I’ll be walking down the street with smoke coming out of the top of my head.   This election is so far over the top that it’ll be years before it surfaces again.  I think the only reason that it bothers me so much is that I see people falling for it.  They can’t see through the smile and charm.  It shouldn’t be that hard to realize that they’re just being told what they want to hear and not what’s really going to happen.  I’m going to leave it at that though.  It’s not worth spending more time on.  I just know for certain that my voice will be heard.  I may only be one person, but it’s 1 vote.  Somehow….someway, that vote counts!!

Our annual chruch Fall Carnival is this weekend.  I’ll be there when it opens to work the moon bounce.  I’ll have to monitor all the kiddies in there jumping around.  It doesn’t take much for it to get out of control!!  After I’ve done my hour, I’m going to walk around with kiddo and check out the other booths.  We’ll make an attempt at the Cake Walk.  Last year, we won a delicious cake!!  And to think it cost me all of $2 (2 tries) to win this delightful treat!!  Then we’ll head home and watch movies.  However, right now, I’m having hard time typing.  I’m nursing sore fingers.  I helped the DRE blow up balloons for the dart toss.  I tore the cuticle on one and it’s throbbing.  One of my other fingers is bruised.  Of course, I’ll survive, but what a pain!!

Hubby is on duty tonight.  The babies are in the field and it’s his night to babysit.  He says it’s a beautiful night out there.  Perfect weather.  That means I’m all alone with my tv!!  HAHA

In one of the groups I’m in, someone requested a Pumpkin Parable game.  Well, I just so happen to have one that I created last year.  It was too large of a file to post as a message, so I offered to send it privately or upload to an online file storage like 4Shared or something similar.  One person in particular accepted, so I uploaded it for her.  She said she got it and thanked me.  Others asked me to change the format of the game and try to make it smaller.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  However, I’ve tried many many formats for it.  All too large to go through mail to a group.  Anyway, I received an e-mail stating that they thought they saw my game sent into a different group than I’d shared it in.  This person stated that they’d send it to me so I could check it out.  Sure enough, it was MY game.  I only shared it with one person and their name was on the mail message that was in this other group.  They never asked my permission for another group or to try the one that wanted it.  Such total lack of respect.  I won’t stop sharing, but I’m quite frustrated.  I get alot of materials that I don’t remember or know where they come from, but I state that.  I at least note what group I got them from.  However, this lady got the game from ME just TODAY.  And not a mention of it.  Just took it upon herself to send it to another group.  Respect is so big with me.  To me, that was just a total lack of respect, no matter how you look at it.  Had she asked if she could share it, I’d have said “yes”.  It’s an honor to have people using the games I make.  Laura and Debbie and relate to this.  However, there was nothing!!  ARG

Fall Break is next week, but the Schoolhouse will still be in session.  That’s how we’ll get out a week or more before all the local schools.  We don’t need any Fall Break.  I don’t think I even have Spring Break scheduled.  It’s just not needed.  Most of our days are short compared to public/private school.  We work hard and get it done.  We have our weekends.  We don’t have homework, except when a test is scheduled.  She does have to read on her own time.  So, no “breaks” for us.  We take time when we need it, as we need it.  It allows us to start later and end sooner!!  WooHoo

Alright, well that sums things up for tonight.  I guess me not posting as much has lowered my readership.  My stats are way down.  Oh well, I must do what I have to.  I just don’t have as much time as I used to in order to allow for more frequent blog posts.  I hope my friends and loyals will stick with me.  I’m still here!!  HAHA  Ya’ll have a good one!!  OUT!!

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