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Menus and Games

Posted by on 6 October 2008

We spent the weekend just being a family as much as we could.  K is very much into the old tv mini-series The Winds of War right now.  She has hundreds of questions about WW II.  We’re actually moving onto the final chapters of that series War and Remembrance.  It’s quite in-depth with the concentration camps right now.  I told her how The Man and I went to Dachau while we were stationed in Germany.  She can’t wait until we discuss WW II later this school year.  She wants to know all about F.D.R. and Pearl Harbor.  Her grandpa tells her alot about rationing and being a kid during that time.

Kiddo is also busy reading.  She has to read a certain number of points by the end of this grading period.  She’s not even close right now!!  Shame on her!!

While all this is going on, I’m typing up menus for her.  Now that she has her real cash register, she wants all her restaurants operational!!  It’s been challenging to make them all different.  She’s having a blast with it though.  I’m almost done with them.  Of course, she’s got some ideas for new eateries too.  I told her “we’ll see” on that!!  Her book is getting thick and she’s got lots of choices now.  I’m sure she’ll be posting soon to tell you all about it!!

My creative juices just aren’t flowing for making games right now.  Nothing is coming to me.  I’ve even asked for requests hoping that would trigger something.  No takers though.  I like the topics this month, just no ideas to put on paper.  Maybe the menus have stolen all my creative power!!  HAHA  I’m sure it’ll come back….one day!!

For now, I’m off!!  I have a social studies test over Lewis & Clark to prepare.  I also need to organize some science material.  We’re also starting a batch of Amish Friendship Bread tomorrow for “life skills”.  She gets to do all the measuring, dissolving of yeast and mixing.  She gets to work the batter all week and decide if she wants original or another “flavor” to bake up!!  MMMM  I can taste it now!!

8 Responses to Menus and Games

  1. Elaine-totallylike

    Hi Elaine!! missed ya, do i get some of that friendship bread? 🙂 thanks for the comments! did you see the one of my niece? the close up with the bright eyes? people either love it or hate it lol i am one who loves it…

  2. Laura

    The first time we went to Germany it was 1971 and we went to Dachau. We also saw all of King Ludwig’s castles and went down in Hitler’s tunnels in Berchtesgaden. A few years ago we hit all the sites again and got to go to the Crow’s Nest. I never get tired of visiting Germany. I want to go again!!!!!

  3. Debbie

    I have some old ration books from my two grandmothers and my mom. Very interesting. Does your dad have his? If you’re interested, I could hunt them up and scan so K could see what they look like. They have what looks like stamps inside. You’d get so many sugar, flour etc.

    Oh my gosh, friendship bread. Haven’t done that in years.

  4. Elaine

    No Elaine, I didn’t go back that far. I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything. I love checking in on you though. You have great photos!!

    You’ll have to come down here and I’ll give you some batter of your own so you can share it. The friendship bread is awesome!!

  5. Elaine

    Laura, we’ve been to all those places in Germany. Watching the movie, we tell K all about them and what we saw. The Crow’s Nest is cool and looks just like the movie. The elevator was all brass!!

    We had a chance to go back, but he opted to stay here and deploy. I didn’t want to be away from my parents with their age and health. I also didn’t want K to go through that education experience over there.

  6. Elaine

    Debbie, we don’t have anything like that!! My dad just tells her stories. He tells her about women’s panty hose and tires for cars. He’s told her about hundreds of cars on blocks for their rubber. We’d absolutely love a scanned copy of your ration book if you can find it. Thanks!!

    I’d be happy to share some if I had a way of getting the friendship bread to you!!

  7. Edward

    I heard a lot of “Winds of War” form miss K.
    And frendship bread sounds good!

  8. Elaine

    Yep Edward, she loves that mini-series. She gets to watch “Schindler’s List” when we discuss the Holocust of WWII. I haven’t picked a movie for WWII itself yet. There’s many good choices!!

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