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Fall Encampment

Posted by on 2 October 2008

Miss K is feeling much better.  With antibiotics in her system for 24 hours now, the fever is down.  She slept all night and woke up ready to go.  Momma got some sleep too!!  I’m still tired, but it’s a start.

We did a couple classes today.  That’s another nice part about homeschool.  When kiddo is sick, you don’t have to push them hard.  You can let them work at their own pace and not really get behind.  Now homework just because they’re sick!!

We had a field trip to the local museum today too.  They had their Fall Encampment days going on.  It’s a time for kids to tour the fort and be taught all about pioneer days.  Everyone dresses in period clothes and does a display for the students.  There was a general store, blacksmith, cabin and we got to see a man make fire with flint.  Another man also taught about weapons/guns of the day.  The kids also got to sample some pioneer food.  They watched coffee being ground the old fashioned way and then tasted some deer jerky, soda bread, corn bread and buffalo (pot roast).  K loved it all!!  There’s also a schoolhouse on the property, but that wasn’t part of the display today.  A good time was had by all and it was very educational. 

It was pretty warm out there and we were more than ready to rest by the end of the day!!  Tomorrow, K has to do a report on what she saw today and I have to print out a couple pictures for her to use in her report.  Even I found it interesting!!  It was pretty cool and we got in at a discount rate for the homeschool group.  The rate we were charged will go toward buying a log to help rebuild the old stockade which finally rotted after all these years and was tore down.  Very productive day!!

16 Responses to Fall Encampment

  1. Laura

    So glad that everyone is feeling better!


  2. Edward

    I’M NOT EVEN ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get well Miss K!

  3. Debbie

    Glad you’re all on the mend.

    I love those historical events! I love to see the houses and how they cooked and all that jazz. We’ve gone on a couple of these jaunts.

    Is Edward K’s friend? LOL

  4. Edward

    I have her e-mail address and you can ask her yourself.

  5. Edward

    I’m going to send a chain e-mail advertising the website.

  6. Edward

    Just finished it

  7. Elaine

    Edward, don’t you dare ever offer someone K’s e-mail address again. You’re now on my short list and if you can’t behave, I won’t allow you to post here any more. Period!! Now behave!!

    What chain e-mail are you talking about?? What are you advertising?? So help me, you’re going to end up punished OFF the computer. And I told you to quit using that “addicting games” site….it’s NOT yours!!

  8. Debbie

    Edward, Edward. If you are K’s age, you shouldn’t be on the addicting games site. There’s lots of not so nice things on it. Why don’t you play on Club Penguin? That’s better suited for kids. Listen to Elaine!!

  9. Edward

    Sorry I typed it wrong.

  10. Edward

    I just took it off.

  11. Edward

    I’ll try outclub penguin on the weekend when I can play games.

  12. Edward

    Sorry abuot all the confusion.

  13. Elaine

    I’ve told you plenty of times about “Addicting Games”, Edward. I expect you to take responsibility for your actions. Some of those violent games are the reason you’re misbehaving in school. Now your mom may not know much about computers, but I do. If you don’t stop going to that site, I’ll tell her I need access to your computer and I’ll put a block on it. Be responsible, take control of yourself and do what you know is right.

  14. Elaine

    Debbie, we love historical things too. Kiddo pretty much loves anything associated with social studies and I love history. It was a fun field trip!!

    Yes, Edward is “Ed”. He’s the boy I watch after school and is K’s friend.

  15. Elaine

    Laura, we’re much better. She’s still taking antibiotics. We both needed some sleep and probably still do!!

  16. Edward


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