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Sick and Tired

Posted by on 1 October 2008


WOW!!  It’s crazy right now!!  We had a full house all weekend and then it emptied out in just a matter of minutes.  My allergies were full blown for most of the weekend and still are.  The weather is beautiful, but it’s killing me!!  Our bed has decided to give out for some reason.  The mattress looks like it has craters on both sides of the bed.  I wake up every morning with a backache and don’t sleep as good as i should, so I’m just plain tired all day long.

MIss K had herself a full weekend.  Immediately following all the birthday activity, we had a field trip on Monday morning.  The local homeschool group had set one up and she wanted to go.  We have one to the museum later in the week too.  On top of all that, her allergies are acting up too and her resistance is down.  She slept with me last night because she had a fever.  I ended up being awake most of the night trying to regulate that.  Even with Tylonal/Motrin rotations, she was 101 most of the night.  I had to cool compress her and she didn’t sleep well.  I decided I wasn’t going to wait and see if she was going to get better and beat it on her own.  I made a doctors appointment.

They think she has strep throat or something similar to it.  It’s not a sinus infection because she has no tenderness across her forehead or cheeks.  She does have pain by her ears and throat.  Plus, her throat is red.  They decided to start her on antibiotics since she has a fever.  They did a throat culture, but don’t want to wait the 48 hours it’ll take to get results.  Despite 3 hours at the hospital (clinic and pharmacy), she insisted on going to religion class with me tonight.

We got away from that stupid hospital just on time to grab some food and go home to get my backpack and head to class.  The one night I’m later than usual getting to the office, everyone else needs to make copies too.  I had a whole missal to copy for the kids so they know the right process and behavior in church.  We had a “field trip” to church too!!  By the time I got home from class, I was exhausted. 

I’m so looking forward to bed tonight!!  HAHA  I’m quite sure I’m just going to crash.  It’ll be a restless night though because I’m going to have to keep an eye on K’s temp and make sure the fever stays down.  The man usually gives up his spot in our bed for her when she’s like this.  It’s the only way that I get any sleep at all.  I wonder if when she’s 20 I’m still going to have to worry about fevers!?!?

Anyway, if she’s up to it, our field trip is tomorrow.  It just dawned on me….TOMORROW!!  YIKES!!  We’re going to the museum.  They’re having what I would call “pioneer days”.  They put on displays and cook food for the kids to sample from that time period.  You go through in groups and it lasts about an hour.  It’s fun and very interesting for the kids!!

Alright, I’m off!!  Time for sleep.  ZZZZzzzz

Oh oh sorry, drifted off there!!  Nighty night!!

6 Responses to Sick and Tired

  1. Laura

    I hope everyone feels better soon!


  2. Debbie

    Don’t have to tell me about being sick and tired! I hear ya!

    I am so lucky with my pediatrician. He’s got a machine at his office to do strep tests, so we get an answer while we’re there.

    Hope you all catch up on the sleep and start feeling better soon!

  3. Elaine

    We’re getting there, Laura. Nothing some sleep won’t help!! Thanks!! HUGS

    Debbie, I know you and Laura both understand about allergies and sinuses. Whatever kiddo has on top of it isnt’ helping. Antibiotics are working though!! Army doesn’t work quite like the civilian world, but I have to start looking for a doc off post really soon. We’re all on the mend, thanks!!

  4. Edward

    I wish I could’ve came.

  5. Tammy Warren

    I am a little late in getting around again. I hope you are all better now. I dread this time of the year. I am famous for the “big sinus infection.”…..

    Don’t let this turn into something serious. While I was pregnant with Dylan…I let things go to far and I ended up the the hospital.

  6. Elaine

    I know you don’t get to go on field trips, Edward. Sorry about that, but that’s just how things are in schools.

    We’re all a better, Tammy. K is still tired, but she’s got alot on her mind. She’ll be alright. Between the weather and having alot going on right now, she’s zapped. I’m just glad she’s not in school and having to worry about that bs!!

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