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Monthly Archives: October 2008

BBOOOO-oooo to Yoooouu!!



Oops!!  I forgot to go back over to Dawn’s blog and get “BOO’d”.  Sorry Dawn!!  All my friend’s had better know they’re still BOO’d!!  HEHE

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My Election Decision

I’ve tried to be open-minded when it comes to this election.  I’ve never chosen a party….ever.  In every single election, I vote by the candidate, not the party.  I’ve voted Democratic and Republican.  Never have I voted a strait ticket.  That’s not what our system was set up for.  I swore that from beginning to end, I was going to listen to both sides and make the best choice possible.  I’ve stated before that this election has tested me and made me wonder.  Several things have irritated me.  I remained objective and refused to bring too much of it to my blog.  I didn’t want to lose possible friendships or turn people away from my blog.  But we’re all adults, have opinions and have the right to vote.  So now, my silence is ending.  I’ve had enough and I’m making it very clear that I’m voting for McCain/Palin and I’m proud to say it.

I can give so many reasons why I’ve made this choice.  Some may agree….some may disagree.  However, this is a vote that I believe is best for my family and for me.  I’ll try to give you a few of my reasons.  Some will be major and others won’t. 

1.  The liberal media – I’m so tired of Obama being pushed down my throat.  I’m tired of McCain and Palin being torn down and apart.  There has been NOTHING unbiased about the reporting by the major newspapers or networks.  The questions asked of Obama have never been as in-depth or twisted as the ones thrown at McCain and Palin.  The list for the media can go on and on.

2.  Sarah Palin – I like her!!  She’s smart, a family lady and she can hold her own.  She laughs at herself.  No matter what’s been said and done to her and her family since this process began, she’s held her head high and stood her ground.  Someone has gone to great lengths to make sure that this investigation in Alaska happened before the election so she’d look bad.  It didn’t work with me though.  I know that a Democrat was in charge of the investigation and don’t tell me that had nothing to do with the results. 

3.  John McCain – He’s a survivor.  There’s nobody else running that can survive what he has.  He’s strong and he stands by what he believes in.  I’ve read report after report and it’s been proven that the things he wants to bring to the White House can work.  I don’t care about his age, my dad is the same age and I know what my dad can do.  I believe McCain can achieve even more if given the chance.

4.  Democrats – The Democrats wanted and begged to be elected and they were.  2 years ago in fact.  Still, with control of Congress for that long, they’ve managed to achieve NOTHING that will help the American people.  Nancy Pelosi is reason enough not to appreciate the Democrats.  Let’s face it, Congress has more power in this country than the President does.  Nothing happens unless they approve….or disapprove it.  No matter what anyone says, they’re responsible for the condition of this country, not just the President.  Our economy happened on their watch and let’s not forget their pay raise!!

5.  Barack Obama – I can see right through him.  He’s suave and a sweet talker.  He says whatever he thinks the people want to hear.  I’ve heard him flipflop on the issues more than a fish out of water.  It’s sickening.  He’s got deep pockets.  He’s been bought and paid for.  Look at the campaign funds alone.  Do you think you or I gave him that money??  NO….big business and corruption did.  I don’t like who he associates with.  I’ll leave names out, but we know they’re his friends and he’s defended them and their actions.  As a lawyer, he protected the worst of the worst.  Another list of reasons that could go on and on.

6.  Experience – They say Sarah Palin isn’t qualified to take over in the case of John McCain’s death.  Excuse me??  She’s a governor of Alaska.  Have the Democrats forgotten that they elected the governor of Arkansas (a poor state) as President.  Come on!!  On top of that, they Clinton’s abandoned Arkansas and moved to New York so that Hillary could go for the White House herself.  Let’s not forget that Jimmy Carter was a governor prior to the White House as well as Woodrow Wilson and FDR too.  If she can run a state and keep it running, she can handle the job of VP and President if needed.  Obama hasn’t run a state or anything else, except his mouth….literally.  Look at his district in IL and what happened there and see if that’s the experience we need as President.  McCain’s experience speaks for itself!!

7.  Joe Biden – I’m sorry, but he’s an idiot.  He’s allowed to spew all kinds of stuff and nobody thinks any of it.  You constantly hear the new saying “he’s just being Joe Biden”.  Well if that’s Joe, then I don’t want him any closer to the Oval Office than he is.  He’s said this country will face challenges with Obama as president, but that was just another comment.  You can cover up what he’s said if you read it indepth.  There’s more, but that’s enough said for now.

I have other personal reasons like Obama says homeschool is alright as long as the federal government controls it.  We already know what a mess they make of the educational system.  They don’t need to be in my house more than they are telling how and what to do.  We’re about to be retired military.  We dont’ need any more benefits cut.  We don’t need a person in office that doesn’t believe in the troops and what they do.  We don’t need someone who thinks that we spend too much on the men and women who sacrifice everything to protect this country.  My parents are retired and I watch them struggle.  They shouldn’t be.  They should be happy and comfortable.  That’s the plan they had when dad retired and they were ready for it, but not any more.  Medical care is killing many right now and McCain wanting to open up state borders to get coverage is a good idea.  It makes competition.  If there’s competition, then some of these crappy companies that people are forced to use are going to have to step up or lose business.  Maybe big business doesn’t need any more tax cuts, but I can understand a plan to give then a break if they bring jobs back to the United States.  If they’re not given a reason to bring jobs back, we’ll never get them back and lose even more to countries that offer lower wages and breaks for hiring their people.

So now I’ve spoken my piece.  I hope you can understand and respect what I’ve said.  If you don’t agree with me and want to comment, that’s fine.  But keep it civil.  This is my family blog and we’re all entitled to our opinions.  I won’t argue with you, bash you or anything else and I expect the same in return.  I’m guessing that if you didn’t like my choice of candidate though, you probably didn’t take the time to read this far, but I hope you did.

My vote is in.  We vote by mail and I’ve never missed an election since I was old enough to cast a vote on my first ballot.  I’ve been wrong and right in my choices.  This just happens to be my choice this time.

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What Generation Do You Belong In?

Laura had this fun little quiz posted on her blog.  It’s very short with about only 6 questions.  I took it just a couple minutes ago and can’t even remember.  HAHA  I’m really getting old!!  Anyway, here’s my results….

You Belong in the Baby Boomer Generation

You fit in best with people born between 1943 and 1960.You are optimistic, rebellious, and even a little self centered.

You still believe that you will change the world.

You detest authority and rules. Deep down, you’re a non conformist.

Now you take this short fun quiz and let me know what generation you belong in!!

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What We’re Up To

Things are a bit hectic in our house right now.  We’ve all got something going on and we’re constantly crossing each others paths. 

Miss K will be starting a homeschool bowling league next week.  We had a meeting for it last week.  It’s going to be great!!  She’ll have 2 lessons, then they’ll bowl for 4-6 weeks.  They’re going to be on teams by age and they’ll even have handicaps.  At the end of it all, after the Christmas holiday, they’ll have a competition and a banquet.  They’ll receive trophies and everything!!  She’ll bowl every Wednesday afternoon and then it’ll be a mad rush to religion class.

My religion class is up to 12 kids.  Yes, TWELVE!!  I have alot of planning to do for class now.  I’ve always had to, but it really has to be organized and ready to go now.  I have to make sure there’s plenty for these kids to do.  They need plenty of activities, but not too many.  This class, as large as it is, is a blessing.  They’re great kids and I’m loving this year more than any other.  On top of CCD lessons, I have all my homeschool lessons to do.  K is doing awesome.  She made Honor Roll last quarter.  She’s loving all the classes right now.  In fact, K asked me to make Social Studies a little harder.  She says it’s her favorite class and I’m teaching her new things, but she wants it to be more challenging.  However, that makes it more of a challenge for me because I have her working at grade level as is.  I’m darn well not going to hold K back though and if she needs more, then she’s going to get it.  My housework seems to be piling up.  I have clean laundry everywhere.  Other than that, the rooms are pretty clean.  I need to dust and mop again.  We’re all so busy or stay in just a couple rooms that the rest don’t get that “dirty”.  I just can’t keep up with laundry!!  Oh, and don’t let me forget the classes that I’m taking.  I have a certification class every Saturday until December.  When I’m done, I’ll have certification for Level II and III.  I’ll still have 2 away “retreats” to go to, but then I’ll be done.  I can’t believe it!!  Let me tell you, as much as I love teaching religion, these books aren’t the best reading!!  We had 2 books on theology.  BLAH!!   

The man is knee deep in retirement happenings.  He’s got many appointments to be at in any given week now.  He’s still working a full schedule at work on top of it.  He spent a night in the field and has had 2 night ranges in just the past week.  He’s also pulled 24-hour duty and has it again.  Then there’s the resume and physicals.  He’s got a VA appointment, which is good news, but it’s an all day event.  He also has to register with the state because he’ll actually be able to collect unemployment and they help with job placement.  He’s already got a resume in the system for a federal job, but it still needs some work.  Some times he’s so busy that he’s chasing his own butt.

My baby dog hasn’t been doing well lately.  She won’t jump up on the bed or couches.  I’m afraid she’s actually going blind.  That wouldn’t be surprising since she’s got Chihuahua in her.  One eye in particular looks cloudy suddenly.  For all I know, one of those nasty neighbor cats got her.  They’ve jumped on her back and attacked her before.  Mind you, she’s smaller than most of the cats.  All I can do is wait for her vet appointment and see what they think.  It just might be arthritis too.  She’s only like 5, but at her age and breeds, it wouldn’t be a surprise.  Big Boy is still the same.  He’s loving the cooler weather and constantly trying to get us to play during class….and then he laughs!!

Did I mention the retirement ceremony is THIS month??  Yes, we’re that close to the end.  It’s not official until 1 March, but the ceremony is this month.  We’re having a party that same weekend.  I have shopping to do for that and make sure the right people are coming.  And Lean Green waited to tell me that I was going to have to stand in formation with him in a dress and heels.  It appears that I’m getting a certificate too.  I told him they can keep it and just give him back to me!!  HAHA  Doesn’t work….darn it!!

Alright, so that’s the end of our busy time.  It’s a crazy schedule, but we’re doing great!!  So, if you don’t see me around much, now you’ll know why!!  Catch us if you can….

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Debbie had a fun photo personality quiz posted on her blog today. I had so much fun with it!! You have to choose a picture that best describes your answer to a question. You may also select all the pictures if you want by clicking the gray square. I did this for a few of them!! Here’s my results:

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

However, as you can see, the widget doesn’t work in my blog. UGH!! So I guess I’ll just have to relay the results back to you.
Mood: Easy Rider
Fun: Conqueror
Habits: Back to Basics
Social: Nostalgic
Yep, that pretty well describes me!! Now it’s your turn to take the photo personality quiz. Let me know what your results are!!

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Lean Green has had a bit of a rough week.  He had night fire and had to stay in the field on Thursday.  That means he went without sleep and it was a very cold night with no heat in the tents.  Then Friday, he had an appointment for his sleep apnea, went back to work and had to pull duty.  He usually stays up all night, but he just couldn’t do it.  He posted 2 guards and took and hour nap.  He said that really helped.  I figured by the time he got home this morning, that he’d drop.  Fortunately, K and I were up late last night, so we slept in.  I mean we really slept in!!  This gave the Man a chance to sleep too. 

Because of that rest, he was able to hang with us all day.  One of K’s friends came over just after lunch.  We all went out to eat and ran a couple of errands.  Then we came home and the girls played and played.  Nothing like tween girls in the house!!  While they were playing, hubby got out a model he’s been working on off and on.  He wants to try to paint it if he can.  It’s his hobby and he loves it.  He’s passionate it about.  He can make any model look better than the real thing.  Only problem is, I have cars, tanks and airplanes all over my house!!

The Man is off tomorrow.  We have piles, and I mean piles, of clean laundry to get put away.  He has to look at my car and check out the plugs.  He also has to wash my car.  He has to figure out when he’s going to pull the last 2 windows and insulate around them.  Temps are already coming down and it has to get done.  There’s just never enough hours in the day.  So much to do for him, but so little time. 

The strangest part about today was that when we got back from our second errand, we found a note under one of the statues on my porch.  It looked like it was just a photocopy of someones handwriting and it said “baited cat trap….backyard.  They are sending the cats to the pound!”.  I’m not quite sure why this note was left, but we’re absolutely thrilled!!  We were about to call the city ourselves and ask for them to bring us a trap.  Our neighbor has approximately 8 cats, but it’s usually more.  They’re not registered with the city and we have a 3 pet law here.  She doesn’t get them fixed, which is required as well.  So, she leaves them run then there’s kittens from h*ll running around until they day or wonder off for good.  They seem to love our yard the most.  They’ve dug up every flower bed that I have.  They’ve crapped in my flower pots on my porch.  They dug up my herb garden.  They climb our tree and walk around on our room.  They sleep on our window ledges.  They bring flees and disease to my yard where I keep my 2 dogs inside a fence.  My dogs are registered and are inside the house, unless they potty.  Oh, and the best part, the cats have gotten so brave that they sleep on my swing in the back yard and when we let the dogs out, they will literally jump the dogs and attack them.  Now mind you, my dog is smaller than most of her cats.  So it won’t be any skin off my nose if every single one of those nasty cats is taken away.  And I’ll be happy!!  I have very little to no respect for cat owners.  There’s too many that think they live above the rules.  They don’t register them.  They let them roam free and they let them destroy other people’s property.  Let me do that with my dogs and watch how quick they’re snatched up!!  Oh I know there’s responsible cat owners out there.  I even know a couple of them.  They have my respect, but most don’t.  Anyway, the next step with the neighbor lady will be to have her dogs taken away.  They’ve been moved to the backyard, which hasn’t been mowed in a year.  It stinks and it’s full of bugs.  Those dogs deserve better.  They’re actually pretty cute and would just love to have some attention.  Have I mentioned that when we go outside, we can smell cat piss and cigarette smoke oozing out of her house??  Yes, it’s that bad!!

Well, with that wonderful though, I’m off!!  It’s time to tuck the old man in!! 

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Presidents and Election Lesson

We’ve started our new book, Hoot, so we did a short lesson on Florida.  That’s where this book takes place.  When we’re finished reading the book, we’ll watch the movie.  However, Florida isn’t the main topic in Social Studies right now.  This is the perfect time to start a unit on our government. 


We’ll be spending about 4-6 weeks on government.  We’ll learn about the Constitution and the forefathers that wrote it.  Miss K will be expected to write a report on any president, except JFK.  She did him in 3rd grade!!  There will be lessons on our branches of government and how they work.  We’ll be starting out with the election though.  It might seem a little backwards to work this in first, but since it’s the main current event in the U.S. right now, we’re going to tackle it and learn all we can about the candidates, election process, political parties and so on.  

I’ll be sharing materials that I use in all these Social Studies lesson, but I want to start off with the election first.  I found some great materials and sites to use for the unit.  They will all be used with a workbook that I have.  Some of these sites and materials might have already been listed when I shared election lesson information previously.

There is a complete lapbook kit and there is a smaller lapbook that could be used alone or in conjunction with other items.  There’s is also an amazing 3-part election notebook to download.  There is a great lesson, “Winning the Vote”, from Smithsonian in the Classroom.  We’ll be filtering in a couple worksheets, election templates (scroll down), and activities.  I also found these lesson plans of all sorts and ages for the election and other government topics.  This is a great list of vocabulary, as well as these election vocabulary and printables.  There are some political freebies available.  Lots of president materials, freedom and Declaration of Independence.  I got some great sources and ideas and more vocabulary and lessons with just an easy Google search.  I even found a reading comprehension printable.  I even got 3 free election printables from here.  There’s a whole list of election lessons and more for Vote 2008.  I found tons of things for a complete unit study on elections.  There’s also a lapbook for the Constitution.  These are just a portion of the materials that we’ll be using for this lesson.  Much of it is tied together, but the majority of it focuses on the election process itself.  

One last thing I want to mention for lessons and materials is TFK.  I signed up over the summer to receive this in our Schoolhouse.  I’m really glad that I did.  We receive an issue each week and it covers all the latest event.  There’s even printables available online to enforce what’s in the magazine.  You can check out the Election Connection 2008 section, along with other areas.  TFK is a similar product to Weekly Reader, which is an excellent weekly kids magazine too.  However, I chose to go with TFK and have no regrets!!

Of course, to go along with any unit, there needs to be good resources.  Many of the lapbooks, printables and such come with a list of resources.  Some are books or other resources, but much of it can be found online.  I generally use what comes with the different lessons.  If I’m not totally happy, Google becomes my friend and I search a wide variety of terms to find just what I’m looking for in a resource.

Alright, I’m off to prepare my lesson for next week!!  Out….


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Pumpkin Pancakes

I love this time of the year for many reasons.  The colors, the smells, the fun and more!!  Another reason I love this time of the year is pumpkin pancakes at IHOP!!  I’m not much of a pancake fan at all.  Oh yes, I eat them, but they’re not my favorite.  I love being out in the kitchen making them with Miss K.  But, this is the time of year that IHOP brings back their delicious pumpkin pancakes.  I so look forward to it and we don’t go often, but when we do, I order them no matter what.  If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend that you do!!

In my love for their pumpkin pancakes, I went on a hunt for recipes for them so I might be able to make them at home for myself.  If I find a good recipe, I can even make them year round!!  Who wouldn’t want the smell of pumpkin and spices in their house all year!?!?  Below, you’ll see the recipe that I’m going to try this weekend, IF I ever get to the store to buy my pumpkin.  This particular recipe was sent through one of the Y!Groups that I’m in.  I’ve also included links to other pumpkin pancake recipes in hopes that we can all enjoy our favorite smells and favors of the season!!

Pumpkin Pancakes
Wake up to spicy hot Pumpkin Pancakes from the griddle! Serve with Pumpkin Maple Sauce and sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon for a winter time treat.

8 servings


2 cups all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 1/4 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
1 teaspoon salt
1 3/4 cups milk
1/2 cup Libby’s 100% Pure Pumpkin
1 large egg
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

pumpkin maple sauce:
1 cup maple syrup
1 1/4 cups Libby’s 100% pure pumpkin
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

Optional: chopped nuts


Combine flour, brown sugar, baking powder, pumpkin pie spice and
salt in large bowl. Combine milk, pumpkin, egg and vegetable oil in
small bowl; mix well. Add to flour mixture. Stir just until
moistened; batter may be lumpy.

Heat griddle or skillet over medium heat; brush lightly with
vegetable oil. Pour 1/4 cup batter onto hot griddle; cook until
bubbles begin to burst. Turn and continue cooking 1 to 2 minutes.

Repeat with remaining batter. Serve with Pumpkin Maple Sauce and

pumpkin maple sauce:
Heat 1 cup maple syrup, 1 1/4 cups Libby’s 100% pure pumpkin and 1/4
teaspoon ground cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice in small saucepan
until warm.

In addition to the recipe above, here’s some recipes that you can try as well.  All of them are for a variety of pumpkin pancakes.
All Recipes      A variety of recipe choices from      Martha Stewart      Whole wheat from Pinch my Salt      Low fat from Low Fat Cooking      With cinnamon butter from Coconut & Lime      Cooking for Kids along with a few other choices from Cooking for Kids      Fat free from FatFree      Christmas Recipes      Taste of Home      Several varieties from cdkitchen      Mr. Breakfast 
The list could go on and on!!  I wanted to give you a few choices because each of them is a bit different.  Imagine how fat and sassy I could be if I tried all of them!!  HAHA  What’s your favorite pumpkin pancake recipie??  What’s your favorite topping or side?? 
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Saturday Night Live – Gov. Palin Open

If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at??  I love this and I’m so glad that Sarah Palin takes it all in stride and has fun with it. No wonder the Democrats are scared of her….they don’t laugh at anything!!
[clearspring_widget title=”Saturday Night Live – Gov. Palin Cold Open” wid=”4727a250e66f9723″ pid=”48fe1ec063643a5b” width=”384″ height=”283″ domain=””]
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Autumn in Arkansas

Kiddo and I decided at the last minute to go out to Arkansas this past weekend.  We kept talking about how we wouldn’t have to get Edward from school and how much we enjoy this time of the year out there.  The trees are usually such beautiful colors.  There’s nothing like it!!  So, we packed our bags and headed out.

Being at my parents house is like a science experiment of life.  Their land is full of things to explore and discover.  On this trip, K found 3 bird skulls.  Each of them came from a different type of bird.  One of them is even complete with the teeth still attached.  This is hard to find because they fall out so easily, especially when it starts to breakdown.  She also found the skelaton of a squirrel.  She kept a couple of the vertebret and a complete leg.  I’m going to put it out in the sun to dry it out.

I asked K to go with grandpa and find some rocks in the driveway.  I wanted about 12 samples of different rocks.  They should have had different textures, colors and so on.  I ended up bringing home about 50 different rocks.  Talk about some added weight!!  Some of them we’ll just put in K’s rock polisher, but others will be chipped and examined under the micorscope.  They’ll be used for an upcoming lesson on rocks and minerals and there’s no doubt that we have enough specimens!!

The trees were in full color up on the mountain.  It was cool on the land, but it got mighty cold up in the high elevations.  It was what just was needed to get the leaves turning colors.  I snapped some pictures, but there’s no telling how they turned out.  I hope I was able to pick up some of the beautiful colors. 

With that, I’m off.  It’s time to curl up under the blankies and get a good night’s sleep!!

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Army Life: Acronyms


Army life is always interesting. It even has a language all it’s own.  There is an acronym or abbreviation for just about everything Army.  I use many of these in my blog posts and then realize that “hey, not everyone speaks military!”, so I try to explain what it means.  This entry of “Army Life” is going to be all about those acronyms.  As you read down the list and explanations, you may feel overwhelmed.  It doesn’t take long before these just become part of your everyday life.  As a new Army wife, you can think you’re losing your mind though!!  So let the Army lingo begin!!

LES – Leave and Earning Statement – our pay stub      BAH – Basic Allowance for Housing – money they give us to help pay rent/mortgage      COB – Close of Business – end of the working day      POV – Privately Owned Vehicle – our personal vehicle

NCO– Non-Commissioned Officer – basically the working class of the military      CO – Commanding Officer – officer in charge of the unit      XO – Executive Officer – second in command officer     

BCT – Basic Combat Training – this is what hubby is a Drill Sergeant for; it teaches boys to become men….and soldiers      AIT – Advanced Individual Training – this school teaches you the MOS that you’ll do in the military      MOS – Military Occupational Specialty – your job; mechanic, computers, truck driver, etc.      DA – Department of the Army      DoD – Department of Defense

PCS – Permanent Change of Station – this is when you move from one post to another      ETS– Expiration of Terms of Service – in simple terms, this is when you get out or your contract is up      TDY – Temporary Duty – soldier goes to school or another post, but isn’t permanently stationed there      FTX – Field Training Exercise – they literally “go to the field” and play soldier; training done as a unit, sleep in tents, dig a trench, etc.      CONUS – Continental United States – you’re stationed in the U.S.      OCONUS – Outside Continental United States – any duty outside the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii; often Germany, Korea of any such      AO – Area of Operations – in simple terms it’s where you work/are stationed

ACU– Advanced Combat Uniform – the uniform the Army wears with the new digital camouflage pattern      BDU– Battle Dress Uniform – the woodland camo pattern uniform      AWOL – Absent Without Leave – leaving your duty without approval      BX/PX– Base or Post Exchange – shopping center on a post or base run by AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Service)      NBC – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical – agents used during combat against our troops      MRE– Meal Ready to Eat – packaged food with a shelf life of many years; ate during FTX, combat, etc.

PT– Physical Training – daily o’dark-thirty exercise      CQ – Charge of Quarters – usually 24 hour duty watching barracks soldiers and monitoring phones and unit     

Confused enough with those acronyms??  If not, here’s some lingo and slang used by the Army and some of it’s used by other military as well.

TOP – another name for First Sergeant       POGEY BAIT– snack food taken on FTX or combat      SHORT – getting released or out of military soon (90 days or less)      LIFER – career military person      KLICKS – kilometers      GRUNT – infantryman      DEUCE – utility 2 1/2 ton truck      CHOW – any meal      FUBAR – F*ck*d Up Beyond Recognition – as messed up as it can be      ATE UP – something that’s messed up      BATTLE RATTLE or HAPPY GEAR – full combat gear      GI – Government Issue      HIGH SPEED – highly motivated, squared-away soldier      REAL WORLD – civilian life      BCG – birth control glasses – the initial glasses given to new recruits      HOOCH – living quarters      SAND BOX or DOWN RANGE – Iraq      HOUSEHOLD 6 – family/household commander (ME!!)

Last but not least there’s HOOAH!!  This is probably my favorite word and it has many meanings.  It can mean “yes” or “way to go”.  It can mean “good” or “understood” and it can mean “welcome”.  It can even mean “Amen”!!  It can mean “thank you”, “you’re kidding”, “really neat” or “next”.  It can mean “stop”, “not listening”, “no idea/don’t know” or “you’re kidding”.  The one thing that it doesn’t mean is “NO”!!

Now that you’re all confused, can you figure out how many relate to my hubby, me or our family??  Tell me what you think in your comment!!  If you know one that I haven’t listed, let me know that too!!  I skipped many, so it’ll be fun to find out if anyone knows some of them!! 

The next installment will be Army Life:  Moving

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For my Bloggy Friends

I’ve been the receiver of some very nice awards.  I truly appreciate every single one that I get.  Sometimes, I wonder if I’m worthy.

Since my creativity hasn’t been working lately, I’ve been on the search for some blog awards to show my friends how much I appreciate them.  Oh I’m sure in some ways they know.  Still, it’s nice to show it so that it’s certain.  In my quest, I finally came across the blog Teacher Turned Mommy by an ex Kindergarten teacher that’s now busy being a mom.  She’d received quite a few awards herself and so, she decided to make some to give to her friends.  I’d seen one of them in particular on just a couple other blogs and really liked it.  Then I found another of hers.  After close inspection of her blog, I didn’t see any “rules” that went along with using them and from her comments, she seemed happy that others were using them.  So, in my appreciation for her cute blog awards and no “rules”, I’d like to encourage all of you to check out Lori’s blog.

Now, on to the awards!!  As we all know, comments can mean so much.  Sometimes it’s just that recognition that someone read your post.  Sometimes it just makes you feel better if you’re sick or down.  Sometimes it’s even a competition.  No matter the reason, comments help make a blog what it is and let us know who’s reading our blog and how they feel about it.  To the people who’s comments I look forward to, no matter how often or how seldom, this award is for you!! 


The “Your comments make my heart sing” award goes to:

1.  Kathy at Kathalog

2.  Rachel at Following in my Shoes

3.  Annette at Under the Loupe

and, although he doesn’t have a blog….

4.  Edward 

Next is the blogs that you just have to read everyday.  Sometimes you’re just too busy to get to them everyday, so you have to play catch-up when you have the time.  If you don’t visit them as often as possible, you really feel like you’re missing something.  It doesn’t matter the reason, they’re just the blogs that you love.  For those blogs I just can’t miss, this award is for you!!


The “I love your blog to pieces” award goes to:

1.  Debbie & Shawna at Mommie Mayhem

2.  June Clever After a 6-Pack

3.  Debator at Debator Debates

4.  Christina at Mustard Seeds

And finally, there’s those that fit BOTH categories!!  I think just about everyone fits this one, but I had to narrow it down.  Those that get both, the “Your comments make my heart sing” and the “I love your pieces” awards are:

1.  Tammy at A Day to Share with Tammy

2.  Laura at Still Crazy After all These Years

3.  Debbie at Almost…Daily Brain Farts of an Airhead Mom

4.  Dawn at Dawn’s Diversions  

5.  Angie at 7 Clown Circus

6.  Elaine at Totally Like Me

Now remember, there’s no “rules” that go with these.  If you want to pass them on, then please do.  Just be sure to link back to the creator of the awards as Lori at Teacher Turned Mommy does deserve credit for them.  If you so choose, do nothing with them.  Display them or just keep them tucked away, the decision is all yours!!  I do hope that you all enjoy them and know that I think everyone who reads my blog deserves something just for taking the time to stop by!!

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