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Premier Week

Posted by on 22 September 2008
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I’m not much of a television person.  I only watch certain shows.  When our tv is on, it’s usually on classic movies.  The whole family loves those!!

However, this week is huge for us.  Over the summer, I got hooked on “CSI: Miami” and can’t wait to find out what happens to H.  “Dancing with the Stars” is starting again and I can’t wait to see how our gold medal volleyball player does.  I think Cloris Leachman will be a hoot!!  “CSI” will be starting this week.  Last season, the season finale literally blew me away!!  I can’t wait to see what the hell is going to happen this season!!  I do think it’s on it’s final leg though.  “Survivor” starts.  That’s the one reality show I never miss.  I’ve watched it from the beginning.  I keep saying that if I didn’t have diabetes, I’d go out there and try out in a heartbeat.  I’m hooked and I’ve gotten my parents hooked too!!  Then there’s “NCIS”, which I often miss, but I just have to see what’s going to happen after that finale. 

Anything on Wednesday nights is impossible for me to see.  I don’t even get near a tv.  However, somehow between everything else that’s going on, I’m going to find some tv time this week.  I love when the new seasons start and everything is fresh again.

Will you be watching any of the old shows that are returning??  Are you looking forward to any of the new shows??

14 Responses to Premier Week

  1. Debbie

    I will confess…I’m an American Idol fan. That’s really the only show I try to make a point of watching when the season comes around. Other than that, an occassional new Disney movie I look forward to. Only because the kids are dying to see it.

    My son is a huge Survivor fan too. Watches EVERY episode. He likes Nascar too. Hmm. Sure he’s not your kid? LOL

  2. kathy in colorado

    House, NCIS and Boston Legal – I like the first half of Dancing with the Stars and then I get bored. But then I’ll watch the end to see who won. 🙂

  3. Laura

    Am I the only one that doesn’t watch TV? My mom even had to call me to tell me that 9/11 was going on.

    I like DVDs. I think that is why I have over 200 of them. 🙂

  4. Elaine

    LOL I’m not an Idol fan, Debbie. I just can’t grasp that show. I do know many Idol lovers though.

    I’m quite positive he’s not my son. There’s alot to say for good taste though!! 😀

  5. Elaine

    Kathy, when I can’t sleep, I watch repeats of House when it’s on. I have a couple shows that I love to lay in bed and watch late at night. That’s one of them!! NCIS is a good one!! I was so shocked the killed the director.

  6. Elaine

    No Laura, you’re not the only one. We really don’t watch much compared to most people and we often miss episodes. Well ok, so NOT “Survivor”!! LOL

    We either watch classic movies (TCM) or DVD’s. We actually have a collection of close to 1,000. It might even be more than that now. We like to buy previously viewed because they’re so cheap. They rent them for awhile, then sell them half price. There’s a guarantee there’s no defects, so you can’t lose!!

  7. Elaine-

    dang, i missed house this week!! i have been working steady for 3 days on a new photoblog template, it’s up now if you want to check it out, Elaine…. house was my gilmore girls replacement.. and we do watch idol… but other than that, the tv is on the Christian music station, on low with a black screen lol

  8. edward

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  9. Tammy Warren

    Well….I don’t watch TV. I do catch up on CNN and FOX and the political debates, etc. I just don’t have time.

  10. Dawn

    Oh, we LOVE tv in our house! Our DVR is working over time this week. We are even considering having a second one installed so we can keep up with all our shows. LOL

    I LOVE in no particular order: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Lipstick Jungle, Ghost Whisperer, Two and a half men, Prison Break, 24, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Chuck, … there are a few more that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    I am SOOOOO mad that October Road and Moonlight won’t be back this season.

    I love The Bachelor and Big Brother. I watch the end of Idol but not the whole season. I’ve never watched an episode of Survivor or Dancing with the Stars. Now if it were Dancing with Real Moms I’d watch it. But, I don’t want to watch a bunch of botox injected, reconstructed people dance. LOL But, obviously people like it because it keeps coming back.

    The other show I just don’t get and do NOT understand why it is still on is The Amazing Race.

    Okay, see how excited I get when talking about tv?? Sad, sad, sad. LOL

  11. Elaine

    TV can be a hard thing to keep up with, Tammy. I watch more at the beginning of a season than later on. With the writers strike last year and shortened season, they left many shows with a “bang”. I couldn’t wait to get back!!

  12. Elaine

    Dawn, it seems we like many of the same shows. I can’t deal with “Big Brother” though. It’s no loss to me. “Amazing Race” isn’t like when it started. “Dancing with the Stars” is interesting in the fact that most of these people have no dance history. They stumble, but then they begin to learn. Some are actually naturals and it’s surprising. Ah the joys of tv, but I still love our DVD’s!! LOL

  13. Edward

    My mom was here watching the video
    while a e-mail was printing (family letter).

  14. Edward

    I mean while an e-mail was printing

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