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Daily Archives: 21 September 2008

New Feature

As many of you know, I have a couple blogging things that I do every week.  I guess you’d call them memes.  I usually do my Wordless Wednesday and try to do the Thursday Thirteen.  I’ve also done a Photostory Friday and attempted a couple other’s, but never really stick to them.  Debbie does her “Flashback Friday” and it’s one of my favorite features of her blog.  She also did a story about where she lives/grew up.  I thought that was such a great idea!!  I mentioned to her that I should do one on Army life and she told me I really should.  She said she’d like to read about it and I figure Army life is something that most people either don’t understand or know much about. 

So, I decided it’s time to implement that new feature on my blog.  Every Sunday or as often as possible (and I can keep you interested), I’ll blog about Army life.  Mind you, this won’t be everyone’s view of the Army, but it’ll be OUR life and views of the Army.  As many of you faithful readers know, Lean Green will be retiring soon.  His retirement ceremony is in November, he’ll “work” for a couple weeks and then he’ll go on leave (vacation).  During that time, he’ll be looking for a job and getting ready for our “new life”.  This is all time that he’s saved up and can get paid for or use.  Anyway, I ramble off subject!!  HAHA  He’ll officially be out of the Army on 1 March 2008.

My first post will be next week and my new feature will simply be titled “Army Life”.  I hope this is something that you all will be interested in.  I’ll discuss everything from the beginning of our life together to medical care to war to acronyms to retirement.  I’d love it if you told me things that you’d like to know more about.  Please feel free to ask questions about the topic that week or tell me what you’d like to know about the next feature post.

See you on my new Sunday feature post….Army Life!!   Photobucket

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