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Daily Archives: 20 September 2008

Family Photo

We’ve never been listed in the church directory.  Now that we have a new priest, he’s doing many updates that are long over due.  One of the updates is to get a new church directory.  They brought in Olan Mills and scheduled all parishoners an appointment.  We got all dressed up and headed out for our family photo that was to appear in the new church directory.

We weren’t thrilled after our appointment and they tried to sell us other packages.  They show you all the great poses that you tookand get you all interested in buying a package.  I was all ready to do it until they told us the prices.  Then they wouldn’t work out when we could pay with us.  Mind you, they don’t tell you the cost before you look at your poses.  So the salesman said “I guess you just want the directory photo then” and I said a simple yes.

Yesterday in the mail, we got a small package (enveolope) from Olan Mills.  I couldn’t imagine what it was since I have no intention of ever paying that much for pictures.  Much to my surprise, it was a complimentary picture.  It’s an 8×10 of the photo that will appear in the church directory.  That photo of my happy family is below.  Isn’t it a great picture of us!?!? 


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