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Daily Archives: 18 September 2008

Dangerous Runways/Catwalks

This is a video clip of a model falling on the catwalk.  She not only falls once….she falls TWICE!!  It’s so funny!!  And I don’t know what’s funnier….watching her wobble in the shoes or the anchors reactions.  I love the comment “at least I got enough meat on me that it’s alright!!” just cracks me up!!

In this clip, a performer in on the runway and leaves a hole in the runway floor.  The next model out falls right through!!  Now aren’t we glad that she had panties on!!  HAHA

This one, the designer falls right through the catwalk!!  Then the guys that come to her rescue fall too!!

This one is from “America’s Next Top Model”.  Tyra tells her to slow down when she makes it to the end and she maintains without falling.  Until she exits the runway and ends up crawling off!!

Oh my….and for this one, something slips and falls, but it’s not the model!!

Now I know it’s wrong to laugh at someone else’s “pain”, but I just can’t help myself.  You prance yourself down a runway or catwalk on a regular basis.  You don’t sleep.  You barely eat, if you do eat at all.  Half the time, you puke up the bit you do eat.  I’ll take my chunky butt any day.  At least I have the padding and I bounce pretty well too!!  I’m sure people have had plenty of laughs at my expense and I sure did have a good laugh at these!!

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Countdown Until Christmas

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