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Please Vote for the Dottie Awards

Posted by on 16 September 2008

I nominated a couple of my good blogging friends for the Dottie Awards at and I’d appreciate you giving them your vote.  You can cast your vote and check out some of the other categories as well.

Laura is nominated for Class Clown.

Debbie is nominated for Miss Congeniality.

Tammy is nominated for Class President.

PLEASE please go by and vote for my friends.  It’s a vote worth casting as they each have great blogs.  I’d also like to note that although I read some of the other blogs listed, I’d like to make it known that you don’t have to be one of the “popular” blogs to have a great blog.  So please give a couple small but good read blogs your vote!!

Voting ends on 22 September!!

8 Responses to Please Vote for the Dottie Awards

  1. trisha

    Are there popular blogs? I think all blogs are great! Way to be popular: Dance on video. People like that its not them. LMAO!


  2. Elaine

    Of course there’s popular ones!! I read some of them. The ones that you hear about no matter where you go. They’re good and that’s why they become so popular. Sometimes it’s the humor or subject matter or the way they deal with life. We just all have our favorites and I actually love your idea of these awards. It will make some less known blogs more known and visable.

    I agree… me a chance to laugh at someone that’s not me!!

  3. Debbie

    ELAINE!!! What have you done?!

    I am humbled you thought to nominate me and think I’m congenial. Now guess what I did? First, I vainly voted for myself. LOL I won’t win anyway but what the heck. And I voted for Laura and Tammy of course. Second, I voted for the underdog of every other category (except the debate team). My bad! I can’t look at stuff like that and not feel for the underdog.

    Go ahead! Have at me!

  4. Elaine

    LOL I haven’t done anything except nominate a few worthy blogs. Blogs worthy of recognition.

    There’s nothing wrong with voting for yourself. I’m sure many others have done it as well. I’m sure many are voting for friends or blogs they’re familiar with.

    I give my vote to the underdog in most cases as well. It’s nice to see someone without much of a chance actually get a chance. And this is all done in fun, so there’s nothing wrong with spreading the love and fun of it all!!

    I wish everyone luck, but secretly hope that my buds get the heads-up!! HEHE

  5. Tammy Warren

    Oh Elaine…thank you for that.

  6. Elaine

    You’re very welcome, Tammy. I hope you win!!

  7. Laura

    I voted for Debbie and Tammy and yes, I did vote for myself. Hehehehehehehe.

    You are right Elaine, some popular blogs are popular because they are good, but others are popular for something I can’t figure out. I think it’s cliques. Sometimes I feel like I’m back in high school with all the stuff I see on blogs. Oh, well.

  8. Elaine

    YAY!! All my BFF’s are lagging behind, but at least they know that I love them. I think they’re deserving, even if nobody knows about them or they’re not the most popular in the blogosphere!!

    I don’t know what makes a blog popular, Laura. I read all kinds. I read many of those listed and many not listed. The blogosphere is so large, yet so small.

    I definitely left high school far behind. I think these awards are so much fun. Hopefully it’ll bring some blogs into the spotlight.

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