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Daily Archives: 16 September 2008

A Nonpartisan Message – SNL

I have to admit that I think this is hilarious!!  I didn’t see it when it originally aired, but I heard sound bytes from it on the radio.  I couldn’t wait to finally see it.  Then I found out that NBC had YouTube and such pull them saying that it was copyright infringement. 

Tina Fay looks just like Gov. Palin!!  It’s so freaky how much alike they are!!  It’s a shame that there’s nobody as ugly as Hillary though!!  HAHAHAHAHA  😮  The idea if Hillary is captured very well though.  I can just see her pouting even now!!  One is a MILF and one is a flurge that has cankles!!

I hope you all enjoy the clip as much as I did.  In this time when everyone is being such @sses about the election and stuff, it’s great to see some great fun being poked at the whole situation.  And before you leave a nasty comment, you can just leave….without a comment!!  This is not a political blog, nor it will it become a forum for anyone who can’t see the great humor in this clip or comments!!

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Please Vote for the Dottie Awards

I nominated a couple of my good blogging friends for the Dottie Awards at and I’d appreciate you giving them your vote.  You can cast your vote and check out some of the other categories as well.

Laura is nominated for Class Clown.

Debbie is nominated for Miss Congeniality.

Tammy is nominated for Class President.

PLEASE please go by and vote for my friends.  It’s a vote worth casting as they each have great blogs.  I’d also like to note that although I read some of the other blogs listed, I’d like to make it known that you don’t have to be one of the “popular” blogs to have a great blog.  So please give a couple small but good read blogs your vote!!

Voting ends on 22 September!!

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