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I’m Home!!

Posted by on 15 September 2008

Never fear, I have returned!!  I’m sure that some of you didn’t even notice I was gone.  I made a last minute decision to go visit my parents.  My in-laws were going to ride out Hurricane Ike in Houston and we wanted to get away and this was the perfect opportunity.  I couldn’t post a message because it was a surprise for my mother who had a craft sale over the weekend and just celebrated her birthday.  Had I posted, it would have been the one time she would have read my blog and realized we were on our way to see her.  Even dad kept the secret!!  I left a couple posts that were scheduled, but never appeared, so I’ll check on that later.  I’ll post those and all about our adventures this weekend!!  I can’t wait to get caught up here and with you all

10 Responses to I’m Home!!

  1. Elaine

    Welcome Back Elaine!!!! I for one noticed, that you were gone, as i check your blog every day… plus you’re my fave commenter, i need ya babe

  2. Elaine

    Yes, I saw your comment. Thanks for your concern. We had a great weekend. It’s always good to be home though.

    I think I got caught up on your blog too!!

  3. Laura

    Welcome back! I was worried about you!

  4. Elaine

    I’m sorry Laura!! Had my posts published as they should have, your questions would have been answered with no worries. I’m just now getting them published and I’ll answer your e-mail!!

    HUGS!! And thanks for your concern!!

  5. kathy in colorado

    Welcome back! I’m enjoying your blog

  6. Debbie

    I knew you were missing in cyber world but not home. Glad to hear you made it back. Did your in-laws get their power back yet? Are you water logged? 🙂

  7. Tammy Warren

    Yes, I noticed. I kept clicking and getting 9/11. I stayed depressed for a week. Welcome back. I thought you might be busy with school.

  8. Elaine

    Thank you, Kathy!! I hope you come back often!!

  9. Elaine

    I’m not water logged, but we did get quite a bit of rain. I have to call the in-laws tonight to check on power, but they still didn’t have it last night.

    LOL Is there another world besides the cyber world, Debbie?? Really, I just had to get away. It was the perfect opportunity and I took it. Glad to be home though. I missed my friends!! 😉

  10. Elaine

    AW Depressed for a week?? That would be a logical thought, Tammy. Homeschool does keep me busy now. I’m glad to be home and back with my friends. Sorry about the 9/11 post always being there. There was one scheduled to post after I left, but I guess I did something wrong. It’s there now, after I released it!! LOL

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