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Posted by on 14 September 2008

The rain has cleared today and it’s a whole lot cooler today.  It’s just beautiful, in fact.  This is just a sample of what it looked like during some of the Ike rainfall though. 


After church, we went in search of wildflowers, vegetation and anything else we could find around my parents home.  I didn’t get any pics of the birds because I’m fascinated with the hummingbirds this year.  I’ve included a couple more pics of the hummingbirds below.


Much to our amazement, we found all sorts of forms of fungi on my parents property.  Most of it was mushrooms, but much of it, I can’t identify.  I hope some scientist reads my blog and can inform me as to what some of these forms of fungi are.  I hope you’re as amazed as I was!!  This is just a small portion of the photos I took of the fungi and mushrooms, so enjoy the slideshow.

There were also many wildflowers and other “critters” out.  I’ll share pictures of all those other wonderful sights later.  That about sums up our time here!!  We’ll be on the road and heading for home.  Hope you enjoyed as much was we did!!

5 Responses to Beautiful

  1. Laura

    WOW! Great slide show! Your parents really do have a lot of fungi on their property!!!!! :0

  2. Debbie

    Some weird looking fungi! The one that looked like coral but yellow was pretty cool.

    I would have been sitting on the porch being just as fascinated as you with the hummingbirds. LOL

  3. Elaine-

    wow, thos pictures of the hummingbirds almost make me feel like crying, because it’s like i haven’t even seen a picture of one since i was a child, and i love humming birds!! I can’t believe you got such good shots of them, i can even see the detail of their coloring in the last one… thank you for sharing Elaine… and the fungi pics are really good, do you have a nice camera?

  4. Elaine

    Yes Laura, they do. They’ve had quite a bit of rain lately. Gustov settled over them for 3 days. Ike dumped more rain and they had other rain as well. The grass is not only gree and the trees growing, but the moisture made for some interesting fungi!!

    Some of it was very weird, Debbie!! I was quite fascinated by it. The hummingbirds was awesome to watch. That’s just the beginning of the pictures of them. Some came out better than others since they move so fast. You should hear the sound when they hit each other trying to get to the feeder!!

  5. Elaine

    Elaine, there was a total of 10 hummingbirds out there feeding. I think the most I got in any photo was 4 or 5. They’d make a loud noise when their wings would hit each other. I’m glad you like the pics. It was very hard to capture them because they move so quick. I’m really glad that you like them. The fungi/mushrooms were very interesting. There was so many varieties. I have more of those too!! Not a nice or fancy camera at all!!

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