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Daily Archives: 11 September 2008

Remembering 9/11/2001

Do you remember where you were September 11, 2001??  I do.  I was on the computer doing my thing and Miss K was in the livingroom watching tv.  She was about to turn 4 years old.  She never keeps the tv on one channel and she surfed past a news station.  I told her to STOP, as I usually did.  She just happened to stop on that new station at the right time.  I couldn’t really hear, but she started yelling, “Momma, buildings are on fire” and “Momma, an airplane crashed”.  I couldn’t take it any longer because something had truly captivated her and she wanted to share it with me.  As I heard the voices sounding strained on the news channel, I began to run down the hall.  As soon as I saw the the tv screen my jaw dropped.  I was in total shock to see the World Trade Center on fire.  We sat together a couple minutes, then the second plane hit.  I grabbed her and started to pace.  For the first time, I remember feeling true fear and worry.  We kept watching as first one building fell and then the other.  I kept trying and trying to get ahold of the man.  I somehow knew that this would affect him and us.  We finally got to talk to each other and he told me to calm down and just keep watching the news.  I went from station to station trying to learn something new.  Trying to see a different view.  Of course, by this time the Pentagon had been hit as well.  Everything became a blur and I was actually anxious.  The first time he went to Desert Storm, I didn’t even feel the way I felt that day.  The plane crashed in Pennsylvania.  The news said that people on the plane made a secret phone call home.  Was it terrorists or was it something else??

We finally learned that it in deed was a terrorist attack.  A total of 2 planes hit the World Trade Center and it had collapsed with still hundreds and maybe thousands in it.  A plane crashed the Pentagon killing and wounding even more.  The last plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.  It was believed that the people on board stood up to the terrorists and sacrificed themselves so that the suspected target of the White House wouldn’t be hit as well.

It’s a day that will forever be etched in my mind.  I can’t forget that sight.  Even though she was only 3, Miss K remembers it with clarity.  I would have expected her to forget some of what she saw and heard, but she can tell you in detail.  It was the day that America was attacked.  It forever changed many of our lives.  Some in large ways, some in small ways.  Many of our friends went to Afghanistan, but many stayed here.  It wasn’t until we attacked Iraq and went after the terrorists that it fully affected us.  Lean green deployed in April 2003, right after the war started.  

This video is a view I’d never seen before.  This is someones actual footage from a building after the first plane hit the World Trade Center.  It lasts for about 26 minutes and is quite amazing.  I can’t believe everything they captured. 

This is a 5 minute amateur video from the streets of New York as the buildings collapsed.

We’ll never forget that day.  NEVER!!

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Thursday Thirteen: The 13 Most Handsome Classic Movie Stars

This is my 3rd “Thursday Thirteen”.  This week, my “Thursday Thirteen” are the men I consider to be the Most Handsome Classic Movie Stars.  It was hard to narrow this list down.  There was so many of them.  These are men that true masculine glory exudes from.  In no particular order, my 13 Most Handsome Classic Movie actors are:

1.  John Wayne – manly man

2.  Cary Grant – suave

3.  Errol Flynn- classic

4.  Clark Gable – debonaire

5.  Peter Lawford – the smile and charm

6.  Burt Lancaster – rugged

7.  Frank Sinatra – blue eyes

8.  Montgomery Clift – dark

9.  Charleton Heston – strong

10.  Gene Kelly – dance into the heart

11.  Paul Newman –

12.  Kirk Douglas – the dimple

13.  Ronald Reagan – just cute (this is my daughter’s choice!!)

Honorable Mentions:  Jimmy Stewart, Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Tony Curtis, Robert Redford, William Holden, Van Johnson and Steve McQueen.


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