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Daily Archives: 9 September 2008

The Dottie Awards is now accepting nominations for their Dottie Awards.  The categories are:  Homecoming Queen, Drama Queen, Miss Congeniality, Band Geek, Teachers Pet, Class President, Captain of the Debate Team, Captain of the Cheerleading Squad, Class Clown, Biggest Nerd and Most Likely to Succeed.  If you’d like to nominate a blog for any of these categories, just head over and check out The Dottie Awards.  I believe you can even nominate yourself, if you see fit.  So, head on over and get your nominations in now!!



Please read my comment to find out who I’ve nominated for which Dottie Award!!

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Happy Birthday, Mother!!

Today’s your birthday!!  WooHoo  Hope you have a great day, mom.  Your card is actually on the way.  Go me!!  HAHA  You’re totally awesome and I’m glad you’re my mom.  You’re holding up well in OLD AGE!!  HAHAHAHA  Happy Birthday Mother….love you!!

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