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Daily Archives: 8 September 2008

The “Squished Boob Award”

Laura and I have been joking around alot via comments on her post about having our boobs squished.  When we started out saying that I was going to make a “boob award”, I don’t think this is what either of us had in mind.  We’ve been trying to convince our dear friend Debbie that she needs to have a mammogram.  She feels like most women that it will hurt too much or be uncomfortable. 

I’ve created this fun little award to display on your blog when you keep your breast exams current.  Every woman over the age of 40 should have a yearly mammogram.  Now I’d like to make it clear, this “award” is in no way meant to be offensive or cause anyone to be upset.  This is meant more as encouragement for women everywhere who blog. 

If you’d like to proudly display this button on your blog, please go to the “My Button” page.  You can then copy and paste it into your sidebar or HTML text.  Please share this post and award with your fellow female bloggers. 

If you’d like more information on breast cancer or mammorgrams, please visit the following sites:            National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Cancer Institute            Susan G. Komen Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation

There are many other agencies, foundations and services that have information on breast cancer and breast cancer awareness.  Please don’t be worried about the pain or discomfort.  The result of not doing yearly exams and current mammograms could lead to much worse consequences.

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Our Sunday Adventure

We decided that after such a busy week and so many car issues that we needed to get away Sunday after church.  My car needed a good test run anyway to make sure it was all fixed.  It was good in town, but a trip up the mountain would be a true test!!


Family Day at the Wildlife Refuge

We’re fortunate enough to live close to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  There’s elk, prairie dogs, eagles, hawks, buffalo and longhorns that all roam the open range.  There’s various other kinds of animals there too, but those are the ones that you’re likely to see on any trip.  Centered in the Wildlife Refuge is Mt. Scott.  It’s the second highest point in Oklahoma.  There’s many lakes within the Refuge and a couple around it.  The main one is Lake Lawtonka, which is not only for boating, fishing and various other activities, but it’s the main water source for our city. 

No matter what, it’s always a good afternoon trip.  There’s so much beauty all around.  I love the animals.  I went out there when I was very pregnant and scared everyone by getting as close as I could to the buffalo for a picture.  Now, it’s not only me doing it, but the baby I was then pregnant with!!  Miss K just loves getting out and getting pictures.  Now it’s ok to get out, but we like to get close!!  

There were motorcycles all up and down the road.  When we got to the top of Mt. Scott, it was full of bikes!!  It seems everyone had the same idea that we did.  How could you not with all this right outside your back door!?!?  Ok, so it’s behind post, but only takes 15 minutes or less to get there!!

If you’d like to know more about the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, look here to check it out.  After a busy full day, we usually go out to eat close to the Refuge.  One of our preferred spots is a famous place called the Meers Store & Restaurant.  We don’t get by there often on our adventures because they’re just too busy.  Of late when we go, we go to Medicine Park and hit the Riverside Cafe.  Both places are located right next to the Wildlife Refuge.

If you’d like to see pictures from our day, you can view the slide show  or check out the album at photobucket.  I promise, the pictures are worth the view!!  So, that’s how my family spent their Sunday afternoon.  What did you do??

K and Ed roadside by the buffalo and longhorns
K and Ed roadside by the buffalo and longhorns

It was pretty hot, but there was a great breeze blowing.  Everything was beautiful and there was only a few clouds in the sky.  The wildflowers were in bloom, the lakes were full of fish, the buffalo were out and so were the longhorns with their calves.  

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