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Daily Archives: 6 September 2008

Lessons from Motherhood

Laura has tagged me again.  This time, I can say it’s a fairly easy task.  I get to discuss one of the things I love most….being a mom.  Here’s the details:

What to do: share with us and your readers a lesson that you learned from your own mom, a special mom in your life, or while raising your own children. There’s no right or wrong answer ….just lessons that each of us can learn and implement with our own children. Link your post back to this one, leave a comment below so we can visit and learn from you, and then tag 2-3 other moms to participate.

What I’m going to discuss, my mom had to practice with me and I’m having to practice with K.  It takes time, patience and understanding.  Mostly, it takes remembering that we’re all different.  My mom is very much a woman and loves to do womanly things.  When I was a kid, I was pure tomboy.  It was really hard for my mom to keep me in the house on the weekends to help her clean, do laundry and all the other chores she had to do after working all week.  I would rather have been outside with my dad mowing the grass, working on his truck or some other male activity.  I loved to get dirty and drive my cars through the mud and dirt.  I did eventually learn all the things that every woman should know how to do.  Yes, I’m old fashioned enough to think that women belong at home.  Before you get irate, I don’t mean barefoot and preggo type thinking.  My mother worked pretty much all my life.  I mean that every woman should know the basic duties of every woman….cooking, cleaning, laundry and so on.

So, that brings us to now.  I have my own daughter.  She’s very much my mini-me.  However, she’s as girlie as they come.  She’s downright prissy sometimes.  I’ve been known to call her a diva.  She has to have shoes that match and frills and nice hair and so on.  Part of that is on me.  From very early on, I knew she’d be my only one and I wanted the best for her.  Not spoiled mind you, but the best love there was.  As she’s grown, this has become a major frustration for me.  She won’t get her hands dirty at all.  Forget the good old fashioned mud pies.  She will play with cars, but that’s the extent of it and not in the dirt!!  She’ll test my patience at every turn.  She wants to do some things that are still of no interest to me.  I never really have cried, but she will at the drop of a hat.  That’s where the diva/drama queen part comes in.  I’ll scream at her I just can’t relate to her and tell her she’s driving me nuts.  Then I’ll turn around and hug her until she feels nothing else but that hug.  It’s really hard having a girl that’s all girl.  She has emotions and feelings that I can honestly say that I’ve never had.  Entering puberty, her hormones are raging.  I barely noticed.  I’d be outside wrestling with the neighbor boys, having snowball fights and other various tomboy games!!  Knowing that I moved on with my life and didn’t let girl things bother me sends me to the edge sometimes with her.  

I’m sure my mom had to do it with me and I know I have to do it with K.  I just say over and over “no matter how much alike we are, she’s NOT me”.  That’s hard, but it keeps me focused and based around her.  She’s such a great kid and she’ll take her butt chewings.  She’ll still turn around and tell me she loves me.  The people that say you shouldn’t discipline are wrong, no matter what they say.  I see the proof of that in her all the time.  We keep our routine and we’re consistent.  Everything revolves around love and not spoiling.  Even when she’s a girl and I’m still a tomboy.  It’s all about the love and relating that to how to handle the situation.  Homeschooling has brought this to a whole new level!!

So that’s my “Lesson from Motherhood”.  Now I’m supposed to tag a couple people for them to tell one of their stories.  I’m going to give the task of motherhood lessons to:

1.  Dawn at Dawn’s Diversions because I know she loves being a mom

2.  Shawna and Debbie at Mommie Mayhem because they deal with motherhood one funny day at a time

3.  Lori at A Cowboy’s Wife because she has to deal with being the only woman in a house of men/boys   

4.  Angie at Seven Clown Circus because she’s got a house full and still laughs, blogs and keeps on going

I could have picked so many other mom’s.  I know so many good ones….no, great ones.  I wanted a variety though.  I want to find out more about each of them and this is a great way to do it.  If your name isn’t here, it’s not because I didn’t want it to be.  So now you have your homework.  Get to it and let me know when you share your post!! 

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BFF Award

I just came across the “Blog Friend Forever” award. 

“This award is presented to awesome BLOG owners who keep their readers excited about their posts. Their blog posts are interesting (NOT spammy) and worth reading and keep their subscribers looking forward to each and every post.”


I realized in a hurry that I had a couple “blog friends” that this applied to.  I had to check the rules to make sure I could grab it to share.  Then I had to check and recheck to make sure that there wasn’t a bunch of tagging to do.  None of that stuff.  It’s just about exactly what it says!!  I thought awhile about this and decided….”yep, I really want to do this one”!!  So, here it is.  Without further ado, I want to present this award to a couple women who I absolutely have to read daily.  I not only have to read them, but I honestly feel like we’re friends, although we’ve never met.  My “BFF” is:

1.  Laura at Still Crazy After All These Years – I’ve known the longest; we met in a group over a religious education question and have much in common; hope to know for a very long time to come

2.  Debbie at Almost…Daily Brain Farts of an Airhead Mom – met in the groups as well and can tell she’s a good person; just enjoy her sense of humor, her posts and want to know her for a long time to come

3.  Elaine at What the…WHOA This is Atypical – a Canadian and kindred Elaine that I just enjoy reading; she’s so different than me, yet I find her interesting and fun (and I feel like a blog big sister!!)

4.  Tammy at A Day to Share with Tammy– a blogger who writes with depth, love and intellect; we’ve shared a few private convos and I just enjoy the depth of her blog and the feelings and insight that she always shares

So that’s my short list!!  I don’t have this award, nor was it presented to me in any way.  I found it, read the rules, saw that you’re allowed to grab it and just really wanted to share it.  And ladies, there’s nothing more that you have to do to receive this award.  However, if you feel compelled, you can share it with 1 or more other fellow bloggers that fit the description of this award.

EDIT (UPDATE):  My blogging kindred namesake, Elaine, has returned the BFF Award to me.  I truly appreciate it and am honored that she feels that way enough to share it right back to me!!  Thanks Elaine!!

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