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Week in Review

Posted by on 5 September 2008

I’m sure many of you noticed a lower than usual number of posts this week.  I was also delayed in reading blogs and posting comments.  In some cases, it even took me a bit to get to replying to comments left for me.  The reason for this is that I had a bit of a busy week.  So, let me get you caught up on everything going on.

Monday was Labor Day and although I had plans to take it easy, Ed ended up coming over and spending the day with us.  K and him keep me busy and we ended up playing Twister most of the day.  That was fun!!  I was mostly just the spinner.  My knee no longer allows me to get on the floor and pretend to be a pretzel!!  We were supposed to have a half day of classes, but even that didn’t happen.  I wanted to do language arts, math and 2 chapters of Little House on the Prairie.  That put us a whole day behind on that.

Being behind on those subjects put us behind on other things.  I spent the rest of the week trying to keep up with lessons and staying on track.  I wasn’t stressed by any means, but I don’t want her to fall off track or lose momentum.  I can say that having this option is one of the best features of homeschooling!!  We did finish another chapter of math and she’s ready for a test.  We also only have 2 chapters of Little Houseleft and then her final test on that.  We got in depth on a compare/contrast essay for language arts.  We also started plant classification.  I plan to go more into that with corn and wheat.  In social studies, we moved from the mid-west to westward expansion, along with Lewis and Clark.  We’re just starting that though!!  I think that about covers homeschool.

I had to inform Ed and his mom that I wouldn’t be able to pick him up from school for about a month.  Hubby will be driving my car to work every day because his is out of commission.  He drives and old car that his dad bought new.  When he got his license, it got passed onto him.  He even took me to prom in this car!!  Anyway, it’s in desperate need of a rear axle.  It went fast and although it’s drivable, it wouldn’t be safe for him on the road.  So, I have to give my car over to the man so he can do his duty.  The soonest he can probably get to it will be Miss K’s birthday party at the end of the month.  The good thing is that he’ll also have my dad’s help.

Wednesday was an interesting day.  Lean green had to get home on time to give me the car so that I could get to religion class.  I’m one of those that prepares lessons ahead and of course, I still felt unprepared.  I went in with a feeling of dread.  I also knew that I was going to have a 3 year old in class when I usually only have 4 & 5 year olds.  I shouldn’t have been worried, but then I wouldn’t be me.  I went into class prepared for less kids than I ended up with.  By the end, I was up to 10 kids!!  That’s the most I’ve ever had.  The 1st grade teacher only had 3.  Class turned out great though and I’m thrilled so far.  Time will tell as they get used to being there.  I had to run to the office, so I left my assistant and K there.  I came back and K was there alone.  My assistant just left without telling me or getting the teacher next door to check on them.  I was so pissed!!  She could have knocked on the next door to tell her or waited 2 minutes for me.  Instead, she left a 10 year old with 10 kids!!  UGH

Oh, and 2 of my goddaughters are in my class!!  There’s 3 total.  They get wilder as they go down in age.  The oldest is a doll!!  The youngest joined class this year and boy oh boy!!  She’s a spirited young girl!!  SHEESH 

I waited all week to hear the results of my mammogram, but still no word.  Last time I didn’t get results back, I ended up with a hysterectomy.  They called me with an appointment instead of results.  However, I fully believe that this time, “no news is good news”!!

Thursday I cleaned and not much else, other than homeschool.  Today was, oh boy!!

I started my car and it didn’t sound right and it sputtered as I backed out of the garage.  I went to pull out on the main street and it about died, so I backed off the gas and prayed.  Then at the signal light, it started sputtering and jerking.  I called hubby to tell him I was going to probably be late.  I was on my way to his final graduation of soldiers.  (He’ll still be in the unit, but have several appointments.  Plus, the next graduation is on the same day as his retirement ceremony.  Guess which one we’ll be at!?!?  LOL)  He was upset to say the least.  My good car is having issues and he had no car to come rescue me.  But alas, I got there by not going over 30 mph and just on time!!  I told him I thought it was the fuel filter because it’s acting like my ’99 Grand Am did on the way home from my parents house one trip.  He was in Iraq.  ARG  Anyway, I took it down and paid the price for having the fuel filter changed.  It was needed.  It had mud pour out of it.  On the way home, it started to run better, but I couldn’t turn on the a/c.  The car would die everytime I switched it on.  I told hubby and then called dad.  Hubby thought it was the oxygen censor.  Dad agreed or said it might be the map censor.  So, I puttered to the parts store and bought both those pieces, a special wrench for the oxygen censor and a few couple parts for the man’s car.  Now my car is in the garage with the hood up waiting for him to change those 2 parts out tomorrow.  I’m hoping and praying this is all it is.  My car is only 4 years old and is pretty low mileage.  Of course, it’s just out of warranty.  He loves working on cars though (he’s a mechanic by trade in the Army), so he gets to have fun all weekend.  Meantime, we’re, especially me is car-less!!  

It’s not like we can afford this.  I worked his rear end into the budget, but that stretched it.  Miss K’s birthday is also this month.  I have all that preparing to do and some expenses with that.  Family will be in town for that and as far as I know, she’s only going to have 4 kids over.  I’m suppsed to be at some catechist (teacher) meeting thing in OKC the day of her party, but I told them I had to pass this time.  AAHHHH  That reminds me, I have a meeting next Saturday too!!  **Now, where’s that calendar??**  It’s all good.  After 20 years in the Army, I’ve learned to stretch a penny or two!!

So, that’s why I’ve been crashing fairly early every night this week.  Oh, and our gremlin is hard at work.  I’d bought a game last month (or the month before) and it’s missing.  I have the case, but no cd.  Go figure!!  Plus, I’ve been trying to keep up on all the political happenings this week.  It’s gonna be interesting!!

Any other questions??  LOL  Man, I do love this life though.  Never a dull moment.  Ever notice how it’s never one thing here or there??  It all goes at once!!  I can’t say it’s anything bad though.  It was just rather busy.  The frustrating kind of busy for me.  My only concern is the car, but the man will get that all worked out.  One way or the other!!  I did get some pics of hubby doing his final graduation duties.  I also took some pics of K in the prizes that I won from the “Blogging for Blood Cancer” event.  I’ll post all those tomorrow!!

So, with that, I leave all my wonderful lady blogger friends with some eye candy!!

Ya’ll have a great weekend!!  HEHE  I’ll be around getting all caught up!!   

8 Responses to Week in Review

  1. Elaine

    wow you are having a busy week! luckily for me, i’m far too spiritual to be of any earthly good lol so my hubby takes care of earthly things 😉 it’s no surprise that i flunked the discipline part of that test! it was fun tho.. you always have fun stuff on your blog ^ *points to above picture* lol you shocked me with the nekkid men on your blog.. i guess we really are kindred Elaines 😉 did you see Sherri comment on the other blog? ‘are all your friends named elaine or are you just commenting with yourself?’ lol i had to laugh.. anyway, we just got in, and i’ve got to have a resty poo.. thanks for all the comments, i’m glad i’m keeping that blog too! cheers sister *hugs*

  2. Elaine

    Yeah, I’m hoping the picture doesn’t offend anyone. It’s a bit risky, but they’re hot!! LOL Gotta appreciate a nice male physic!!

    Earthly things?? Is that like cooking, cleaning and car maintenance?? I had fun with the test. Laura and Debbie come up with the best ones and I have to spread the love!!

    It’s too funny that someone asked you if you were commenting on yourself. Next time, give her a tip that if she clicks the name, it’ll take her to the blog/site!! LOL Silly!!

  3. Debbie

    Oh my God! I’m blind! Why did you do that to me? I had a child nearly next to me and had to scroll quickly down. Butts, butts everywhere!!

    You’ve had an incredibly busy week there. I think everyone’s a bit off this week? It’s been very quiet and I’ve been going to bed extra early myself. Rest up this weekend!

  4. Laura

    What beach are they at? I’m packing my bags right now. 🙂

  5. Elaine

    LOL Sorry Debbie, I truly am. I didn’t even think about kids. I’m so bad that I know K has seen it a couple times. I just figured it was butts and some nice 6 packs!!

    You’re right. I think many are “off” this week. It seems to have put a couple of us in a tail spin!! Tammy was gone, you and I were in bed early and even Laura hasn’t done 10 posts a day!! LOL

  6. Elaine

    Hey now Laura, I saw them first!! You can’t go unless you’re taking me with. And this time, I’m not going IN the trunk or suitcase!!

    Now where is my swimsuit??

  7. Tammy Warren

    Me too…where did the week go. I even got up at 3:30 this morning…I am been floating around catching up.

    What a week. Hey…thanks for sharing that picture at this lonely hour. hahahah

  8. Elaine

    The week few, Tammy!! I can’t even be up at that time I’ve been so tired!! LOL

    HAHA You’re very welcome!! I had to make it smaller since I shocked Debbie so much with it!! LOLOL

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