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What Do You Call….

Posted by on 3 September 2008

10 little kids in a room with one of them being a mere 3 years old??

My religious education class!! 

Yes, that’s what you’d call them alright.  I went into the first class tonight with a list of 7 names.  By the time class started, I had a list of 10 names with all of them squished around one little table.  They’re supposed to all be 4 & 5 year olds (PreK to K), but I was given a 3 year old for this class.  He’ll be 4 half way through the school year and wants to be with his “big” brother. 

All and all, the class was great.  They all were well behaved and followed directions.  Even my 2 goddaughters were on their best behavior.  The little one though, she was my handful.  Talk about a child that can’t sit!!  Oh and it was so funny when she fell off the chair because she was rocking it.  Strictly against the rules!!  I just smiled at her and she got up so calm and tried to make sure none of the other kids saw it.  I can tell you that she kept all 4 feet of the chair on the floor after that!!  I had one boy that was quiet….too quiet.  I’m under the impression that mom does everything for him.  When I asked his name and age, she spoke for him and I smiled nicely and said that I’d like him to tell me. 

I started a new policy this year that parents or qualified adult has to sign the student in and out of class.  Last year turned into chaos with older brothers or sisters or cousins picking the little ones up.  They’d just go flying out the door and I didn’t like it at all.  So I talked to the DRE and she said I most definitely could have the parents sign the kids in and out.  Nobody seemed to mind that policy when I said it was for the safety and protection of the kids.  I mean really, who could argue that??

Now plans are under way for our annual church carnival.  I’ve been responsible for getting the moon walk and dunk tank the past 2 years.  My class, Primary I, and Primary II are in charge of running the moon walk.  The 2 of us catechists volunteer our time and ask the families of our students to do the same to run the moon walk.  Usually, you’re ask to sit and monitor it or 1 to 2 hours.  That’s a long time for me in the heat.  It’s also the event the kids get totally wild on.  It’s all worth it as the religious education program gets half of all the funds raised on our events.  The other half goes to the church.

With that, I’m off!!  It’s time to get my old butt to bed at a somewhat reasonable time. 

Tick tock….tick tock….

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what we studied, it was Creation.  The world that God created.  What a great topic that is!!  Miss K was the most awesome helper tonight too.  She read the kids their story and put all their papers in their take-home folders.  I think I’ll keep her!!

Tick tock….tick tock….

5 Responses to What Do You Call….

  1. Laura

    I’m so glad that CCD went well! You go girl!

    Ours hasn’t even started yet. We have our teacher’s meeting on Sunday.

  2. Debbie

    We don’t start till the 14th. Glad it went well. My 3 yr old niece will be coming this year. My teen will have her hands full. I hope she can handle it.

  3. Elaine

    Yes girls, my class went well. I’m pretty happy. However, I’m realistic that it was just the first class. I think as they get used to it, they won’t be so calm, but who knows!?!?

    Usually I start after you both. I think we’re done the last week of April. When will you be done??

  4. Debbie

    We used to finish by Memorial Day. Then I started teaching and changed it. LOL We go till the last week of school which is usually mid-June.

  5. Debbie

    The reason I changed it is because they’re still going to school. Also, we don’t have a summer program, so I thought it would be better to drag it out as long as possible. Every year I begin to re-think that decision because they’re always so antsy.

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