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Nap Time

Posted by on 2 September 2008

When K was a baby, she always took a nap.  I mean always.  For a minimum of 2 hours.  It was usually from about 1pm to 3pm daily.  No matter what, it was nap time!!  As she got older, like most kids, she outgrew naps.  That mainly happened because she went to afternoon Kindergarten.  For 1/2 day, there was no nap time and not many schools at the time had full day Kindergarten.

Over the years, I’ve tried to convince her that naps are good things.  That if your tired, you should let your body rest.  Just about every afternoon when she was in school, I’d take a nap.  I often felt guilty for this.  Miss K was in school and Lean Green was working.  I didn’t deserve a nap.  Then just over a year ago, I was reading an article that said that it’s good for diabetics to take an afternoon nap.  I didn’t really believe it, still feeling guilty.  After further research, sure enough it does the body good, especially a diabetic to take an afternoon nap.  I posted the article on the bulletin board and quit feeling guilty.  If I was tired, I laid down.  That’s it!!

My naps are awesome.  The baby usually dives under the blankies with me and big boy will usually lay next to me or at my feet until I fall asleep.  Then he lays on the floor.  Often, I nap on the bed, but I love laying on the love seat or futon with a blankie just as much.  The baby still blankie dives with me.  Then big brother will lay as close as he can on the floor.  Whether it’s just 15 minutes or an hour, the naps are just divine!!  It’s amazing how recharged I can feel in 15 minutes.  An hour is rare, but there’s nothing like it.

When we decided to homeschool, I worried about my naps.  I don’t have one every day, but usually when I’m tired, I have to lay down or I get sick.  I wondered how I was going to force myself to stay awake to teach her all that she needed.  I was so disturbed in fact, that we sat down as a family and discussed it.  The man and K were both in favor of me taking naps as I need them.  She would have to read or finish a lesson while I did this.  She could also use the time for extra journal time.  I started feeling guilty again, but they both understand how I feel if I don’t nap when I need the rest.

Much to my dismay, I convinced Miss K to lay down with me one day.  She looked tired.  She grumbled and put up a fight, but I told her she was to lay there until I woke up.  She was at least going to rest because she looked out of sorts.  As soon as she laid down, she started telling me how comfy it was.  I just giggled and told her to imagine how good it’ll feel when she wakes up.  An hour later, I woke up expecting to see the other side of the bed vacant.  Much to my surprise, she was still there and sound asleep.  My movements woke her up and she woke with a smile.  Ever since, she kept telling me that she wouldn’t mind having a nap now and then.

Last night, she didn’t sleep well.  She’s got a lot on her little mind and she got up in the middle of the night to talk it over with Momma.  We discussed her fish that just died.  Yes, she lost another one and this one took us all by shock.  She’s worried about her friend Ed.  We won’t be picking him up after school for a month and she’s afraid he’ll lose his mind without us.  Her birthday is coming up this month.  She’s anxious for her party.  She wants to see her grandparents.  She doesn’t think her dad gets enough sleep.  Her body is changing rapidly and she’s feeling it ALL right now.  Thank goodness she came to me!!  Anyway, when I finally got her tucked in , I told her that we’d need to take a nap because we were up talking so late.  I also told her that times like this is when she gets pneumonia and with her allergies acting up, she doesn’t need to let her resistance get down.  She said sure and was fast asleep.

I started dragging about lunch time today and her eyes were looking not so shiny.  I told her to grab a blankie and meet me in my room.  By the time I got there, she was already bundled up.  I got under my favorite blankie and we talked for a few minutes.  I woke up an hour later and she was still asleep and I had a headache.  I decided to roll over and rest some more.  Little did I know that I’d fall back to sleep.  I woke up and it was 2 hours later.  Yes, I’d slept for 3 hours!!  Miss K was still asleep until I rolled over and she woke up with a smile.  I told her we’d slept for 3 hours and she laughed so hard.  She said “man, I feel great”.  I told her I did too and asked if she was ready to do math.  Oh what a feeling that was!!  A nap and still having an afternoon/evening to finish any school work that we had.  I so love this no pressure schooling!!  She does too and I think it’s been good for both of us.

Anyone ready for a nap??

11 Responses to Nap Time

  1. Elaine

    ooooh i love a good nap! I should get my blankie tho.. we have these AWESOME wool duvets, and unprocessed cotton covers, and the heat is just heavenly! not to hot, not too cool, just perfect! There’s something about wool, it’s very healing you know?

    My myspace friend Alan had diabetes, he just died yesterday, not from that, from strokes and heart attacks and stuff, he was an older gentelman, and i loved him dearly and will miss him… cry with me?

  2. Tammy Warren

    Oh what I would do for one of those. It is 1:06 AM and I am still awake. I have to get up at 5:30 AM….that is not good.

    I miss those days of having my children curl up with me. Many nights I go crawl in the bed with my 7 year old just to cuddle. I know he is getting bigger now and I have got to let those moments go. Or do I? mmmmm a 1:00 AM blog idea.

  3. Aimee Sonderman

    Homeschooling it the BEST! I usually take a daily nap or can be a ‘mean’ person. Most often take it in the morning before my kids are even up 🙂 Have to get up (before the sun) for work-getting the teens to school-but as soon as they are out the door…it is back to bed for me!

  4. Laura

    Yes, it’s time for a nap, for BOTH of you.

    Can I take one too? 🙂

  5. Debbie

    As a matter of fact…I’m sorta thinkin’ a nap could be nice right now. I like taking naps too. But then I can’t get to sleep later.

  6. Elaine

    Elaine, it sounds like all those things were effects of diabetes. If he was older, diabetes is just that much harder on his body. Diabetes is really hard on the heart. I’m sorry for your loss of a good friend.

    I love to be under a blankie. I don’t keep the temp in the house cold at all. It’s just so much more comfy to have that blankie!!

  7. Elaine

    Never too old to curl up with the kiddo, Tammy. I do it ever so often to get her to sleep at night. Now she’s discovered naps!! LOL That means we’ll probably cuddle a little more often. I hate that society makes you feel that it’s not ok to snuggle with your kids. I’m glad mine isn’t willing to give it up!! LOL

  8. Elaine

    Aimee, I can understand going back to bed. Nothing wrong with that. My hubby gets up way too early for me to even get up with him and now that we don’t need an alarm, I refuse to get up too early. Homeschooling is the best!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  9. Elaine

    Go ahead, Laura!! I’m headed back there myself today. If I don’t, I won’t be ready for class!!

    I don’t nap after a certain time, Debbie. If I do, I can’t sleep at night either. Although I’m up late anyways. It just makes it worse. So go ahead….lay down….you know you want to!!

    Laura already has her feet up!!

  10. Debbie

    Would you believe I went to bed at 7pm last night! :0

  11. Elaine

    LOL That’s way too early for me to go to bed!! I bet you feel great though!!

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