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Happy Labor Day!!

Posted by on 1 September 2008

Holiday Graphics

I hope that everyone enjoyed their extended weekend.  I’m sure many of you took some time off to be with family, take a vacation or just lounge around the pool.  You better have!!  HAHA  I saw many of you celebrating Labor Day on your blogs.  You had all kinds of things going on.  Some of you even had your real LABOR pics!!  Interesting way to represent the day!!  At least everyone was having some fun and that’s what the last big weekend of summer is all about.

Lean green had to work today as usual.  No such thing as a holiday when you’re a Drill Sergeant.  Gives new meaning to “labor day”.  Ed came over today.  The kids read their books and had a wild game of Twister!!  I get to be the spinner!!  WooHoo  Goodness knows this fat old butt can’t get down on the floor and configure the way that game requires.  SHEESH  We didn’t celebrate on the grill, instead we had pbj’s.  

Today was also a school day.  I was in the mood to relax, so I made it an abbreviated day.  We only did language arts and math.  Plus, both kids read for an hour.  I dozed on the cough!!  HAHA

That’s all I have for today!!  Ya’ll enjoy what’s left of the night.  It’s back to the routine tomorrow for many.  Happy Labor Day!!


5 Responses to Happy Labor Day!!

  1. Elaine

    was it labor day? in the immortal words of johnny slash ‘i never know what day it is’ 🙂

  2. Laura

    Hubby worked on his presentation so K and I did our own thing as well. In other words, we did what we usually do . . . nothing.

  3. Debbie

    Had a quiet day here. I ended up home alone for a short bit. Whoa!

    Hope you enjoyed your day too. You should have gotten down on the floor with the kids. You would have had a blast! LOL

  4. Elaine

    It was Labor Day here, Elaine. Do you have a day like that in Canada?? I tend to lose track of the days too!!

  5. Elaine

    Nothing is a good thing, Laura. I wish my hubby would have been home, but that time is coming soon. At least the kids had a good time!!

    No Debbie, I don’t get down on the floor. At least not for Twister. My knee has been dislocated and it was never fixed. My knee cap moves around and doesn’t really hold things in place like it’s supposed to. Last thing I need is to be twisted up in the floor and have it pop again. I have a blast just watching them and I get to spin, which means it lands where I want!! LOL We did have a good day!! Quiet and alone in your house again. WHOA!!

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