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Rock On!!

Posted by on 30 August 2008

Today, Debbie had a “Flashback Friday” on her blog.  She shared memories of Wolfman Jack and his show The Midnight Special.  She included 3 YouTube videos that were awesome.  The first was Journey, the second was The Cars, the fourth was Frampton and the fifth was Heart.

Heart is the one that got me thinking and started a flow of memories.  I listen to the others too, but I’ve been to a Heart concert.  Let me tell you what, these chicks can wail!!  It was a totally kick @ass concert!!  That wasn’t the memory that was the first to come to mind though.  Just the reminder that I’d been to a Heart concert.

The very first concert that I ever went to was Alabama.  I was in 11th grade and I saw them at the Summit in Houston.  It’s not even there any more!!  Sad actually.  Awesome show.  After the concert, I was waiting for my parents when the few people that were left started screaming and well, me being me had to see what it was all about.  Three members of Alabama were giving out autographs.  I got all 3 of them!!  I still have them in storage too!!  I didn’t wash my hand for a couple days because Randy Owen touched it when he signed my poster.  HEHE  What a silly kid!!

This is the memory that came flooding forward though….

The next concert, which I often call my first concert was Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble.  I call it my first because this was where I had my first real concert experience.  I went with the man and his best friend.  It was just one of our dates with him going along with us.  We’re sitting there and I’m all wrapped up in the whole experience.  The Summit was hazy from so much smoke.  The music was shaking the place.  I could tell that things didn’t smell normal, but hey, what did I know, right!?!?  All of a sudden in the row in front of us, they’re passing a cigarette from one end to the other end of the row.  The man laughs at me and tells me it’s not a cigarette, that it was a joint.  Man, did that have an intersting smell!!  Next thing I know, the guy next to me is tapping me and I turn to look at him and he says “hey girl, you want a hit?” and my jaw just dropped.  I declined and he said “well pass it on then”.  I did just that and it went all the way to the end of the row and started back toward me again.  All in all, I think I watched a joint get passed back and forth for the entire row about 3 different times.  Each time, that smell!!  Stevie Ray Vaughn was just jamming too!!  I’m pretty sure that wasn’t water he was drinking either!! 

That was one h*ll of a concert and concert experience.  I’ve never forgotten it!!  I still have all our concert stubs in storage someplace.  Probably the same place that autographed poster from Alabama is!!  And that my friends and readers is my concert memory!!  Do you have a concert memory??  Do you have a memory from the big hair of the 80’s??  If so, leave a comment and share!! 

This YouTube video is of Stevie Ray and his brother Jimmy Vaughn doing Pipeline on the double neck.  It’s awesome!!  They did this at the concert we were at and this video doesn’t do justice.  It’s killer!!

8 Responses to Rock On!!

  1. Debbie

    My first was Molly Hatchet and only memorable because I had a new boyfriend. It was in a local bar and not that hot.

    However, I have been to 3, yes 3, Moody Blues concerts. The first time was with above mentioned fella and last two with hubby. The first one we went to was similar to your experience and I was pissed off. LOL All I could think was grow up people. The highlight of that was that Chicago opened for them (minus Peter Cetera but in my opinion no biggy). The second was in a theatre that Peter Frampton will be coming to soon.

    I did see, at the same theatre, Jethro Tull. That was hubby’s big deal. I had never heard of them until I met him. I guess it was okay. Guys a heck of a flute player.

  2. Laura

    I’m so old that I was in college for those concerts. LOL!

  3. Debbie

    My sisters going to a Journey / Heart concert tonight !! Cool Beans !

  4. Elaine

    We’ve been to Chicago too. The only concert he didn’t take me to, he went with the above mentioned best friend. They went to see Iron Maiden. I was pissed!! Still doesn’t set well that I didn’t get to see them. LOL

    I’ve never seen the Moody Blues though, Debbie.

  5. Elaine

    LOL You’re not old Laura, you’re just well seasoned!! {wink} I don’t know who I saw during my short time in college.

    Debbie, that should be an awesome concert!! I want to have details on how it was!! LOL

  6. Elaine

    I’ve been to soooooo many concerts coz i used to hang with a groupie, never thought to get autographs tho haha.. tho the LAST concert i went to was tom waits in a small venue, it was magical.. you like tom waits?

  7. Elaine

    I don’t think I know who Tom Waits is. I’ll have to look him up and see if I know any of his songs. Unless it’s something that I listen to all the time, I don’t put names with songs well at all!!

  8. Tammy Warren

    I love Alabama. Did you know they are in a big feud right now. They are from a area about 45 minutes from my home.

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