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The Guest Blogger has Arrived

Posted by on 29 August 2008


I’m the Divine Miss K.  I heard that I am the guest blogger today.  In case you don’t already know, I’m Elaine’s daughter.  I’m quite nervous and I don’t know what to tell you, but I’m going to try to have fun with this.  Momma has made this my creative writing assignment.

This is Big Boy, my dog!

Photobucket He’s crazy, fun , and loving!  I’d love to train him and put him in a dog show.  You never have a bad day with Big Boy around!  He’s very talkative and we love to drive Momma nuts!

I love playing restaurant and as if my Momma isn’t busy enough, I have her type up menus and I place them in a binder to present to my customers.  I even have a serving tray and I’m saving money for a real cash register.

I love Homeschooling because we have 1 jammie day a week.  We can do work in class, then if we have 1 more thing to do we can always do it later.  There really is no homework though and I love that.  Classes go fast and I’m learning a lot.  I also love it because taking a spelling test you don’t have to wait for other people finish trying to figure their word out.

I’ll be here the rest of the day, so if you have any questions just ask me by leaving a comment! 

30 Responses to The Guest Blogger has Arrived

  1. Debbie

    Oooo, I was right!

    Hello K! Did you know you have fans of your games that you help your momma make? Yes, you do!

    It sounds like you’re very happy with homeschooling, so I’ll ask a question about that. I know your favorite subject is Social Studies. How about your second and third favorite. What are they and why?

  2. Debbie

    PS: I’ll take a vanilla milkshake and a hamburger, please. An order of mozzarella sticks on the side should do nicely, too. 🙂

  3. Miss K

    Business first! That’ll be $7.50, I accept cash, credit or checks payable to SunShine Cafe. You can also use a gift card.

    Second: spelling because I just LOVE words like my mom

    Third: reading because takes you places you never imagined and you learn differant things

  4. Laura

    My my my. Miss K sure is a mini me of Elaine. LOL! Welcome to the blog world. We’re a pretty sane bunch (all except Debbie that is) and we are so happy to finally meet you. 🙂

    Oh, by the way, you can come over to my house and make me Easy Bake Oven stuff any time!

  5. Debbie

    Cha ching! That was the money going into your cash register. Virtual money is invisible though, so you might not see it. 🙂

    I thought for sure you were going to tell me science. I think that must be momma’s favorite subject because she keeps talking about dissecting a mouse. YUCK! Are you interested in doing that?

    I enjoy reading too, for the same reasons you do. I get a picture inside my head. The more I read, it seems like I’m watching a movie in my head. Pretty cool!

  6. Debbie

    Hey! I read that Laura!

  7. Laura

    Tee hee!

  8. Tammy Warren

    You have one hungry customer here. I need enough to feed my entire family tonight, tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. I didn’t go the grocery store….not sure why, but I need you to get your mom to cook a feast. I have a teenage son that will eat you out of the house. He will eat anything. My 7 year old would like chicken fingers and fries. I need a salad but I will take the house special (no matter what it is). I will be back to order a little more in a bit.

  9. Miss K

    Ms. Laura, I’m pretty much like my Momma. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing, but everyone just laughs at that.

    I’d be happy to make you some Easy Bake. I gues my Momma told you about that. She lets me read her blog, but I miss some stuff. What would you like?

  10. Miss K

    I’m just a little interested. I think it might be gross! At the same time it will be fun and I will learn alot.

    I like the way you describe a book Ms. Debbie. I never quite thought of it that way. About movies though, our next class book is HOOT. I get to watch the movie after we finish it and I’m happy about that. It is cool!

  11. Miss K

    Ms. Tammy my Momma is a good cook. Very good! We just get too busy sometimes and none of us like that. I’m not a picky eater either. She says I’ve always eaten anything she gave me. Fruits and vegettables are good and I love ranch. Lots of it on salad!

    My mom just told me that you’re up late like she is.

  12. Laura

    Miss K-
    I’m like my mom too and she’s one great lady just like your Momma!

    By the way, I like anything with chocolate! 🙂

  13. Miss K

    Ms. Laura I will make you a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or a brownie. Thank you for saying something nice to my mom.

  14. Debbie

    Miss K, I wish you luck with the frog. If I was you, I’d let mom do all the yucky stuff and just observe. But that’s just me. I don’t like yucky stuff.

    I’m wondering what kinds of desserts you have in your restaurant. Are they homemade? Do you have any pies? I’d probably be interested in a banana cream pie. That’s sounds pretty good right now.

    Here’s a virtual $10. I’ll take the whole pie if you have it. That’s because I have four kids here and if I don’t get a whole pie, someone will eat my slice.

  15. Miss K

    I don’t have banana creme pie but my Grandma can make you one. She makes the best pies in the whole world!

    I’d rather see a frog then a mouse.

  16. Elaine

    I think the guest blogger needs to go to bed!! LOL She’s playing the rice game waiting for comments and scoring better than me. Just how does that happen?? She knows words that I can’t even make a good guess on!! SHEESH I’m going to pout until it’s my turn to blog again!!

    Mommie Mayhem is working for me. How about all of you??

  17. Tammy Warren

    I am hungry….I need some veggies please.

    Tell your mom I am going to bed at 10:00 pm tonight….

    You did a great post. What a sweet girl.

  18. Sunshine

    Well, Ms. K I think you did an awsome job today on your post!

    It’s so nice to see the Mom and Daughter out here in Blog Land! The only reason why I say that
    is I also grew up as an army brat many years ago Ms. K . I know my father had to be TDY alot so it was just Mom, my sister and me at times.

    Please don’t get me wrong I would not have traded it for the world either. To be able to live in alot of different places and to meet so many nice people that soon become a part of your family since you are living away from your own.

    I feel once you have an Army family they are with
    you forever and it doesn’t matter where move to
    because that bond and the wonderful memories will always be there, plus you always stay in touch with them! They are people who you can always count on and will always be there for you no matter what!

    The thought of being in one place sounds nice because, your not having to move all the time. But, speaking from my experiance I sure did miss it once your stuck somewhere for the rest of your life!

    One last thing before I go Ms K. I have a son that is a friend of Ms. Tammy’s and those boys are always hungry… Can you help us out with a special meal for them?

  19. Debbie

    Oops! I put the wrong thing. Frog instead of mouse. I must have been thinking of the one and only thing I had to dissect.

    I hope you had fun being mom’s guest blogger. I hope you don’t think her internet friends are too weird. 😀 Come back again sometime and it was very nice to meet you.

  20. Miss K

    Thank you Ms. Tammy. I had fun with this. Momma says that maybe I can do it again. We need some vegetables too, but we had burgers tonight. Dad is working all night, so we did the girls thing.

    Thanks for stopping by to see me. I gave Momma your message and she laughed.

  21. Miss K

    Ms. Sunshine I’m glad you stopped by my guest blog. I like being an Army brat. I haven’t had to move because of dad’s assignments. He’s been gone alot though. Momma always tells me that we will always be an Army family and I’m good with that.

    Right now I have 8 restaurants to choose from. I’m sure I could find something that will be good for all of you! Momma has to get more of them in business for me.

  22. Miss K

    It’s ok Ms. Debbie. I’m going to have to disect something!

    I had alot of fun doing this. I might do it again and it’s not a bad way to get a grade. Now I know who’s she’s talking about for blog friends now. Thanks for visiting me!

  23. Elaine

    oooh I missed the Divine Miss K before she went to bed! I was out all day with my hubby and I’m just now getting around to visiting y’all. I enjoyed your post very much little Miss K. and your dog looks like one of the good ones! xoxox

  24. Elaine

    Thanks Elaine!! I’ll let her read your comment tomorrow. I’m glad you enjoyed her post and not to worry, she’ll be back again!! He’s a good one alright….he’s spoiled rotten!!

  25. Dawn

    I was gone all evening last night so I misse the fun.

    Miss K. you did an awesome job as a guest blogger! I think I’ll have my 10 year old do that some time as well. 🙂

    I really enjoyed reading all the comments. 🙂

  26. Elaine

    She did have fun, Dawn. I think she’ll be back though.

    I think in a controlled situation like this, it’s good for our kids. I knew I could trust the people that come regularly. It gave her some typing experience and she had to think how to do her initial post and then the replies. I’m sure a school teacher wouldn’t agree, but I guess that’s why she’s at home!! LOL

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  27. Kazelgbj

    Hi webmaster!

  28. Kazeltqs

    Hi webmaster!

  29. Edward

    HI, Miss K I have Smokey as my Background.

  30. Edward