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Guest Blogger

Posted by on 28 August 2008

Alright ya’ll, hang on tight!!  We’re about to have some real commotion.  I’m going to have a guest blogger on Friday.  Yes, that’s right, I’m going to pass the keyboard over to a guest blogger.  I’m not going to tell you who it is.  I don’t even know what they’ll blog about.  I can assure you that it’ll be worth it!!  So please stay tuned sometime Friday afternoon for the guest blogger to make their appearance!!

On another blogger note, I’m making a special guest appearance.  I’ll be this weeks “Friday featured blogger” over at Mommie Mayhem.  Each week, they feature a blogger that frequents their site.  This week it’s ME!!  WooHoo  I had to answer a few questions and they’ll be posted along with a link encouraging people to visit my blog.  So, if you get a chance, head on over to Mommie Mayhem and check out my feature sometime on Friday!!

14 Responses to Guest Blogger

  1. Laura

    Whoooooohoooooooo! This shall be fun! 🙂

  2. Debbie

    Ahhhh! My guess is…….The Devine Miss K! Then again, you could surprise me. Maybe hubby? I’m not very patient when I hear a cliffhanger. I’m just sayin’.

  3. Elaine

    Laura, I’m hoping it’s fun for all involved!! I’m a little excited!! 😉

    Debbie, I’m not saying and I’m not giving hints and I’m not saying right/wrong!! LOL You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow like everyone else!!

  4. Elaine

    ok you can just tell ME, it’ll be our little secret 😉

  5. Elaine

    HAHA Nope, not gonna happen!! You just be nice to my surprise or else!! LOL

  6. Laura

    Liked your article on Mommie Mayhem. I tried to leave a comment, but for some reason I couldn’t. 🙁

  7. Elaine

    Laura, they have several different ways that you can comment, so please try back again. If your Blogger ID doesn’t work, you can just do name/site or even anonymous.

    I’m glad you liked it. I was nervous!! I didn’t want to bore anyone too badly!! LOL

  8. Debbie

    Congrats again!! We love your blog !!

    Laura ~ Try again.. I checked it everything seems to be working right. Maybe it was just a glitch.

  9. Laura

    I just tried again to leave a comment at Mommie Mayhem for your article. I could leave a comment on all the other posts, but yours. Weird. Maybe they have your post comments locked down?

  10. Elaine

    Thank you, Debbie!! I’m really excited. I love ya’lls blog so much. I think this is a really fun idea. Thanks for having me!!

    Laura, Debbie (Mommie Mayhem) commented above you. She said there were no issues that she knows of. She said maybe a glitch?? Did you try not using Blogger, but just using name/URL or anonymous?? I’ll go check it out myself too!!

  11. Miss K

    Momma I think you’re crazy for this, but it’s fun!

  12. Kelvin12

    You’re the same as all the others. ,

  13. John70

    Favorite sequence from a Brian De Palma film. ,

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