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Miss K-ism and a Science Experiement

Posted by on 26 August 2008

In order for you to understand this whole situation, I’m going to have to give you some background.  Miss K is the owner of an insect cage/house.  It’s just one of those sets that you get at Wal-Mart with a plastic frame covered in screen with a clear sliding door.  It comes complete with a magnifying glass, flashlight and a couple other “gadgets”.  Thanks to the man, she’s also the proud owner of a rolly polly playground.  This also comes from Wal-Mart and was purchased by dad because, well, when he’s home he’s often as much kid as she is.

So to set the scene, I tell her last night to go outside with the dogs and make sure that they go potty.  She tells me how much she doesn’t like it out there when it’s dark, but it falls on deaf ears.  Next thing I know, she’s bounding in the house…

K:  Mom, I found the hugest rolly polly for the playground!

me:  (thinking:  great)  where’s the dogs?

K:  oh, I left them out there.  I’ll go get them and be right back.

me:  good idea little girl

K:  (bounding back in the house)  Momma, I found 2 more  with all this dirt.

me:  what dirt and why?

K:  oh no, I lost one SOMEPLACE

me:  I suggest you put on all the lights in the house and find it before I do

K:  (she comes back with a defeated look on her face)  it’s no place to be found, but I probably dropped it outside.  I really need to take care of these though.  (she runs off to get the rolly polly playground and puts the dirt and rolly pollys init)  Momma, I’ll be right back, they need some grass (sound of the back door closing)  there, that didn’t take long.

me:  what’s that pink thing in there?

K:  oh, that’s just one of the dog dishes for my Barbies.  I mean come on Momma, they need water you know

me:  take care of these and get to bed NOW, you’re already late (she scampers off laughing)

So tonight, I’m sitting on the front steps watching hubby tear the back of his car apart.  Miss K is playing on her scooter and just being a kid.  There’s little conversations that go on.  Suddenly….

K:  oh Momma, I know what I’m going to do!

me:  what now?

K:  I’m going to put my rolly polly playground in the bug house so that they can have a house and a playground.

me:  ah, no you’re not.  They don’t need it and it won’t fit.

K:  you’re just no fun, it will to and the playground is too small.

me:  you’ve been told (to her runningoff and the sound of much shuffling coming from the garage….she runs right past me to the hose)  NOW what are you doing?

K:  I have to clean it out.  I can’t believe you don’t get it mother.  It’s too small, this will be their house and I’ll fill it with dirt and grass, then they’ll have their playground too and they can have so much fun.

me:  they’re bugs and I’m telling you it’s not going to work (water spraying in the background) I’m going to dump the rolly pollys out and see if they’re alive

K:  alright, but I think they’re dead, but you can do it if you want cause that’s ok cause I was going to dump it anyways and maybe by the time you do that, you’ll GET IT!  (I’m chuckling pretty hard by now because she insists that I just “don’t get it”)

me:  they’re fine, they were just hiding in the dark cool spot under the playground (she yells to daddy)

K:  daddy, I don’t know how to turn this off, which way does it turn (her fingers are up like a prissy and she’s tiptoeing around the wet grass)

the man:  to the right, you should know that

K:  (laughing)  daddy, I just can’t get it, I think I need help  {I’m seeing a huge play going on here}

the man:  (walking over  SUCKER)  I told you to the right, but somehow I think I’m going to get sprayed  (walks back to his car)

K:  no really daddy, I can’t get it, it seems to go on more, please daddy just show me

the man:  (walks back toward her  BIGGER SUCKER and I’m laughing as he grabs the hose before she can and he shuts it off)  see, I told you it was to the right, now it’s off

K:  YAY!!  (jumping up and down and laughing)  he did it for me….he did it FOR ME and now my hands aren’t dirty!!!!

Did I say SUCKER!?!?!  HAHA

Meantime, she ended up quite frustrated.  Although she attempted several times, the rolly polly playground did NOT fit into the bug house.  I believe I received an evil eye too.

me:  I told you it wouldn’t fit, but then again, I just don’t get it

K:  oh MOTHER (deep sigh)  Thinking back on history, I think I’ve played this line out a few times!!

So hubby is putting everything back together and I tell him it’s about time for dinner.  We chat a bit as he’s puttingstuff away in the garage.  I hear Miss K giggling and “gross”ing.  All of a sudden, they’re in front of me.

the man:  here’s the science experiment that you asked me for

me:  yes, but this one is bloody

the man:  what more do you want?  it’s a dead mouse, I probably set something on him…just cut that sucker up!

me:  (staring at it in fascination along with K)  I can’t use this (I reach down and flip it over with the pliers)  it’s guts are missing….it’s got decomp going on.  Just what do you think we’ll see if we cut it open?

the man:  only you’d want a dead mouse to see the insides of

me:  well, it’s not really a science lab without the INSIDES!!  {DUH!!}

It really was a cute little thing, but it was no good to me.  I need to be able to dissect it.  If the bugs have already started eating it, not much for us to look at.  Oh, the background on that is that the other night, hubby came home and told me that they’d caught a good size mouse in the barracks.  His battle buddy didn’t have the heart to kill it, so he took it off the sticky mouse trap and released it outside.  I told hubby to tell his buddy that I was mad at him.  Hubby said why and I told him that we needed a mouse to be able to dissect and I need on in good shape and I’m not buying one.

Is everyone grossed out yet??  HAHAHAHA  I have a web cam, I can always broadcast the dissection for you!!  Anyone hungry??

13 Responses to Miss K-ism and a Science Experiement

  1. Christina

    LOL and NO THANK YOU! 😉

  2. Laura

    I think Barbie needs a rolly polly pet. 🙂

    As for the mouse……… ewwwwwwww!

  3. Debbie

    A Mouse …… thanks !! LOL Yucky!!

    Ps. Hello there Momma .. Your up next on this Fridays Featured Blogger. I need your email where I can send you the interview questions. Please send them back before Friday .. The interview will be posted Friday morning. My email is

  4. Elaine

    Oh come on, Christina!! I really like to share!! LOL

    Laura, you do realize that I’m NOT going to let kiddo see that comment!! LOL I just might find the Barbie set-up with a rolly polly being the pet for Ken/Barbie!! The mouse really cute. He was a little furry thing. We can’t wait to dissect one though!!

  5. Elaine

    Be adventurous, Debbie!! I’ll at least post pics for you, how’s that?? LOL

    I’m honored to be one of your featured bloggers. I loved this idea and you’ve had some good ones. Sent you an e-mail!!

    {happy dance}

  6. Elaine

    dead mouse!!! ick poo… but i’m all for taking the mouse off the sticky and letting it go, but it prolly had sticky fur and will be running around with everything but the kitchen sink stuck to it..

    ok i took the test again with out joking about how bad i am lol you can go see the results if you like 🙂

  7. Elaine

    Now the only good mouse is a dead mouse. They carry all kinds of nasty germs. I’m not for cruelty, but I am for dissecting in the name of a very good science lab!!

    I’ll be by to check it out, Elaine!!

  8. Debbie

    I have to ask because you never said…what happened to the dogs?

    Second question…what is a rolly polly? Is that those black and brown catepillars?

    As to the mouse…GAG!! BLAH!! My kids brought home a small toad from their camping trip. My tween scared the poo out of me with it. My response to the dead mouse would have been “GET IT AWAY FROM ME!! GET IT OUT OF THIS HOUSE NOW!!” Same for the rolly polly’s but probably worse.

    My throat is hoarse now. I’ve been shouting too much. 😛

  9. Elaine

    Oh, she went and let them in after I asked her.

    They’re those little grayish black bugs that have lots of little legs. They hide in cool dark places outside.

    I’m not a mouse fan. LOL However, I’d love to dissect one for science. Can you think of a better lab?? LOL Rolly pollys are innocent. They’re not even scary. BUCK UP MOM!! LOL

  10. Debbie

    And they called it puppy lo-o-o-ove
    Hmm hmm hm la la la la (don’t know any other words)

    Okay there they are, safe and sound. 🙂 Leave it to me to pick up something that isn’t even the theme of your K-isms post.

  11. Elaine

    HAHA No, it’s not, but it IS the theme of my Wordless Wednesday. We’ll just call it early morning or lack of coffee!! LOL

    Hugs girlie!!

  12. Kim @ What's That Smell?

    I definitely think you earned an Accidental Mommy badge.

    Although, you should also get some kind of award for being the a tough mom. Bugs and dissection don’t even get mentioned in my house!

    Here’s the page to get the code if you would like to display your badge:

  13. Elaine

    Thanks Kim!! I’ll proudly display it in my sidebar.

    Bugs don’t bother me that much!! LOL It’s her whole way of presenting it and silly she gets over it all!!

    Thanks again!!

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