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I Will Survive….Homeschool

Posted by on 24 August 2008

Our first week of homeschool was just amazing.  There’s no other way to describe it.  We were done everyday between noon and 1 pm.  Miss K likes the math so much, we’ve moved up to 2 lessons a day now.  Granted, some of it’s review, but she’s got a grasp on it to enable us to do this.  In fact, she learned something new on Friday and was so excited, she brought her dad to the Schoolhouse to show him on the white board how to do it.  Miss K was excited!!  I haven’t seen her like that in a long time.  She got an A on her spelling test and has started her religion notebook.  Next week, K will have 3 tests.  Tuesday, there’s a test on classification and Wednesday, there’s a test on chapters 1-12 of Little House on the Prairie.  That’ll be comprehension for the first half of the book.  Then on Thursday, she’ll have her first math test.  I told her there is no good or bad, but I can’t wait to see how she does.  That will tell me how well I’m teaching it and how well she’s understanding it.  I just have to believe that even with rough times, this is setting the tone for the rest of the year.

Since all’s going so well, I wanted to share a “song” and a video clip of that song.  This has been passed around many of the homeschool groups.  It’s quite funny, but it “sings” true!!  Push play and listen to the song as you follow along with the lyrics.

I Will Survive (the first year of homeschooling)

Originally written and produced by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris
Originally performed by Gloria Gaynor
Mercilessly altered with apologies by Natalie Criss

First I was afraid
I was petrified.
Kept thinking I could never teach
’Cause I’m not certified.
But we spent so many nights
Reteaching homework that was wrong.
I grew strong,
so now I teach my kids at home!
We study math
and outer space.
I just kept on despite the fear
with a big smile across my face.
I bought a set of Base Ten blocks.
I bought books with answer keys.
My parents think we’re nuts,
but they don’t even bother me

Come on, let’s go walk out the door.
We’re on the road now,
’cause we’re not home much anymore
My friends would frown and say we’d be unsocialized.
I heard one grumble
that I’d give up by July.
Oh no, not I!
I will survive!
As long as I know how to read
I know we’ll be alright.
I’ve got all my life to learn.
I’ve got energy to burn.
and I’ll survive.
I will survive.

It took all the strength I had
not to fall apart.
Decided to attend
a play date at the local park,
and I met oh so many moms
who offered eagerly to help.
They used to cry.
Now they hold their heads up high,
and so do we!
My kids are cool!
They’re not those chained up little people
stuck inside at school.
So if you feel like dropping by
don’t you expect us to be free
I’m spending my time learning
with my loving family!

13 Responses to I Will Survive….Homeschool

  1. Laura

    LOL! That was cute! 🙂

  2. Debbie

    Very funny! LOL Very creative too!

    You gals are moving along at a good clip. I’ll expect her to be graduated by the time she’s 15. 🙂 Aren’t white boards fun?!

  3. Alasandra

    Loved the music video, I know Natalie will get a kick out of it.

  4. Dawn

    I’m glad your first week went so well. That’s awesome you are able to work at HER pace. 🙂

    I shared the cute song and video with my homeschooling friends. 🙂

  5. Erin

    That is awesome! We’ve had a couple of those light bulb moments in the few days that we have been doing homeschool…priceless.

  6. Elaine

    Laura and Debbie, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty funny!!

    I don’t think we can graduate that early!! LOL I’d like to have her enrolled at the college during high school though. That’s a LONG ways off though. Never know what might trip us up along the way!!

  7. Elaine

    Alasandra: I’m glad you liked it. I got the lyrics from being passed around some Y!Groups and I went to Natalie’s blog to find her actual one. Then I found that video on YouTube and had to share!! (I actually think that was shared in a group as well.)

  8. Elaine

    Dawn, I’m glad as well!! You don’t know what a relief it is!! It sets the tone for the whole school year and I can’t think of a better way to start!! I’m glad you were able to share the song with some of your friends.

    Erin, I wouldn’t change those moments for anything!! That’s the whole reason we do what we do. It’s so worthwhile. Congrats on your moments!!

  9. Tiany

    This is the second time I have seen this today and I could watch it again and again. I love it!

    I hope you have a fantastic Homeschool year!

  10. Elaine

    It’s a good one, Tiany. It’s funny, but true!!

    Thanks!! We’re off to a good start and right now, that means everything!!

  11. Elaine

    way to go elaine! thanks for stopping by and all the uplifting words, i really appreciated it.. it’s good to have someone to talk to

  12. Elaine

    still giggling about your lyrics

  13. Elaine

    I’m always here, Elaine. Just let me know if you need to “talk”. Trust me, I can relate.

    And thanks!! After disasters with public and private school, it’s good to know we made the right choice. Early in the year or not, it’s better than it’s ever been!!

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