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I’m a Winner!!

Posted by on 23 August 2008

I was reading through my comments last night, when I noticed a new one from a nice lady named Lois.  She commented on PhotoStory Friday:  A Gift of Love and Blogging for Blood Cancer:  A Gift of Love.  In the “Blogging for Blood Cancer” post comment, she notified me that I’d won a prize for commenting (blogging) during that week.  I thought surely she had the wrong person.  I don’t win anything!!

Much to my surprise, I went to her site and sure enough, there my name was.  I had won!!  But, I had won not just once, but I’d won twice!!  I was comment #63 (Elaine) and won a customized tutus courtesy of Sara Rose Tutus.  I was also commenter #132 (armyfamilyok) and won  Princess tiara, bells, and tutu (value=$15.00) courtesy of Stakersensations.  I had commented once each on 2 different “Blogging for Blood Cancer” posts at Goodies for Mom here and here and those were picked as the winners.  Many other bloggers who commented were picked as winners as well. 

How exciting is that!?!?  

In all actuality though, none of this would have been possible without the Devine Miss K.  She’s the one that gave me something to blog about.  Of coure, I would have posted the “Blogging for Blood Cancer” button, but I wouldn’t have anything to blog about and I definitely couldn’t have done that PhotoStory Friday.  She’s a special girl and her goodness and beauty shines from the inside out.  So although it was comments that won, it was her gift of love that allowed me to fully enter and participate.

9 Responses to I’m a Winner!!

  1. Debbie

    WooHoo! Good for you! So I take it the Devine Miss K will be dancing around the house in her tutu and tiara with bells on. Hey, you could use that time as Physical Education classtime! LOL

  2. Laura

    Congrats! You go girl! 🙂

  3. Shannon Staker

    Congratulations!!! On winning my prize. As soon as they contact me with your info it will be on your way!!!

  4. Tammy Warren

    Yea you! SHHHH I just had to sneak on tonight. I am just checking out a couple of blogs. I had to get a catch up on the Olympics.

    Yea you on the win. Hey, I won’t be up at 1:30 AM….I mean it.

  5. Elaine

    Debbie and Laura, thanks so much!! I’m pretty excited. I’ve honestly never won anything. I was so shocked to even see I’d won, much less twice!!

    I’m still not sure what my exact prizes are. It does look like a couple of tutus though!! LOL I’m sure we’ll have fun with those.


  6. Elaine

    Thank you Shannon!! I’m so excited. I appreciate you donating your item to such a special cause.

  7. Elaine

    Thanks Tammy!! As you can tell, I’m pretty darn happy.

    I won’t be up late either. I have to be to the early mass to help with registration for the religion class that I teach. No sleeping in!!

  8. Elaine

    yay!! i’ve never won anything online until you gave me that award the other day, wait, that’s not true, i won a cd on she lives, but i haven’t gotten it yet.. don’t you find that blogging is so much more fun than myspace and whatnot.. even tho i don’t have many readers, lets see, there’s YOU, and… you, and me lol and my husband 😉 anyway, congrats, good on yer!!!

  9. Elaine

    I’ve never done MySpace, mainly because when I started my account, I just “didn’t get it”. It seemed like there was so many “kids” there too and it just wasn’t what I was looking for. I do love my blog and I feel rather rewarded doing it.

    You’ll build your viewers!! LOL

    Thanks Elaine!! I was surprised, that’s for sure!!

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