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Blogging for Cancer: A Gift of Love

Posted by on 17 August 2008

I’m waiting to the last minute to post this entry.  Not for any particular reason.  It’s a great cause and I fully support what they’re doing.  I’m just unsure what to blog about.  I can’t say that anyone in my family has been directly related to any type of cancer.  I’m thankful for that.  My hubby’s side of the family does have many varieties of cancer and for awhile, he was loosing one aunt or uncle a year.  Most recently, his mom’s twin sister died of lung cancer.  It was so hard on everyone to see her go that way.

The story that I can relate to your concerning cancer has to do with my daughter K.  K was bald for what seemed like years.  Oh she had hair, but it was thin and there wasn’t much of it.  On top of that, it was bald.  Right now I can’t remember her exact age, but I decided to take her down to get her little curly locks cut off and shaped.  It was usually such a mess.  She came home looking like an absolute doll!!  From that moment on, her hair took off like wild fire!!  I kept it well trimmed and nicely shaped, but I could tell she’d look beautiful with long hair, so I started to let it grow and only had it trimmed.  By the time she started school, she had a gorgeous head of hair.  She told me early on that she didn’t want me getting her hair cut.  Unfortunately, trying to find the right beautician, we had some disasters in the hair cut department.  It often ended up shorter than she wanted or odd length.  There was no excuse for this because she was an angel in the chair.  She wouldn’t move or talk or do anything that you see most kids doing.  Even the beauticians that messed up her hair commented how good she was.  Then why did you screw it up??  UGH

One day I was asking about place to get hair cuts and someone referred us to Ang.  We scheduled an appointment and instantly fell in love!!  She cut K’s hair just the way she asked and did mine too.  I eventually trusted her enough to tell her to do what she wanted with it!!  Ang has been trimming Miss K’s hair for a few years now.  The most that ever came off was just over 2″ one time.  She kept her hair at her waist and said she wanted it down to her butt.  It was so pretty and I loved it!!  However, it was becoming hard to take care of because she always wanted it down and she sweats so bad.  She’d only let me pull it back once in awhile and rarely put it up.

Thanksgiving 2007 came around and K announced to us and my parents that she wanted to cut her hair off and donate it to kids with cancer or kids who couldn’t have what she did.  We were in total shock to say the least!!  This is the child that refused to let anyone touch her hair.  This is the girl that had to have it hanging perfectly strait down her back.  She wanted it cut and donate it on top of it!?!?  We supported the idea because we’d been teaching her since she was very little to give to others.  Every year before her birthday and Christmas, she has to clean her toys out and donate them to various places.  At Christmas, it’s Toys for Tots.  Miss K was calling this her gift of love.

The entire weekend, I keep asking if she sure she wants to cut her hair and she insists that she is.  I start to investigate and find “Locks of Love”.  They sound like exactly what Miss K is looking for.  I tell her about it and what their requirements are.  The main concern is that you have to donate 10″ of hair to them.  She says not a problem.  I’m a bit nervous, but I call Ang to set up the appointment and let her know what K wants to do.  K has even left the hair style in Ang’s very capable hands.

My mom comes up for an event here on the weekend that Miss K has her hair appointment scheduled, so K insists that she go to the hair appointment with us.  I pick her up from school and we walk in to find a very nervous Ang.  K is just as cool as a cucumber.  Ang shows us the basic style she wants to go for….a cute bob that will curl under at about chin length.  It’s adorable and we all agree.  So the hair is brushed down strait and put in a pony tail.  Ang calls me over and whispers that she’s nervous and I tell her so am I.  She then informs me loud enough for all to hear that I have to make the first cut.  This excites K, so I’m stuck, but I get it done (with a few tears, I might add).  Ang finishes up the job and Miss K ends up with the most adorable little bob. 

In all, K donated 12″ of hair to “Locks of Love” and with the cut and style, about 14″ total were cut off.  That turned out to be her gift of love.  She’s still keeping it cut that same way, but because it grows so fast, she’s suggested to Ang and I that she grows it and donates it again.

On Friday, I’ll post pictures of the hair donation process for “PhotoStory Friday”.

You can find out about Locks of Love here.

So there you have it, my “Blogging for Cancer” story.  I know it doesn’t relate directly to cancer, but that’s what the whole thought was behind the gift of love.

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