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Posted by on 14 August 2008

I told Debbie that I’d get these posted on my blog and I can’t let her down, so here they are!! The first is a zodiac compatability chart. The second is a zodiac description. Below each one, I’ll let you know just how accurate (or inaccurate) they are!!

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Hubby is a Leo, so the chart says 80% compatible. I’d say that’s about right!! LOL Can’t find much more of a perfect match than that and we’ve been together 23 years and married for 19. I guess it was in the stars for us.

How about you….how compatible are you with your mate??

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

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This is scary accurate!! HAHA Let’s break it down a bit….
Outgoing – yes, pretty much so
Lovable – well, you know me, so you decide for yourself (better yet, ask my kiddo and she won’t be the least bit prejudice) πŸ˜‰
Spontaneous – only to a degree, because I generally like to have some sort of a plan
Not the one to mess with – ah well YES!! ‘Nough said!!
Funny – I have my moments, but I do love a good joke and to laugh
Excellent kisser – HHMMMM we’ll skip that one HEHE
Extremely adorable – but of course!! HAHA
Loves relationships – not so much, just the one I’m in and I don’t like meeting new people to have any sort of relationship (friendship or what have you)
Addictive – well you DO keep coming back to get more of my blog!!
Loud – only if you give me a drink, I’m pissed or watching sports
Stubborn – I plead the 5th!!
Calm and cool – to a degree or you don’t make it in the Army as a wife this many years, but there is the other frantic side at times too
Very confident – yes indeed….I’m happy with ME!!
Sensative – but I don’t cry
Hot but has brains – HAHAHAHA hot as in hot flashes!! I’ve always told people, I might be a housewife, but I know what I’m talking about and I’ll stand by it.
Hyper – not!!
Fun to be around – I’d like to think so
Secrative – nah, anyone who knows me can read me like a book and I don’t have secrets

What do the stars say about you??

4 Responses to Zodiac

  1. Elaine

    oh no, no weather pixie, well, at least we are 70% compatible πŸ˜€

  2. Elaine

    No, no Weather Pixie πŸ™ It seems she and her site are dead!!

    70% huh….that’s not bad!! LOL

  3. Debbie

    Still wondering about the weather pixie? Isn’t she down below?

    Now wasn’t that fun?! I think you’re in the “frantic” period this week. LOL

  4. Elaine

    LOL She’s down below again today. However yesterday, the poor dear was dead and gone. I was afraid I’d lost her forever. The “other” Elaine has one on her blog as well and she’s the only one I’ve seen with it. Neither of us had her yesterday. But, she’s BACK!!

    It was very fun indeed, Debbie. I’d taken it to tell you my results, but doing it again was fun too. Yes, frantic has struck this week!! LOL But I’ll relax again as I get into comfy mode with homeschool….and there’s not an appointment every day!!

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