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Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Ears

Posted by on 13 August 2008

What do you mean they don't go on my head?  But they make such cute puppy dog ears!


What do you mean they don’t go on my head?  But Momma, they make such cute puppy dog ears!

(This is from when she was just over a year old.)


Do you have a picture that doesn’t need words??  Do you have a picture that speaks a thousand words by itself??  If you do, add your name to Mr. Linky below and add your entry to Wordless Wednesday!!

28 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Ears

  1. PrettyLifeOnline

    so cute…. Cool catch for WW! Mine’s up too hope you can drop by and I am asking for your help…. I was nominated for pinoyworld blog of the week, located at my sidebar… Hope you can vote for me… Thanks a lot! Happy WW!

  2. Gina

    babies, they never seize to surprise us.. thi gave me an idea to post a picture of my toddler wearing her seat cover as a hat 🙂

  3. The Right Blue

    They do look like puppy dog ears! Thanks for visiting, and happy Wordless Wednesday.

  4. Brittany E.

    SO adorable!

  5. Ryanne

    Love the ears! Lookin’ pretty adorable there. I sometimes put my sons pant on for ears, you know to make him laugh. Thanks for the comment on my lightning pics. I found that putting it on a tripod and setting a longer shutter speed helped with the capturing. I also put the camera on a setting that allowed it to take 10 consecutive shots on timer. Maybe try that next time. I would love to see how they come out! Have a great week.

  6. BusyMama Kellie

    LOL! Hey, it’s Blues Clues!

  7. SugarKisses

    Adorable picture. Happy WW.

  8. happyathome

    I think you need to read the Sandra Boyton book Opposites, fits the picture well! Happy WW!
    Stop by my WW for a boat ride on the CT river!

  9. Elaine

    Well that’s a new take on a hat now isn’t it? pretty cute… : )

    P.S. My name is Elaine too!

  10. Renee

    Just to adorable! I love when they try to dress themself!!!!

  11. Tanya

    Ohhh how super sweet! I LOVE when Mia does that, too 🙂

  12. Kelsey

    Thats too cute!!

  13. MammaDawg

    So cute! Dontcha love it when they’re just silly 🙂

    Happy WW!

  14. Debbie

    Oh, Elaine! Even with pants on her head she’s the cutest thing. LOL

  15. Jean at Penny Lane

    That is just too cute!!!!
    I have a cute baby picture this week also.
    Hope you can stop by!

  16. Black on Campus

    That’s such a cute photo. I love the outfit.

  17. Elaine

    PrettyLife, Brittany, SugarKisses, Marcia, Renee, Kelsey, Jean and Black on Campus: Thank you so much!! I think she’s pretty cute too!! 😉 HAHA Thanks for visiting on WW!!

  18. Elaine

    LOL Thanks Debbie!! Since I need a good laugh, I had to find a “cute” one. I’m glad I went with it!!

  19. Elaine

    Gina, Ryanne, Tanya and MammaDawg: I’m glad you like the pic!! I love when kids are silly and they give us such great opportunity for bribes later!! HAHA What else are clothes for, but to play with, right!?!? Thanks for stopping by!!

  20. Elaine

    Right Blue, Kellie and Elaine: I thought “Puppy Dog Ears” was perfect for this one!! As she got older, she told me that once and then the fun stopped. I love the silly games they come up with!! Thanks for stopping by!!

    Nice to meet you, Elaine!!

  21. Elaine

    happyathome, maybe I’ll just have to check that out. Thanks for stopping by and I enjoyed the “boat ride”!!

  22. A Mama's Blog

    He looks like a little court jester too. 🙂

  23. Elaine

    Yes Mama’s, I suppose that would be a good one too!! Didn’t think of that. Thanks for stopping by!!

  24. Tiff@Three Peas in a Pod

    Ha Ha my son did that the other day with his shorts but i wasn’t fast enought to take a picture! Cute!

  25. Elaine

    Aw, sorry you missed it, Tiff. I actually have a couple different ones, but this one was easiest to title!! Maybe you’ll get it the next time!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  26. Elaine

    what a cutie!! i love the pants head / ears.. i didn’t do a thursday thirteen this week, my bad

  27. Elaine

    Thanks!! She is my doll!! This is the first Thursday 13 that I’ve done. I’ll probably do it again, but not every week (I don’t think)!!

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