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Today’s Update

Posted by on 12 August 2008

Can I just say this was one freaking crazy day!!



I start the day off running behind because I’m watching Olympics all night.  Then at the wrong time, it’s realized that Sam the goldfish died.  She of course has to be removed from the tank even though we HAVE to get to our eye exams.

So we get to our eye appointments JUST in time.  Then we wait.  And we wait some more.  Then they decide they want to split us up.  Ok, like that’s going to happen!!  SHEESH  The doc informs me that my vision is good….better than good, actually,  He tells me I must always read with my glasses on though.  He said I can no longer cheat or I’ll ruin my eyes.  Always have them with you, Elaine!!  Yeah right!!  After the exam and the receptionist gets the prescription, she informs us that our eye care will change.  Yes, yet another change with retirement.  Once the man in green retires, we’re only allowed an eye exam every other year.  That is, unless we want to pay for it in between.  Now mind you, I have diabetes and kiddo has glasses that change every year since she got them.  And our wonderful government and their insurance will only pay for us to go every other year.  THANKS!!  {cursing under my breath}

So we go next door to find K her new glasses.  They suggest she moves up to adult because kids are starting to pinch behind her ears a bit.  No problem.  Well we struggle to look at glasses because there’s some little girl in there looking at the glasses and going wild.  Oh and the parent was encouraging it.  The mom said “grab everything you like and bring them to me”.  We’re trying to look and my daughter is just so darn good.  She really is.  She avoids one whole area of glasses because this other girl is there.  This other child wound up with 10 pairs on the table!!  Anyway, Miss K picks out 2 pairs and they’re nice.  ARG  Then the girl writes out our order.  She’s rude and rather short fused.  I inform her that we’re military and she says “we don’t give that discount any longer because we already take such a cut on the prices”.  At that, I just glare at her and smile politely.  She finishes writing, never making eye contact and just poor customer care.  She says “you owe us $blahblah” and she just stands there staring at me.  I said “alright, thank you” and turn to leave and she snaps “you need to pay NOW!!”.  At this point, I’m no longer very polite and say “we always pay when we pick up” to which she snaps “then they did it wrong last year”.  {holding my breath}  I reply with a tone that tells her to BACK OFF “lady, we’ve been coming here for 4 years and I’ve never paid until I picked them up, but just to get away from you, I’ll write my check now”.  Then I can’t find my checkbook and I remember I paid bills last night.  To which I hear her sigh and cross her arms.  I threw my purse on the glass table and began to dig to which I find the checkbook in the wrong pocket and write my check as fast as I can before I deck this chick.  She says “are you going to give me your license?” (mind you, she didn’t ask for it) to which she gets THE LOOK and backed away slightly and said “never mind, let me get your receipt and time to pick the glasses up”.  She comes back and informs us that 1 hour glasses are going to take at least 2 hours.  Oh yeah, and Miss K finds a pair of navy blue framed glasses that she would have loved to have after this whole issue because that other little girl is gone now and K can get to the glasses she missed but because of the b*tch that took our order, I refuse to change the order and just leave.

So K and I go have a nice little lunch.  We still have time to burn, but it doesn’t make sense to go home.  So, we decide to go up to school (the school K attended last year) because it’s also the building I teach my religious education class in.  It feels so wrong being there and I just know someone is going to say something to me.  The whole time, both of us were on pins and needles, but I did get my cabinet all cleaned out and it’s ready for classes to start.  Everything is in order and I can start to run my copies.  We escape without anyone talking to us.  YAY!!

Head back over to pick up the glasses and it ends up giving them just over 15 extra minutes on Miss K’s glasses.  This nice girl asks “only 1 pair?” and I tell her we had 2, so she’s off to find them.  It takes her awhile because they weren’t done with them.  {rolling eyes}  While we’re waiting that rude twit from earlier is the only one on the floor and she’s with a customer and the phone starts to ring.  Instead of just answering it, she makes some nasty comment that I heard half way across the store and her customer looks at her in shock.  She continues to grumble about having to answer the phone.  Our nice girl returns and fits the glasses and we’re on our way.

We decided to stop at Dollar Tree where virtually everything in the store costs $1.  I love it!!  I found some great educational items to use in the Schoolhouse.  I also picked up some “God book” (as hubby likes to call them).  Some real cute children’s Bible stories for class.  What a killer place to shop and spend so little!!  Now that’s fun!!

We head home and I can breath again.  We were gone the whole darn day.  I didn’t get an Olympic lesson in and I still have so much to do this week.  We go to the dentist tomorrow.  That appointment will go great, but the dentist won’t like what I have to say about the orthodontist that he sent kiddo to.  We have like the greatest dentist there is.  But the ortho sucks and there’s not another one close that our insurance handles.  UGH!!  I plan on telling him that kiddo’s teeth with never be fixed unless he talks to the ortho because none of us like him.  (I don’t know if I’ve talked about him before, but that’s a whole other story!!)  Tomorrow night, or that would now be tonight, I also have a religious education meeting to put packets together.  That’s the fun part of the day!!  Wednesday only get worse with my OB/GYN appointment.  The first since my hysterectomy just over a year ago. 

Did I say today was crazy??  Maybe I should have said this week will be!!

On an Olympic note, the U.S. is rocking!!  We won our match in women’s beach volleyball and placed well for swimming.  We also got more medals in swimming.  The main action was men’s gymnastics.  For a short time, we had gold, but lost it.  We ended up with bronze, which is amazing.  This team is almost all back-ups with the Hamm twins out for injuries.  Nobody expected us to do it, but this team gave it all!!  It was great!!  I do think it was given to China though.  I watched them score so much higher than us for routines that were equal or not even as good.  They had less deductions for mistakes.  It’s rough watching it.  They were expected to win going in and the judges made sure they got it.  Let’s not forget Michael Phelps.  He stood on the podium getting gold 2 more times today.  WooHoo

Quite a few waves in the ocean today.  We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow (today) brings!!  Let’s hope I don’t get seasick this week from too much commotion!!  HAHA

I’m out…. 





7 Responses to Today’s Update

  1. Debbie

    Well I guess you had no problem throwing this day in the crapper! LOL Rude salespeople are such a turn-off. This younger generation that we’re seeing doesn’t have the work ethic that left the building with us baby boomers. Didn’t they get the memo that the customer is always right?

  2. Ann

    OMG. I want to SMACK that sales girl. um, have you heard of courtesy??? ug. Please say I can smack her!!!

    And I love me the bear in the straightjacket!!! Aren’t Monday’s just the funnest? =/

  3. Debbie

    See this is why I hate Mondays ! The sales person could use a good beat down !!

  4. Elaine

    so you’re really leaving the military? wow, that will be a big change! i know jobs are scarce, except really low paying and super educated ones.. my husband just applied for a job with a $10 an hour cut in pay! sorry about the goldfish, i stopped buying them coz it breaks my heart when they die.

  5. Elaine

    Yes Debbie, it was a day for the crapper!! You’re right about this younger generation. I’m so tired of dealing with them. However, it’s their parents I’d just love to throddle!! Those very parents are the ones that don’t believe in spanking, have let daycares raise their kids and gave them the ethics that they have. UGH!!

  6. Elaine

    Ann, I give your permission to smack her. I sometimes wonder if those type of people would even feel it though. They just don’t care. If you don’t care about your job, you’re not going to care if someone is upset. Thanks….I just thought he was so cute and summed up my day!! HAHA Love Monday’s!!

    Debbie, I’ll let you beat her down after Ann smacks her around. She did ruin what could have been a good day, no matter how busy it was. I love being out with my daughter, but she prevented us from enjoying that time.

  7. Elaine

    Yes Elaine, we’re really leaving the military. Not so much leaving as actually retiring. Hubby has served 20 years and when he retires, it’ll be just over that. We’ve been blessed and lucky to stay here as long as we have, so they’d make us move, which I’m no longer prepared to do. We’ve missed alot of time together and him with our daughter. I’m not willing to send him back to Iraq again. And, he’s just plain tired. It’s just time to move on and take that risk of getting a job. It’s going to be a HUGE shock and adjustment, but I have no doubts that we can do it.

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