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Daily Archives: 11 August 2008

Tragedy has Struck

Miss K and I had eye exams scheduled for today.  Because we’re up late watching the Olympics, we both slept in until the last minute.  I’m frantically trying to get dressed when K comes in my room “we have to go to Wal-Mart”.  Then, I realize she’s crying.  Half dressed and tripping over my bottoms, I ask what’s wrong.  She says through her tears “Sam died”.  My face drops and I hug her.  I tried to explain that fish have short lives and she spoiled that little goldfish rotten while she had it in it’s short year long life.  (Oh yes, I forgot to mention, the tragedy was a precious goldfish dying.)  She bought it and 2 others {one is a sucker fish} along with an aquarium with her birthday money last year.  These are some fat spoiled goldfish!!  But alas, Sam has died.  As we left, I saw it tangled in the purple fake plant in the tank.  She started to cry again, so already late, I scooped the goldfish out of the tank and placed her (gross) shrivled body in a cup for proper burial later.  Off we went, but I heard twice as we passed by Wal-Mart that we should stop and get a replacement before the other goldfish gets lonely and dies from that!!  I had to explain that we need to wait and make sure nothing is wrong with the tank or other fish before we introduce a new one.  So for now, there’s peace.  (And this child is almost 11 and wants to be a vet!!  Heaven forbid!!  Does she realize how many animals she’s going to lose!?!?)  God bless her and that’s one of the reasons you can’t help but to love her when you meet her.

R.I.P. Sam the Goldfish!!

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