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In the News

Posted by on 9 August 2008

This has been a pretty newsworty week.  We’ve had such a wide range of stories.   Some good….some not so good….and some just horrible.  In no particular order, we had:

John Edwards admitting that 2 years ago he had an affair.  Like that was a shock!!  Come on, he’s a lawyer, so he’s paid to lie.  Second, he’s a politician.  Is there any worse combination for a person??  However, his wife has decided to stand by him.  She says that being diagnosed with cancer again has made that decision somewhat easier.  I’m sure many would disagree with her choice.  I wouldn’t even begin to judge the situation.  Only the 2 of them….and the 3rd party in this case, really know the whole story and what happened.  Doesn’t look good for him getting the VP slot for the Democrats though.

Bernie Mac died from complication due to pneumonia.  This sure was a shock.  I’d read that he was in the hospital, but never imagined that it was this serious.  He was a bit crude, but he was funny.  There’s no doubt about that.  R.I.P. Bernie!!

Russian warplanes bombed Georgia.  They do this on the week that worldwide goodwill is supposed to be in full force.  Yeah, so much for peace!!  Yet another world crisis that will have to be watched closely.

Tropical storm Edouard hit the Texas coast.  It was nearly as bad as it could have been.  Yet many think this is just a warning for what is yet to come.  This is already the 5th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. 

Oil prices are down!!  Oil prices have hit a low for the first time in months.  The prices are very slowing reflecting these lower prices at the pump.  Most are still play $4.00 for diesel across the country.  Here, we’ve finally gotten down to $3.49 for unleaded.  It’s sad when we have to be happy about that!!  I wonder when someone is going to do something about this.  Whether any of us like it, winter and cold weather is around the corner.  I’m already planning on keeping the thermostat down and wearing more sweaters.  Not much worries me, but our winter gas for heating sure does!!

The XXIX Olympiad has started in Beijing, China with a bang!!  China put on such a show that many are already wondering what 2012 will have in store to outdo this years opening ceremony.  That’s not the competition that I’m interested in though.  I love the games!!  The U.S. took gold, silver and bronze in women’s fencing.  What a feat!!  We got gold and bronze in swimming and Phelps is just getting started!!  In case you’re keeping track, the current medal count is:

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States 2 2 4 8
China 2 1 0 3
South Korea 2 1 0 3
Australia 1 0 1 2
Netherlands 1 0 1 2
Czech Republic 1 0 0 1
Romania 1 0 0 1
Spain 1 0 0 1
Austria 0 1 0 1
Cuba 0 1 0 1
Hungary 0 1 0 1
Italy 0 1 0 1
Russia 0 1 0 1
Turkey 0 1 0 1
Zimbabwe 0 1 0 1
Argentina 0 0 1 1
Croatia 0 0 1 1
Japan 0 0 1 1
North Korea 0 0 1 1
Switzerland 0 0 1 1
Taiwan 0 0 1 1
Uzbekistan 0 0 1 1

The games are off to a good start!!  It’s been exciting, fun and educational.  We’re about half done with our lapbookon the Olympics.  Tomorrow is a day of rest and Miss K is altar server.  Hubby will sleep a good portion of the day after church.  He’ll be up for a good 36 hours or more by the time he’s done with duty and then we go to church.

My calendar is filling up.  Religious education is starting soon, so lots to do with that.  The Schoolhouse will be starting soon too.  Much sooner than religious education, actually.  Plus, school starts here this week, so every afternoon, I’ll have to go get Ed from school.  K and I have appointments just about every day this week.  ARG!!  😐 

Alright all, I’m out….peace….

9 Responses to In the News

  1. Tammy Warren

    Well, I stayed off the computer long enough. I had to come check out my favorite blogs.

    That is so true about the John Edwards affair. It has to be worked out between the 3. Affairs are difficult and the solution is never a good one. Someone is always hurt. The question is how to move on.

  2. Elaine

    HAHA I’m with you, Tammy!! And I’m honored if I’m one of your faves (and you did leave me a comment)!! Between bonding, lapbook and Olympics, I had to find my way back to the computer!!

    Yes Tammy, that’s between them. I’m sure they’ll find a way to work through it. I’m also sure the press is going to have a field day with it. Then again, I don’t know, he is a Democrat. I’m not anti-Democrat by any means, but I do think they get it easier in the press.

  3. Elaine

    yes i’m so sad about Bernie Mac, i always watch his show late at night… it’s always good for a laugh, and there’s something about the guy, almost like he’s a member of da fam… tragic loss

  4. Elaine

    Yes Elaine, I’m sure many will miss him. He was a funny man.

  5. Elaine

    Seems he had just made it to the big time with his own show too… very sad

  6. Debbie

    Oh my! John Edwards had an affair? I’m in utter shock! Eye rolling business here.
    Gosh, I missed half this stuff. Now I’ve got to check out the warplane bombing Georgia.
    How’s K’s country doing? Have they competed yet?

  7. Elaine

    LOL You crack me up, Debbie!! I’ve been following the Georgia vs. Russia conflict for awhile. It’s just getting worse.

    Nothing yet for K’s country of choice. 🙁

  8. Debbie

    Elaine, the airhead moniker is not a joke. I thought Georgia, USA when I read that and I was wondering how I could have missed something like that. It would be splashed all over the news and why were they bombing Georgia anyway! To bump up my intellect level a bit, I checked it out. Imagine my embarrassment! Now splashed in your comment section. I should have just kept my mouth shut and no one would be the wiser. And to add to the uneducated airheadedness, I’m posting my stupidity in this comment. LOL

  9. Elaine

    Oh goodness Debbie, I had to laugh so hard when I read this reply. I can see how it’d be easy to confuse since we have a Georgia. But if it as attacking the U.S. Georgia, it’d make more news than that!! LOL I just tend to keep up with things like that.

    I’ll forgive your airhead moment….this time!!


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