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Favre: The End of an Era

Posted by on 8 August 2008
I was born a Packer backer….literally.  There’s nothing in the world this team could do
that would make me ever stop loving them.  I’ve followed them through the good
times….and the bad.  I’m loyal.  I don’t switch teams just because Green Bay might be
having a losing season.  I don’t follow them because they’re having a winning season. 
Yes, I’m a cheese head and proud of it!!  I’m a Green Bay Packer fan….period!!            

Favre - Sportsman of the Year

Favre - Sportsman of the Year

At one time, I’d agree, Favre would be “Sportsman of the Year”.  However, I have to make it clear that I’ve lost all respect for this man.  In March, Brett Favre made the decision that he was going to retire.  He added his tears and said he just couldn’t do it any more.  His fans supported him and the team supported him.  It was his decision and it was time.  It was time….he still has the arm, but he didn’t have the record.  With all great athletes, there has to be an end of a career and this was the time.

Suddenly rumors started flying about Favre coming out of retirement.  Would he??  Wouldn’t he??  Would he stay loyal to the team that made him who he was??  (Yes, the team made him.  There is no great player without the TEAM.)  The fans were torn.  The team was torn.  The rumors got worse and it started to divide the Packer team and fans.  It became a saga.  

I’m not going to go into all the details of the return of Brett Favre.  We’ve all seen it on the news.  I just want to make it clear that I support the decision made by Green Bay management.  The TEAM had to move on.  They can’t change for one player that retired and became too greedy to stay retired.  Yes, I believe it was all about the money and the prestige.  It was no longer about loving the game.  There was too many $$ signs involved.  He had other teams panting at his heels and instead of staying loyal to his team and fans, he wanted out of retirement and a new team.  The Packer team had to move on and make decisions and they did.  They went with Aaron Rodgers in the position of starting quarterback.  Sooner or later, he has to be given his chance.  He deserves that chance.  Favre, to secure his position, never did anything to encourage Rodgers being a better player.  He wanted the limelight for himself and had it.  It was deserved.  Brett Favre WAS an incredible player.  Let us not forget that with tears in his eyes, he retired.  The tears were just the beginning of this saga.  A saga that would divide a team, players and fans.

So after many discussions and the tearing apart of a team, Brett Favre is out of retirement and is a Packer again.  Then he’s not happy.  The Packers TEAM moved on without him.  (Oh shame for them not waiting on him to be sincere in his choice to retire or not!!)  He wasn’t welcomed in training camp….HE wasn’t happy.  Nevermind that everyday, Aaron Rodgers is boo-ed and yelled at by the so-called Packer fans.  Yet he doesn’t complain….he only has nice things to say.  Is Rodgers going to be perfect??  Is he the answer??  I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.  I do know that Favre isn’t the answer either.  So let him move on.  Let the New York Jets have him and the drama that it entails.  It’s time the fans remember that this IS Brett Favre’s decision all the way.  Yes, I’ve lost respect for the man and I don’t think he can get it back.  He did the TEAM wrong and he’s done his fans wrong.  He is no longer “Sportsman of the Year”.

I’ll be watching the Green Bay Packers as closely as I can this year.  Just like I do every year.  I’ll yell and scream.  But no matter what, I’ll support them.  I still believe in them.  Personally, I don’t care what happens to Brett Favre.  He’s made his choice.  I hope he finds what he’s looking for, but I doubt it.  For me, I’m more interested in what the ever quiet Rodgers will be able to do and see if this team can pull together once again.  Let’s just hope the fans can too.





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4 Responses to Favre: The End of an Era

  1. Debbie

    Oh my, what a soap opera! He sounds like a puffed up spoiled brat. At least he mentored Rodgers in one thing…how not to act in the media. I do not watch football. It’s never interested me. Actually none of the pro sports do. I think they are overpaid and overrated and definitely not hero material. Just my humble opinion.
    My brother on the other hand is a diehard Viking fan. Lookout! LOL

  2. Elaine

    I don’t watch as many sports as I used to. No matter how much I get to watch them, I’m a born and bred Packer fan. It bothers me to see a team and it’s fans tore apart like this issue has done. I’ve always thought Favre was one of the best players the game has ever had. Unfortunately, I’ve lost all respect for him and I do blame this on him. It could have all gone so differently.

    I totally agree about these athletes being overpaid. There’s no NO need for millions of dollars a year. If they supposedly love what they do and do it for the fans then they wouldn’t make that kind of money. Heck, most of us fans can’t afford to go any more and the price of tickets directly relates to how much they make. On top of that, half these athletes are criminals of some sort any more. Women, drugs, drinking and the other stuff we won’t mention. No, they’re not heroes and nobody I’d want to look up to.

  3. Debbie

    I know nothing of sports so I have no comment …. only that Shawna thinks hes hot !!

  4. Elaine

    HAHA That’s funny!! Actually, he is….or WAS. Ah yes, I’m bitter. I’m glad you commented though, Debbie!! Thanks!!

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