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There’s a Birthday in the House

Posted by on 7 August 2008

Happy Birthday, Honey!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!

Yes, today is the man’s birthday.  He’s already “over the hill”, so I won’t tell anyone how old he is.  But, when you’re this old FORTY-TWO it just doesn’t matter any more!!  I’m just glad that he keeps one step ahead of me in the age department.  I know what holes to look out for that way!!  😛

The hubby has to work, so there’s no telling what we’ll do to celebrate tonight.  K and I have to go shopping to find him just the right present.  I’m thinking about a cane!!  HAHA  Yes, this is last minute, but well, life happens.  Besides, the man has everything!!  SHEESH  Maybe I can create his own blog for him!!  NOT!!

Alright, well I’m off for some beauty sleep….goodness knows I need it.  Maybe the perfect gift will come to me in a dream!!

6 Responses to There’s a Birthday in the House

  1. Debbie

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear The Maaaan,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    You’re still younger than me. I know I’m a double digit that starts with 4. I believe the second digit will be the same numeral this year.

    You know, that blog idea doesn’t sound too bad. I’m sure he would have alot to say about life in the army and a new one outside of it.

  2. Elaine

    LOL Thanks for the song, Debbie. We’re not that much younger than you. Every little bit counts though!! HEHE

    He’d never blog. He doesn’t even keep up with what I post on this one. If he has something to say, I say it for him. You won’t catch him sitting in front of a puter often, if at all!!

  3. Tammy Warren

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Elaine

    Thanks Tammy, I’ll pass it onto him!!

  5. Tena

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  6. Elaine

    Thanks Tena, I’ll pass that onto the man!!

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