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Daily Archives: 7 August 2008

The Perfect Crime

Hubby had me look up this commercial last night and I thought it was just going to be another one of his stupid jokes or videos.  I sat here laughing for so long.  See for yourself….


I just love this commercial!!  We’re all dog lovers anyway, so this is just hilarious to us.  Serves that darn cat right!!  HAHA  Just thinking about it makes me laugh.  I can just imagine our dogs doing something like this!!


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There’s a Birthday in the House

Happy Birthday, Honey!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!

Yes, today is the man’s birthday.  He’s already “over the hill”, so I won’t tell anyone how old he is.  But, when you’re this old FORTY-TWO it just doesn’t matter any more!!  I’m just glad that he keeps one step ahead of me in the age department.  I know what holes to look out for that way!!  😛

The hubby has to work, so there’s no telling what we’ll do to celebrate tonight.  K and I have to go shopping to find him just the right present.  I’m thinking about a cane!!  HAHA  Yes, this is last minute, but well, life happens.  Besides, the man has everything!!  SHEESH  Maybe I can create his own blog for him!!  NOT!!

Alright, well I’m off for some beauty sleep….goodness knows I need it.  Maybe the perfect gift will come to me in a dream!!

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