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More Olympic Lessons, Part 4 (Final)

Posted by on 5 August 2008

Today is the final installment of my Olympic lesson printables and sites.  I do hope this has been helpful to those of you looking for materials covering this topic.

I’m going to start with  Homeschooling.  They have completed all the Olympic events now and have printables for all of them.  The final events are wrestling, tennis, shooting and weightlifting.  There’s also synchronized swimming along with one of my favorites, volleyball.  Finally, there’s the triathlon and I’m including fencing because I don’t know if I remembered it in earlier posts.  Family Crafts also has many great Olympic crafts to make as a famiy or homeschool and participate in your own events.  There’s other great activities on that could easily be worked into an Olympic lesson.  You can go to  Chinese Culture to find your students name in Chinese or learn some simple Chinese calligraphy or even learn about some proverbs.

I found some really good materials including lesson plans, games and other materials at the LA84 Foundation web site.  There’s also an amazing set of flashcards from FlaschardPlazza.  I think I’ve already mentioned it, but Teacher Vision has many good printables and you can get 3 for free without joining.  Don’t forget Activity Village with their Olympic printables because they’ve added a couple new items. 

Finally, there’s 2 blogs that have many links to activities for the Olympics.  Some of the sites are ones that I’ve already listed, but some are new.  Please check out Debbie’s Digest and Homeschooling on a Shoestring Blog, as well as the newsletter from Surfaquarium.   

I hope this has helped some of my homeschool (or even teacher) blog readers.  I have fun looking for the information needed to homeschool Miss K and give her the best education possible.  I know many of you want the same thing, so here’s the material right at your finger tips!!  As I stated earlier, this will be my last post on Olympic materials.  I’ll be sharing materials on Little House, election and some of the other topics that we’ll be doing early on this school year.

Now, I’m off to do today’s lesson!!

2 Responses to More Olympic Lessons, Part 4 (Final)

  1. Tammy Warren

    What a great idea. When I married, a became the mother of two step children (I really don’t like the word step). My husband’s first wife had passed away with cancer. Anyway, not to bore you with a past story, I wanted to say that I home schooled my now 24 year old step son. Wayyyyy back then we did not have all the resources and community that you have now. I currently do not home school. I have a 13 year old and a 7 year old. Where we live we have a fantastic school system. I am very active at their school so I have chosen not to, at this time.

    It is people like you that are making a difference.
    I just wanted to let you know that the “Olympic” plan is great.

  2. Elaine

    You could never bore me, Tammy. It’s awesome that you took in the responsibility to homeschool your (step) son. Things have gotten much easier for those of us that choose to do it. However, because of politics, state and federal, they’re actually getting tougher on homeschoolers. Some states are harder than others. The pressure on state/federal is mainly coming from school districts. They don’t like it known that they don’t educate our kids properly, which is the case for us and why we’re now homeschooling. I was active when we tried public and private schools too. I don’t regret it, but it was totally unappreciated and abused.

    Thank you for your kind words. It means alot to have is said to me. It encourages me to keep sharing my materials. Thanks again!!

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