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Daily Archives: 2 August 2008

Batman – The Dark Knight


 This is our movie review of “Batman:  The Dark Knight” 

Hubby and I actually had a date this evening!!  WooHoo  We decided to make it dinner and a movie, just like “back in the day”.  I’m a huge Batman fan, so I really wanted to go see The Dark Knight.  I also wanted to preview it to know if kiddo should see it at the theater.  It was so awesome, that I just have to tell you about it….my review!!

This movie was just awesome!!  It’s the best one they’ve made so far.  I was totally enthralled through the whole movie.  At one point, I had to pee, but I was in no way, shape or form, leaving that seat.  And I didn’t!!  The action was amazing.  I don’t know how else or what to say about the action sequences, but WOW!!  It was gripping through the whole movie.  I sat on the edge of my seat several times just waiting to see what would happen.  There was some shockers and some “WHOA”!! 

Bruce Wayne is torn inside many times and ultimately “throws himself to the wolves”.  You can feel it when he feels it.   Christian Bale IS Batman!!  It’s the role he was meant to play.  I haven’t really disliked any of the guys that have played Batman.  Each one brought something to the role.  However, I feel that Christian Bale is by far the best one.  He’s suave, sexy, poised and all business (except when he’s sleeping), when he’s in a suit.  Then he puts the cape on and he IS Batman.  It’s like his face was chisled for this role!!

Let’s not forget Alfred so well portrayed by Michael Caine.  I like him in this role.  He’s always the voice of reason.  He’s knowledgeable, yet you can tell, he supports the risks that Bruce/Batman take.  He’ll protect Bruce/Batman at all costs.  It shows in the movie, more than any other.

I can’t go without speaking about Heath Ledger.  He truly was deep and dark in this movie.  I can understand why the man was on an emotional roller coaster.  Without Heath Ledger in the role, there can never be another Joker.  He lived and breathed that character.  Every move, action and word was precise.  Yes, precision, that’s how I’d describe the way that Heath played this character. He assumed the role!! I can understand why there’s rumors that he’ll be nominated for an award.  I don’t want him to receive it out of pity because he’s dead.  I want him to receive it because he earned. it.  If Christian Bale is Batman, Heath Ledger is Joker.  Period!!

There’s this line in the movie that is so great.  There’s a character (Reese) that works for Wayne Enterprises.  Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) tells him to rerun some numbers.  Later, Reese comes back and tells Lucius that some of the numbers are “off”.  He informs Lucius that he knows who Batman is and wants $10 million for life.  Lucius laughs and says:

 Let me get this straight: You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who beats criminals to a pulp with his bare hands. And your plan is to blackmail this person? Good luck.

 It’s like the BEST quote!! There’s other good ones, but I just loved that one. Half the theater was giggling at that comment. I mean come on dude!!

The hubby and I both give Batman: The Dark Knight a thumbs up!! This movie definitely receives a 5 star rating!!








When you think Gordon (Gary Oldman) is dead, you’re just devastated.  There’s no way Gordon, Batman’s one ally can die.  I was totally gripping the arm rests when they had to notify his family. You’re still wondering “how can he be dead?”, when there his is again in one of the most clever plans that they’ve ever created to catch the bad guy. Totally heart wrenching and oh no gripping!!

The whole creation of Two Face was just fantastic!! As soon as Harvey Dent caught fire, you just knew. I loved that whole aspect and bringing him into the picture. There’s no doubt he’ll have to be dealt with. Aaron Eckhart is great in that role. And the make-up….it’s so awesome!! You didn’t want to look, but you couldn’t help it!! This was an excellent plot twist and I can’t wait to see what they do next!!






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