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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Who do You Look Like??

I saw this on a blog as I was surfing around and thought it might be fun.  Little did I know that 2 of my matches were going to be men!!  HAHA  Can’t complain, one of them is the ultra sexy Kevin Costner!!  But hey, the women are pretty hot, so what can I say!?!?  I don’t mind being in the company of Bette Davis either.  I could be worse!!  So, who do you think I looke the most like??

I think maybe Dino is my perfect match!!  HAHA

Then I thought I’d have a little more fun.  We always say that Miss K looks like both of us.  Many say she looks like the man and others say me.  I know she’s my mini me in many areas, but not looks.  She’s far too cute!!  HAHA  Anyway, here’s the test that tells it like it is.  The result is….

MyHeritage: Look-alike MeterFamily tree templateFamily history

Yep, I’d have to say that’s right.  Half her daddy and half her momma!!  Just the right blend of good and evil.  I won’t say which is which though!!  Who do your kids most resemble??

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I’ve Been Tagged: 6 Facts About Me

The girl in Canada with the same name as me, Elaine has tagged me.  The object is to post 6 quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.  So, here’s my attempt at completing this task:

1.  I won’t drink Coke or Coca-Cola products.

2.  Even if I only have one scoop of ice cream, I like it in a big bowl.

3.  I refuse to drive a mini van.

4.  There’s always room for one more pair of shoes in my closet.

5.  I can type 65 words per minute….with no errors.

6.  I’ll eat spaghetti sauce, ketchup or any tomato based sauce, but I will not eat tomatoes on my salads.

Now the object is to tag 6 other people and have them post the same information about themselves on their blog.  I’m not going to do that.  I’d love it if you commented and told me some quirky yet boring, unspectacular fact about yourself.  And if you want to, you can even blog about all 6 on a post on your site, but let me know so I’m sure to read it!!  So, what’s quirky and unspectacular about you??

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Rock On!!

Today, Debbie had a “Flashback Friday” on her blog.  She shared memories of Wolfman Jack and his show The Midnight Special.  She included 3 YouTube videos that were awesome.  The first was Journey, the second was The Cars, the fourth was Frampton and the fifth was Heart.

Heart is the one that got me thinking and started a flow of memories.  I listen to the others too, but I’ve been to a Heart concert.  Let me tell you what, these chicks can wail!!  It was a totally kick @ass concert!!  That wasn’t the memory that was the first to come to mind though.  Just the reminder that I’d been to a Heart concert.

The very first concert that I ever went to was Alabama.  I was in 11th grade and I saw them at the Summit in Houston.  It’s not even there any more!!  Sad actually.  Awesome show.  After the concert, I was waiting for my parents when the few people that were left started screaming and well, me being me had to see what it was all about.  Three members of Alabama were giving out autographs.  I got all 3 of them!!  I still have them in storage too!!  I didn’t wash my hand for a couple days because Randy Owen touched it when he signed my poster.  HEHE  What a silly kid!!

This is the memory that came flooding forward though….

The next concert, which I often call my first concert was Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble.  I call it my first because this was where I had my first real concert experience.  I went with the man and his best friend.  It was just one of our dates with him going along with us.  We’re sitting there and I’m all wrapped up in the whole experience.  The Summit was hazy from so much smoke.  The music was shaking the place.  I could tell that things didn’t smell normal, but hey, what did I know, right!?!?  All of a sudden in the row in front of us, they’re passing a cigarette from one end to the other end of the row.  The man laughs at me and tells me it’s not a cigarette, that it was a joint.  Man, did that have an intersting smell!!  Next thing I know, the guy next to me is tapping me and I turn to look at him and he says “hey girl, you want a hit?” and my jaw just dropped.  I declined and he said “well pass it on then”.  I did just that and it went all the way to the end of the row and started back toward me again.  All in all, I think I watched a joint get passed back and forth for the entire row about 3 different times.  Each time, that smell!!  Stevie Ray Vaughn was just jamming too!!  I’m pretty sure that wasn’t water he was drinking either!! 

That was one h*ll of a concert and concert experience.  I’ve never forgotten it!!  I still have all our concert stubs in storage someplace.  Probably the same place that autographed poster from Alabama is!!  And that my friends and readers is my concert memory!!  Do you have a concert memory??  Do you have a memory from the big hair of the 80’s??  If so, leave a comment and share!! 

This YouTube video is of Stevie Ray and his brother Jimmy Vaughn doing Pipeline on the double neck.  It’s awesome!!  They did this at the concert we were at and this video doesn’t do justice.  It’s killer!!

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Thank You!! myspace graphic comments

First of all, I’d like to say THANKS to my friends and visitors that made my daughter’s day today.  She was nervous, but she got over it quickly.  Miss K says you all are crazy though.  She doesn’t know that you have to be to be friends with me!!  LOL  But really, you all were cool and she loved “her day” on Momma’s blog. 

I will tell you that this really counted as school credit for her.  I gave her credit for writing and for computers/typing.  Not bad typing for a kid, if I must say so!!  She was excited when the replies came in and asked if she could do it again.  So, I just had to agree.  It won’t be anytime soon, but she’ll be back.  Besides, I had to set up an account just for her!!  LOL

Next, I’d like to thank the ladies at Mommie Mayhem.  It was fun being their Friday Featured Blogger.  There seemed to be a couple issues with comments early in the day, but that all got worked out.  If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to go over and visit their blog.  Debbie and Shawn are 2 great and fun women and have one heck of a blog!!  

Also, if you’re interested, you can be a Friday Featured Blogger at Mommie Mayhem as well.  All you have to do is go over there and add your name to Mr. Linky.  When your name comes up, they’ll send you a couple questions to answer and that’s all there is to it!!  They’ve also added this new “feature” where you can leave questions for the Friday Featured Blogger in the comments.  How fun is that!?!? So, what are you waiting for??  

Head on over to see Debbie and Shawn at Mommie Mayhem!!

Once again, thanks to everyone for giving Miss K and I both a great day!! 

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The Guest Blogger has Arrived


I’m the Divine Miss K.  I heard that I am the guest blogger today.  In case you don’t already know, I’m Elaine’s daughter.  I’m quite nervous and I don’t know what to tell you, but I’m going to try to have fun with this.  Momma has made this my creative writing assignment.

This is Big Boy, my dog!

Photobucket He’s crazy, fun , and loving!  I’d love to train him and put him in a dog show.  You never have a bad day with Big Boy around!  He’s very talkative and we love to drive Momma nuts!

I love playing restaurant and as if my Momma isn’t busy enough, I have her type up menus and I place them in a binder to present to my customers.  I even have a serving tray and I’m saving money for a real cash register.

I love Homeschooling because we have 1 jammie day a week.  We can do work in class, then if we have 1 more thing to do we can always do it later.  There really is no homework though and I love that.  Classes go fast and I’m learning a lot.  I also love it because taking a spelling test you don’t have to wait for other people finish trying to figure their word out.

I’ll be here the rest of the day, so if you have any questions just ask me by leaving a comment! 

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Social Studies and Geography

One of my daughter’s favorite topics is geography.  Last year, she earned the title of “Miss Social Studies” from her teacher.  K’s teacher gave all the kids nicknames and that was hers.  She loves everything social studies.  Her favorite topic of everything in social studies is geography.  Last year, the teacher handed them a blank map of the U.S. and told them to label as many states as they could.  Miss K named 48 out of the 50 states.  She missed Connecticut and New Hampshire.  Because of that, she didn’t have to do a couple of the next lessons/quizzes and often had to help other students.  That thrilled her to no end!!

Now that we’re homeschooling, we plan to have fun with social studies.  She’s going to learn what she needs to and some very important stuff, but we’re also going to enjoy it.  Part of our social studies this year (and probably every year) will be to keep a timeline of every event, person and so on that we study.  I have the timeline all printed out and put in a 3-ring binder.  We used this timeline.  (I’ll list more timeline options at the end of this post.)  However, there are many others available out there that are free and printable.  Each event or person (or anything else that can be placed on a timeline) will be marked on the timeline.  We’re including a picture and the date.  It’s still early yet, so there’s really nothing to show you.  Some of the pictures will be drawn by K, others will come from the internet or photocopied from a book.  I think this will just be the neatest binder to look back on at the end of each year.  Miss K loves this idea too and she’s never done much work with a timeline before.

Another fun aspect of social studies this year will be our passports.  We’re using the passport from HS.T.T. as ours.  (I’ll list more passports at the end of this post.)  For each country or state that we study or learn about, we’re going to place a stamp or graphic on our passport to represent it.  I’m hoping at the end of the year, that we’re world travelers.  So far, we have Wisconsin and Kansas because we’ve learned about those with our read aloud book Little House on the Prairie.  They traveled through Minnesota and other states to get there, but I’m undecided if we’ll add them to the passport.  She has learned about all the states of the Midwest as part of our lessons, which included the Great Flood of 1993.

There is another great passport here.  You can find a passport and plane ticket as well at this class site.  Here’s a cute mini passport and a pattern for another one.  There’s also a Passport for Learning for lower grades.  

I think I’ve shared some timelines before, but one can never have enough choices or reminders!!  Here’s a verticle timeline and a timeline generatorThis and this can be used to make personal timelines.  Cindy Downes has a couple printable timelines as well as links to a couple others.  Finally, there is timelines for homeschool that have many great suggestions and links to other printables.

There’s others available for both of these items.  I search in Google, Yahoo or other search engine will bring up serveral choices.  Often, the hunt is part of the fun!!  I do hope that some of the items that I’ve listed will be of help to those that are looking for them.     

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Guest Blogger

Alright ya’ll, hang on tight!!  We’re about to have some real commotion.  I’m going to have a guest blogger on Friday.  Yes, that’s right, I’m going to pass the keyboard over to a guest blogger.  I’m not going to tell you who it is.  I don’t even know what they’ll blog about.  I can assure you that it’ll be worth it!!  So please stay tuned sometime Friday afternoon for the guest blogger to make their appearance!!

On another blogger note, I’m making a special guest appearance.  I’ll be this weeks “Friday featured blogger” over at Mommie Mayhem.  Each week, they feature a blogger that frequents their site.  This week it’s ME!!  WooHoo  I had to answer a few questions and they’ll be posted along with a link encouraging people to visit my blog.  So, if you get a chance, head on over to Mommie Mayhem and check out my feature sometime on Friday!!

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One of a Kind Bookshelf Award

A dear blogging friend has left me and several others a one of a kind blogging “award” bookshelf.  Tammy at A Day to Share with Tammy has received quite a number of blog awards.  Tagging people became overwhelming for her.  So, she did what you’d expect her to do.  Tammy created her own “one of a kind bookshelf”.  It is a bookcase of all the awards she’s received.  And she’s passing it on to several of us.

She made the rules simple.  Tagging is optional!!  Therefore, I don’t have a list of rules or names with sites to post here.  I have the option to share with others, but I think I’m going to wait on it.  I’m going to wait to see what other recipients of this one of a kind award do.

My gratitude goes out to Tammy for creating something so unique and special.  I encourage you  to read her blog.  She’s deserved every award she’s gotten and it’s an honor to have her share it with me.

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Role Models

Please read this entire post before you comment.  And, please don’t leave before you read the whole thing (hopefully with an open mind).

I’ve been thinking about doing this topic for awhile, but didn’t know if I should.  I figured it might cause too much blog contraversy.  Goodness knows there’s enough of that in life without the blog world too.  Then today, I noticed a visitor to my site and as I always do, I went to check out their blog.  The second post on the page was about role models.

This person stated that they thought that Michelle Obama was a great role model.  That the speech she delivered was something that every girl should want to achieve.  That’s not the exact words, but that’s just the basics.  They also said that Hillary Clinton was somebody girls should admire too.  That she too was a role model.

I left a comment, basically disagreeing.  I was totally polite and not disrespectful at all.  I said that it takes more than a speech to make a good role model.  I said as long as we’re talking about Hillary, let’s also talk about Bill.  He made great speeches and made people believe in him.  Let’s face it, no matter our views, we know how that ended.  He’s not the greatest role model for anyone.  I restated that it takes more than good speeches to be a role model.  My final comment was “actions speak louder than words”.  I had to leave for a meeting, so when I got home, I went back to that blog to check out some of their other posts.  I thought perhaps that they’d be interesting.  Much to my surprise, my comment had been removed.  Yes, removed because I didn’t agree with their view.  What other reason could there be??  I can assure you once again, I wasn’t rude in the least bit.  So why remove it??  If you don’t want comments or to know what others say, don’t post the blog.

This has NOTHING to do with politics (or any other reason other than MY opinion).  Maybe they thought it did because the final statements of this particular blog entry said that we all needed to vote for Obama because he represents what we need to be.  He has strong beliefs and so on.  I restate, this has NOTHING to do with MY political view.  Fact be known, I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for and frankly, that’s nobodies business.  However, I will vote!!

My whole point is just because someone makes a speech doesn’t mean they’re a role model.  Sure, Mrs. Obama has a great job and has 2 kids (and she does have good qualities and is a strong woman).  Yes, Hillary is a Senator and she’s had a career as a lawyer.  Nobody and I mean nobody can deny that Hillary is also corrupt and that’s how she got to be the lawyer she was.  That’s why things about the Clinton’s keep getting buried.  Things they never want us to know.  I’m sorry, but that’s just not the role model I want for my daughter.  Period!!

Another blog I visit asked us who we thought were good mothers.  Some said Angelina Jolie.  Some said Jennifer Garner and so on.  My comment was that my daughter loves Faith Hill.  I have no issue with my daughter being in love with this woman as a performer.  Miss K totally respects her and wants everything Faith.  Do I care??  NO!!  Why??  Because she shows me that she cares about her family, career and life.  I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but I haven’t heard a bad thing yet.  She doesn’t just make speeches that look good, she actually lives it.  Her girls go where she goes.  She goes with her man goes as much as she possibly can.  My daughter does NOT like Hannah Montana or High School Musical or any of those other fad shows, stars or whatever you want to call them.  She doesn’t like Lindsay Lohan or Brittany.  This thrills me to no end!!  I have no respect for any of them.  None of them have done anything with their lives except to be spoiled and want to be followed and idolized.  Back to Faith….she donates money and does charity work on a regular basis.  That’s what I want my daughter to see. 

So is Faith the perfect role model for Miss K??  No, I don’t think so.  I’d just assume that her grandmother was her role model or her great grandmother.  I’d love it if I was her role model.  I might not have some successful career, but then again, I have.  I’ve devoted myself to raising her and loving her with all I have.  I’ve followed her dad all over this country, often at the expense of my health in the long run.  I’m far from perfect.  I told her tonight I found an area I need to work on and inprove and that’ll require alot more prayer on my part.  I hold a grudge.  That’s never good.  I need to fix that.  I’m not conceited at all, but I do think I’m a good role model.  I believe in what I do.  I don’t make speeches and put myself in the limelight.  Neither has my mother.  I have friends that do have careers and family and I think they’d be a good role model. 

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m not.  I stand by my comment that Michelle or Hillary aren’t the role model I want for my daughter.  Are they horrible people??  No!!  Just not what I consider to be the best choice in that department.  I want K to be everything that she can be.  She has goals and dreams and with everything I am, I want her to fulfill them.  I had a dream too, but it didn’t happen.  However, the day she was born, I came to realize that in a way I did get my dream.  I became her teacher.  Now, I really am her teacher.  God has a plan for us.  I don’t know what his plan is for her.  What I do know is that I want as many positive influences as possible.  Life isn’t a bed of roses and each day, we have to deal with the thorns.  I don’t try to paint this perfect picture.  I’d just like for her to know that there’s many materials and factors in the making of the picture.

Please feel to comment, whether you agree or disagree.  I’d just like to remind you that this isn’t (and never was for me) a political debate.  It’s just my views.  Please, if you comment, be respectful of me and any other comments.

So, who’s was your role model??  Who’s a role model for your kids??

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Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Love

Big Brother and Little Sister love!!

Big Brother and Little Sister love!!





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Bloggy Award and a New Widget

My online gal pal, Laura, at Still Crazy After All These Years has honored me with another award and proved just how insane sweet she really is. 

I’m very honored that she did this….again!!  We’ve known each other quite sometime online.  I read her blog on a daily basis.  Ok, it’s more than daily, but it is as time permits and that usually means getting caught up late at night!!  HAHA  She’s the one I feel is deserving of the “I love (heart) your blog” award!!

Now it’s my duty to share the blog love.  The rules of this award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

So now with the rules of blog love posted, I must list my nominees.  This is never easy for me.  However, without further ado, I’d like to share the blog love with:

1.  Annette at Under the Loupe

2.  Christina at Mustard Seeds

3.  Tiffanie at Three Peas in a Pod

4.  Lorri fellow Army wife at The Mac and Cheese Chronicles

5.  Angie at Many Little Blessings



HHMMMM  Ok, I’m going to have to break the rules just a bit!!  LOL  I’m going to leave it with those 5, unless I can narrow my choices down even more.  My problem is that I like too many blogs!!

{Thanks my fans and Laura…..takes a bow and walks off into the setting sun….}


Oh crap!!  I forgot about my new widget!!  HAHA  If you check out my side column, you’ll see a new widget over there.  It’s called ShoutBox.  If you get the notion to “talk” to me messenger style, just click that link and it’ll open up to the chat box.  Feel free to leave me a message and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.  NOTE:  This does NOT replace the comment love that I so do adore and thrive on!!  So, give me a SHOUT!!

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Miss K-ism and a Science Experiement

In order for you to understand this whole situation, I’m going to have to give you some background.  Miss K is the owner of an insect cage/house.  It’s just one of those sets that you get at Wal-Mart with a plastic frame covered in screen with a clear sliding door.  It comes complete with a magnifying glass, flashlight and a couple other “gadgets”.  Thanks to the man, she’s also the proud owner of a rolly polly playground.  This also comes from Wal-Mart and was purchased by dad because, well, when he’s home he’s often as much kid as she is.

So to set the scene, I tell her last night to go outside with the dogs and make sure that they go potty.  She tells me how much she doesn’t like it out there when it’s dark, but it falls on deaf ears.  Next thing I know, she’s bounding in the house…

K:  Mom, I found the hugest rolly polly for the playground!

me:  (thinking:  great)  where’s the dogs?

K:  oh, I left them out there.  I’ll go get them and be right back.

me:  good idea little girl

K:  (bounding back in the house)  Momma, I found 2 more  with all this dirt.

me:  what dirt and why?

K:  oh no, I lost one SOMEPLACE

me:  I suggest you put on all the lights in the house and find it before I do

K:  (she comes back with a defeated look on her face)  it’s no place to be found, but I probably dropped it outside.  I really need to take care of these though.  (she runs off to get the rolly polly playground and puts the dirt and rolly pollys init)  Momma, I’ll be right back, they need some grass (sound of the back door closing)  there, that didn’t take long.

me:  what’s that pink thing in there?

K:  oh, that’s just one of the dog dishes for my Barbies.  I mean come on Momma, they need water you know

me:  take care of these and get to bed NOW, you’re already late (she scampers off laughing)

So tonight, I’m sitting on the front steps watching hubby tear the back of his car apart.  Miss K is playing on her scooter and just being a kid.  There’s little conversations that go on.  Suddenly….

K:  oh Momma, I know what I’m going to do!

me:  what now?

K:  I’m going to put my rolly polly playground in the bug house so that they can have a house and a playground.

me:  ah, no you’re not.  They don’t need it and it won’t fit.

K:  you’re just no fun, it will to and the playground is too small.

me:  you’ve been told (to her runningoff and the sound of much shuffling coming from the garage….she runs right past me to the hose)  NOW what are you doing?

K:  I have to clean it out.  I can’t believe you don’t get it mother.  It’s too small, this will be their house and I’ll fill it with dirt and grass, then they’ll have their playground too and they can have so much fun.

me:  they’re bugs and I’m telling you it’s not going to work (water spraying in the background) I’m going to dump the rolly pollys out and see if they’re alive

K:  alright, but I think they’re dead, but you can do it if you want cause that’s ok cause I was going to dump it anyways and maybe by the time you do that, you’ll GET IT!  (I’m chuckling pretty hard by now because she insists that I just “don’t get it”)

me:  they’re fine, they were just hiding in the dark cool spot under the playground (she yells to daddy)

K:  daddy, I don’t know how to turn this off, which way does it turn (her fingers are up like a prissy and she’s tiptoeing around the wet grass)

the man:  to the right, you should know that

K:  (laughing)  daddy, I just can’t get it, I think I need help  {I’m seeing a huge play going on here}

the man:  (walking over  SUCKER)  I told you to the right, but somehow I think I’m going to get sprayed  (walks back to his car)

K:  no really daddy, I can’t get it, it seems to go on more, please daddy just show me

the man:  (walks back toward her  BIGGER SUCKER and I’m laughing as he grabs the hose before she can and he shuts it off)  see, I told you it was to the right, now it’s off

K:  YAY!!  (jumping up and down and laughing)  he did it for me….he did it FOR ME and now my hands aren’t dirty!!!!

Did I say SUCKER!?!?!  HAHA

Meantime, she ended up quite frustrated.  Although she attempted several times, the rolly polly playground did NOT fit into the bug house.  I believe I received an evil eye too.

me:  I told you it wouldn’t fit, but then again, I just don’t get it

K:  oh MOTHER (deep sigh)  Thinking back on history, I think I’ve played this line out a few times!!

So hubby is putting everything back together and I tell him it’s about time for dinner.  We chat a bit as he’s puttingstuff away in the garage.  I hear Miss K giggling and “gross”ing.  All of a sudden, they’re in front of me.

the man:  here’s the science experiment that you asked me for

me:  yes, but this one is bloody

the man:  what more do you want?  it’s a dead mouse, I probably set something on him…just cut that sucker up!

me:  (staring at it in fascination along with K)  I can’t use this (I reach down and flip it over with the pliers)  it’s guts are missing….it’s got decomp going on.  Just what do you think we’ll see if we cut it open?

the man:  only you’d want a dead mouse to see the insides of

me:  well, it’s not really a science lab without the INSIDES!!  {DUH!!}

It really was a cute little thing, but it was no good to me.  I need to be able to dissect it.  If the bugs have already started eating it, not much for us to look at.  Oh, the background on that is that the other night, hubby came home and told me that they’d caught a good size mouse in the barracks.  His battle buddy didn’t have the heart to kill it, so he took it off the sticky mouse trap and released it outside.  I told hubby to tell his buddy that I was mad at him.  Hubby said why and I told him that we needed a mouse to be able to dissect and I need on in good shape and I’m not buying one.

Is everyone grossed out yet??  HAHAHAHA  I have a web cam, I can always broadcast the dissection for you!!  Anyone hungry??

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