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Posted by on 29 July 2008

Can you guess where I’ve been this morning??  HEHE  Let me give you a hint….

Aahhhh yes, I spent the morning in the steaming hot, luxurious bubble bath!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how good that felt.  I had bubbles up to my neck!!  I just laid there and soaked until I turned into a prune.  Even after that, I soaked some more!!  There was no interruptions….at all.  My baby girl only came in one time to check on me and she left again.  The big boy doesn’t even go near the bathroom, so he wasn’t an issue.  When the phone rang, I didn’t jump out, but instead I just ignored it.  This is definitely something I don’t get to do often, if at all.  Usually, when I do get in the tub, Miss K will either come in and sit down and talk my ear off.  If it’s not that, she’ll strip down and jump in with me.  Every time I ask her if I invited her she just laughs and breaks out the tub crayons and water toys.  Ah yes, that wonderfully long and enjoyable bubble bath was just what I needed!!

I not only got to relax for what seemed like hours in the tub, but it’s cooled off today.  Actually, it not only cooled off, but it rained this morning.  Yesterday when the forecast called for it “cooling off” today and only being 100 degrees, they mentioned that we had a slight chance of getting some remnants of Dolly come through.  The chances were slight, but we got it!!  I must say, it feels great too.  I stood outside in the cool rain while the dogs pottied and just enjoyed the feel of the cool rain.  Just glorious!!

Alright, I’m off to waste all that relaxing I’ve been doing.  The rest of today is to be spent paying bills and getting the rest of The Schoolhouse set-up and ready to go.  After the man gets home, we have to go to the store to get dog food, milk and a few other supplies.  I hate shopping alone!!  Because of that, the poor man is going to work all day (at least it’s cooler) and then I’m dragging him out.  HA!! 


6 Responses to Splish….Splash

  1. Laura

    My knees are killing me from VBS. I could use a nice long soak in the tub! 🙂

  2. Elaine

    My back is what usually gives out on me. I do have a bad knee, but the back goes first.

    Go have a soak!! Enjoy!! You won’t regret it. I’m still going “aahhhh”.


  3. Tammy Warren

    That is the first thing I am going to do when school goes back. Sit in the tub. What is so sad, I will probably sit in the tub and cry about the children being gone.

  4. Debbie

    Get out! A steamy bubble bath after the heat of yesterday? You are one crazy gal! LOL I know you probably have central air and it’s cool enough for it.

    But excuse me. 100 degrees is not cooled off. LOL I believe Texas weather is similar to NJ. At least that’s what a telemarketer with ties to Jersey told me one time. Yucky poo!

  5. Elaine

    I can relate, Tammy!! I pouted the first day my daughter was gone on her visit. Now, I’m taking full advantage of it.

    Have your bubble bath and enjoy that day. You know when they get home from school, it’s all going to bust loose and there’ll be a million things going on again!!

  6. Elaine

    HAHA It’s not 100 here today, Debbie. That was the “cool down” we were expecting. However, the rain came this morning and it’s much nicer than that. Right now is the heat of the day and we’re still in the low 90’s.

    And girl, I can’t tell you how good that hot bath felt. We do have central heat and a/c. One of the things we upgraded when we bought the house. When it kicks in, I sink down further in the tub!! LOL

    I’d say the humidity levels of TX and NJ are about the same. I’ve never been to the upper northeast. But I know Houston is unberable!!

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