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Daily Archives: 27 July 2008

My Button….I Made It!!

My Button

I did it!!  I was playing around and I created my own button.  I visit all these other blogs and sites that you can link to or join or whatever.  I decided it’d be pretty cool to create my own button for the same thing.  It’s not like anyone is going to use it, but it’s fun!!


If you know me and enjoy my blog, please consider adding my button to your sidebar or someplace on your page.  You know I’d truly appreciate it!! It’ll look just like the button above.   Just copy and paste this code:



<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0” alt=”” width=”150” height=”150” /></a>



Leave a comment if you like my button or if you’d like me to try to create one for you!!


Oh, and maybe I’ll even learn how everyone does those little code boxes too!!


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Mother Hen

I’m feeling a bit of the “empty nest” today without my chick here.  I was disappointed when I got up and there was no noise coming from down the hall.  Usually when that happens, I look in her room and see her still all snug and comfy in bed.  But, not today.  She’s at my parents housing filling their days with her smile and lots of noise.  They all love it so much and really enjoy this time.  I enjoy it too.  This is my “break”….time for me and time to get caught up on the things that need to get done.  We always say “I wonder if this will be the last summer she wants to go”.  She says she’s always going to go.  I don’t think she’s going to get outside much since it’s in the 100’s, but usually she goes to the greenhouse and garden, beats the stump up, chases wild animals and plays on her swing hung between 2 huge trees.  She’s also got grandpa where she wants him and he gets out his riding mower and lets her go down the road.  Even I don’t get to do that!!

Anyway, I was reading blogs today.  I’m trying to get caught up on what I missed being gone all day yesterday.  I came across this cute little quiz.

What type of Mother Hen Are You?
by Educational Resource

I guess that sums me up!!  What type of mother hen are you??  Take the quiz here and share what type of Mother Hen you are!! 

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