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Our Thief of a Gremlin

Posted by on 26 July 2008

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am at my wit’s end with our gremlin.  And that lil sucker really seems to love to mess with me!!  Oh I’m so frustrated I could scream. 

It’s tweezers and nail clippers.  My reading glasses.  Now, it’s my good scissors.  I used them yesterday when I had to ship a box to my brother.  Everyone in this house saw them sitting on the livingroom floor with the tape and maker I wrote his info on the box with.  Remember, this is just yesterday!!  This afternoon, I needed them and couldn’t find them.  I think “no big deal, I’ll just use something else”.  So, I do and get done what I needed.  But tonight, K asks me for them so that she can use them.  I tell her I don’t know where they are.  Hubby says “well, of course, they’re still on the livingroom floor where you left them”.  I send Miss K after them, but she yells back “they’re NOT here!!”.  What??  What do you mean they’re not there, don’t make me have to get up.  So I get up and sure enough….they’re GONE!!  Every single person saw them sitting there last night or this morning.

Why does this gremlin have it on for me??  GGRRRR  Yep, we’re going to go ’round and ’round!!  I’m going to rip him apart limb by limb….IF I ever find him!!

There’s things that have never shown back up.  Then there’s things that show up a week or so later.  There’s even times you’re walking past something and there sits something you were just looking for.  It sure isn’t where it belonged.  Nobody has used it.  It’s just moved to some “odd” location.

{walks off stomping my feet} 


4 Responses to Our Thief of a Gremlin

  1. Laura

    And you thought I didn’t know where you lived . . .


  2. Debbie

    That gremlin sure gets around! LOLOL!!

  3. armyfamilyok

    Oohhhh you just wait until I get my hands on you, Laura!!


  4. armyfamilyok

    He gets around in this house TOO well, Debbie!! It just drives me nuts. And trust me, I didn’t have far to go. SHEESH It usually always seems to be my stuff, but once in awhile it’s theirs. There’s no other reasonable explanation except a gremlin…..a thieving gremlin!!

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