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Signs of the Times

Posted by on 21 July 2008


How sad, but true!!

Alright, everybody step in the “way back” machine with me.  Remember the movie Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox??  I don’t know which one exactly it was (I leave that part of trivia up to the man), but Christopher Lloyd threw garbage in the fuel tank.  How great would that be if someone actually took some initiative and tried to come up with alternative fuels like that for our cars.  Let’s face it, if America has plenty of any “commodity”, it’s garbage!!  What’s wrong with a fuel made from banana peels, apple cores and wilted lettuce leaves??  Nothing!!  I mean, if we can make compost, we can make fuel!!

Alright, step out of my “way back” machine.  Only I get to spend that much time in there!!

Tell me Doctor, where are we going this time?
Is this the fifties? Or Nineteen ninety-nine?
Please don’t drive eighty-eight; I don’t wanna be late again.
So take me away, I don’t mind
You just better promise me I’ll be back in time
I gotta be back in time”

6 Responses to Signs of the Times

  1. Laura

    That’s sad, but true (the sign).

  2. armyfamilyok

    I agree!!

  3. Debbie

    Isn’t that interesting. How much is gas in OK? Our’s, I believe, is around 3.89. The last time I looked anyway. I try not to look.

    Why don’t you get hubby working on the garbage theory as a hobby when he’s fully retired. LOL

  4. armyfamilyok

    Today, it’s $3.84 which is usually 3-5 cents more than a big city like OKC. We used to get gas on post for 3 cents less than town, but they stopped that a couple years ago. As we get closer to payday, the price will jump (on average 7-10 cents). They rip the military off so bad here that they don’t deserve to have a post. Seriously!!

    LOL That’s an idea about a new hobby for him!!

  5. Cutie Booty Cakes

    I wish we could use garbage for food. Guess we all just have to get drunk, stay home and commiserate about the gas prices!

    I am here visiting from Graces blog.

  6. armyfamilyok

    Glad to have you visit my blog, Renee!! I hope you come back often.

    I guess we’ll have to do something like that!! LOL

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