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Freebie Queen

Posted by on 20 July 2008

I just had to share this.  I found this on “Deal of the Day” forum and laughed so hard!!  Now Laura’s been joking on her blog about blogaholics (and she insists that I’m one), but I think this is by far more me!!  HAHAHA  I even have my own “freebie” page for educational materials I find while I’m preparing lesson and stuff.  I brag about all my latest freebie finds, no matter what it is!!  😀

You know you’re a freebie queen when….
1.  You and your friends
compete to see who gets the latest freebies first. (“I got the Oil of Olay bodywash! What did you get?!”)  (sometimes)
2.  Sometimes you pass on an offer unless it’s a hefty freebie with no shipping and handling charges and a coupon thrown in for good measure!  (sometimes!!)
3.  You find yourself comparing freebie packaging (hmm…no bubble wrap, must not be a good one).  (We always feel them and “size them up”!!)
4.  At least one freebie site is on your toolbar…and you visit it several times during the day for updates.  (2 of them, in fact!!)
5.  You have to make room in your closet for another free t-shirt or baseball cap.  (Only paper storage spots for homeschool freebies….we use everything else right up!!)
6.  You feel neglected and oddly disappointed when you only get one freebie in your mailbox.  (ONE of us always asks “shouldn’t we be getting something in the mail?”)
7.  You make a list of “good” sites that consistently send terrific freebies.  (I only post the educational ones, but oh my the other ones I browse or groups I subscribe to!!)
8.  You love
using the sample, but don’t spring for the full-size version.  (Depends what it is and how much I like the sample!!)
9.  You collect freebies all year for gift giving.  (NEVER!!  I’m not THAT cheap!!  SHEESH)
10.  You love the itty bitty packages freebies come in.  (They are cute and it’s always a surprise!!)
11.  You’ve got a new, edgy look…thanks to glow-in-the dark hair gel and glittery sunscreen freebies.  (Nope, darn it, I must’ve missed these!!  HAHA)
12.  You can type in your name, address and zip
code in your sleep.  (I live at….oh oh, wake up Elaine!!)
13.  You have tons of travel-sized shampoo but never travel!  (Mostly deodorant!!  HEHE)
14.  You’re not sure what the full-sized product looks like since all you’ve used are freebies.  (Yep!!)
15.  You realize what you’re wearing, what you’re eating and what you’re reading were all freebies.  (Do they give away “wide load” size freebies??  😀  Well of course, what do you think is for breakfast??  And I have to read something!!)
16.  You get irritated when the freebie is a foil packet thingy and not a “real” sample.  (They do say “sample”, not tease!!)
17.  You know what a SASE is. Extra points if you know what GWP means.  (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope….do I lose points for GWP??)
18.  You have a separate email address just for your freebies.  (Why yes I do!!)
19.  Someone compliments your new haircolor or lipstick and your first response is, “It was free!”.  (I’ve already told you the gray and silver is all mine!!)
20.  Your beauty basket is filled mostly with plastic packets and mini-bottles.  (Who has time to put them in a basket??  I got them to use them!!)

I think one should even be added to this list for me….

When you start to order a freebie for your mom when you order yours so she doesn’t miss out on it!!

Yep, that’s when you know you’re a….

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4 Responses to Freebie Queen

  1. Debbie

    GWP~Gift With Purchase or my first thought:
    Get With the Program. LOL

    I did this about a year ago. The one freebie I was really looking forward to never showed up. Perfume samples from Coty. Had they all arrived, I’d still be in hog heaven. Got tired of the spam though. Already have enough of that sample!

  2. Laura

    Goodness, Elaine! You are both! A Freebie Queen AND a Blogaholic! Oh……… I see years of therapy ahead for you! LOL!

  3. armyfamilyok

    DUH!! I should have known that one, Debbie!! There’s been a few that I never received, but so far the ones I have gotten were worth it. My mailbox always has some sort of “surprise” in it!! I have an account just for the spam!! {wink}

    Sorry it didn’t work well for you. You ever want to try again, I can hook you up!!

  4. armyfamilyok

    Now Laura, if you don’t stop picking on me, I’m gonna cry!! We all have our vices!! HEHE

    Oh I could just see the therapist trying to take my computer away from me!! Heaven forbid. After all, that is the root of all my temptation!! HAHAHAHA (After all, I met you here!!) {sticking out tongue}

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