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Daily Archives: 19 July 2008

Same Blog….New Name

Yes, you’re in the right place!!  This is still the blog home of ArmyFamilyOK Schoolhouse.  We’ve just been doing some remodeling. 

Once I started reading more blogs, I realized just how boooorring the name of our blog was.  But hey, I had no idea what they meant by “title” when I first created it.  I thought it was more for my personal reference than to draw people in.  Then I started reading others and I knew I had to make some changes.  We can only improve, right!?!?

To come up with a new name, I wrote lots of words that describe me and our family down on a piece of paper.  I had a ton of words!!  Some of the words were:  blue (fave color), dogs, 1 daughter, Army, family, love, hope, faith, Catholic, cars, chili peppers, spicy, hot and on and on.  We have all sat here around together a few times looking at all the words trying to come up with a “title” that sums up our life.  I was even going to hold a “name our blog” contest.  I didn’t think anyone would participate though since there’s no real “prize”.  One would just see their title displayed at the top of my page.  Then I decided it wouldn’t be ours if I let someone else create it or come up with a winning title.

This morning, I was just sitting here staring blankly at the screen deciding if I had anything to write about or not.  I went and checked out my 2 friends blogs and decided to go back later and comment.  In the back of my mind, I was trying to come up with words that describe our life.  Yeah, it’s crazy, but there’s too many crazies out there.  Sure, I ramble, but it can still be comprehended.  Just what is life like??  :-0  It’s like an ocean!!  Some days it’s calm….some days have waves crashing down…..some days will make you downright seasick!!

So there you have it….

Commotion from the Ocean of Life

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China and More Olympic Lessons

I found some more materials to use for this lesson today.  They’re great supplements and vocabulary.  There’s many printables to choose from. 

All of the following come from  First, there’s many printables here that cover Summer Olympics vocabulary with a word search, crossword puzzle, activities, theme paper and more.  There are printable for the Olympic sports of archery, fencing, basketball, baseball, athletics and badminton.  There also printables for aquatic sports like diving, swimming, and water polo.  Each of these sports has at least 5 pages of activities.  The site will also be updating with more sports all the way up until the Summer Olympics begin.  I recommend that you check the site to keep updated with the new sports printables.  However, I’ll also keep my blog updated with the new ones on a regular basis.

You’ll find an Olympic scrapbook cover, Olympic medals and Olympic rings lined paper at, along with other materials.  They have a black & white or color printable Certificate of Olympic Achievement as well.  For several coloring activities and other printables, you’ll want to check the site out.

For China related material, ActivityVillage has an Introduction to China as well as a China flag coloring page.  There’s also a blank outline map, map with borders or labeled map of China.  You’ll also find fun printables like the Chinese zodiac chart or zodiac poster, a Chinese calligraphy number poster, and 4 sets of Chinese calligraphy character cards and games.

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