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Mary Kay and Our Girl’s Day Out

Posted by on 15 July 2008
Mary Kay compact

Mary Kay compact

Alright, so those that know me know that I’m not a “girlie girl”.  I never have been.  I have a mother who’s never used make-up and never taught me how to us it.  I never wanted to learn.  The only thing I did was at 10, I started plucking my eyebrows.  I did a little bit at a time until I finally had a shape I liked.  After awhile, I didn’t really have to pluck them any more.  I’ve been told many times that I have great brows and I was happy with that.  I’m tomboy all the way and I like it that way.  Over the years, I’ve learned that on occasion, a woman needs to use make-up.  I’ve gone to several Balls and you just can’t go plain.  I started off with just lipstick and mascara.  Then I started experimenting with colors.  Boy was that fun….NOT!!  I had pretty much given up.  Then I started to learn that they were putting color combinations together for you.  All you had to do was apply it, that is, if you knew how to do it right.  Much to my surprise, I learned that green was a great color for my brown eyes.  (Yes, I’m FULL of sh*t!!  I even have the brown hair!!)  Speed ahead to the past couple years.  I’m the last person you’ll find that gets vain about getting “old”.  I refuse to color my hair because….well, I’ve earned every single one of my SILVER hairs!!  I started liking the idea of green on my eyes when I really had to be dressed up.  Then K had a teacher that sold Mary Kay and wanted me to use the skin care products.  (One of my good friends sold Mary Kay, but she knew I didn’t like make-up, so she got me into the hand treatments.)  She convinced my daughter and hubby to get me some for Valentine’s Day.  I still don’t use it often.  I did wear the foundation to the last Ball and liked how smooth and even my skin looked.  Then all of a sudden, I see a commercial for the new Mary Kay compact.  I commented a couple times how much I liked it.  K’s teacher called to see if either of us needed more of our skin care product.  I said that K does because she’s faithful to it nightly.  K is the total opposite of her Momma.  She’s a girlie girl as they come!!  Now with the raging hormones and changing skin, she’s enjoying the skin care and how much it’s helped her complexion.  Anyway, I tell the teacher (now ex-teacher) how much I love the compact and she tells me to schedule a facial, so I figure what the heck….fun girls day!!  I ended up spending $$$ on girl stuff!!  UGH!!  I got the compact with new shades of green eye shadow, a nice soft neutral blush and some neutral lipstick.  I can’t tell you how cool this compact is!!  Miss K got a compact with some ivory powder and lip gloss.  She also got more of her skin care product.  She’s so happy!!  The powder looks very nice on her fair complexion because it just takes that shine off of it and you can’t tell it’s there.  The lip gloss makes her look like a little girl coming into her own.  Nothing too mature….nothing that can be seen.  I don’t even consider it “make-up”, but more of something to show that she’s getting to be a big girl. 

I’m so happy and yet so sad.  Both Momma and daughter sort of came into their own today.  They just grow too fast and I see the beauty in her every day maturing and changing.  Today was part of the step for both of us becoming a “big girl”. 

2 Responses to Mary Kay and Our Girl’s Day Out

  1. Debbie

    You needed some pampering.

    PS: I say the same thing about my grays (I’ve earned them) however, I add that they are my highlights. LOL

  2. armyfamilyok

    I guess so, Debbie. It was more fun than I expected!! HAHA

    Oh, and I think I’m going to have to start using that “highlights” line. It’s great!!

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