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Daily Archives: 13 July 2008

Altar Server

Today was the first day for Miss K to be altar server.  She was so excited, that she barely slept last night.  All the way into church, she went over the steps for being altar server….when she’s supposed to do what.  She said her duties would be “limited” because there were 3 of them scheduled for today.  I told her that there would only be 2.  I didn’t expect one of the boys to show up because he wasn’t going to be altar server with his sister today.  They normally do it together, but with all the new ones completing training, everyone has been moved around.  I was right….it was Miss K and another new boy.

I have to say Miss K was absolutely the cutest altar server I’ve ever seen.  She was so little standing up there and she seemed so far away.  She was right on cue every time.  Much to our surprise though, our usual “new” priest wasn’t there.  K had the privilege of serving our old priest today.  I have to say that if you can please him, you’ve accomplished something.  He’s old school and doesn’t do things the way they were trained.  So for these 2 new kids being up there today, they did just great.  She even got compliments as she left the church and receive a “high 5” from another parishioner.  

Need-less-to-say, we’re very proud of her.  She did a great job and she’s really happy and proud of herself.  Now, she can’t figure out why she argued with me about just trying it out.  I knew she needed to be involved in something and as close to God as she is, I thought this was the perfect duty.  She’s on her way now and I’m sure once she gets back from her visit to her grandparents, she’ll be a regular on the schedule.  

Oh, can I just say cute, cute, cute again….. 

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