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Bread Mold

Posted by on 11 July 2008

We “played” with bread mold under the microscope tonight.  It was so cool.  At first when we put it on the slide, you could see it move.  Like the spores were migrating toward each other.  Then we looked at it under stronger setting and you could see individual spores and clusters.  We took turns looking at that for quite awhile.  Then, we went back to weaker settings.  While we took our break, it was like the mold created new clusters.  It was so organized.  You could see how they grouped together.  Bread mold is after all a fungus.  It’s a growing, “living” thing.  I can only imagine what we’d see if we spent more time and did actual experiments on it. 

What you see under the scope just amazes me.  It’s a whole life of it’s own.  I’m sure I’ve said that before, but it’s quite fascinating.

Tomorrow, K will have to write about what she saw tonight.  She’ll have to draw pictures of the changes that she saw over 30 minutes to an hours time.  I’m anxious to read her perspective of it.  During the whole process tonight, she didn’t say much.  You can tell she loved it and was amazed.  We got some “cool” and “wow that’s weird”.  The rest, her mouth was just sort of open and she’d look and look.

This image was not taken by any of us, but it’s what we saw under the microscope tonight.  (We don’t have that fancy of equipment!!)

Bread Mold

Bread Mold Under the Microscope









Oh how I love the world of discovery for kids!!

5 Responses to Bread Mold

  1. Laura

    I was hoping bread mold was about the microscope when I saw your post title on my blog. LOL! Makes me wonder what’s in my refrigerator. 🙂

    Just wait until she finds something in the house and puts it under the microscope. Dust mites are cool! LOL!

  2. armyfamilyok

    I’ve seen a picture of a dust mite, but haven’t gotten one under the scope yet.

    I normally vacuum every day to every other day. We decided to wait a few days. Then, we took a piece of clear shipping tape to an area of the carpet. It was amazing what we saw under the microscope!! There was a tiny tiny piece of white fabric (resembled part of a torn dog toy) but under the scope, it had polka dots on it!! It was too cool.

    Since it’s a used microscope, we don’t have a manual for it and Olympus was no help and there doesn’t appear to be anything online for it. Therefore, we’re learning about the scope and lens’ on our own. We haven’t seen much through the high power….YET!!

  3. Debbie

    Okay, seeing moving stuff under a microscope would freak me out. Getting the shivers already. Glad you’re making some new discoveries though. **shiver shiver**

  4. armyfamilyok

    HAHA I love this stuff!! K acts all grossed out and then just looks and looks and won’t let me back on the microscope.

    We never got to the “curdled milk”, but we’ll get back to it. I put a container out in the rain and have let it start to “grow”. I can’t wait to see what’s floating and growing in there. HEHE

  5. Kala Carruth

    Glad I detected this on google .

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