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The Language of K

Posted by on 8 July 2008

My daughter has a language all her own.  She always has.  For those closest to her, it can be frustrating at times and other times, it’s cute.  Today was one of those days.  Before I tell you about today, let me first try to explain this language of hers. 

Miss K will say “oh you know it’s big, but it’s not big” or “the round one over there that’s not really round”.  It makes you go in circles!!  First, it’s big and then it’s not or it’s round and then it’s not.  Secondly, it’s over there or “that one, not this one” or other such descriptions of location.  That’s the very basics of it.  We always ask her how she can be so darn smart and yet so confusing.  She just laughs.  We think (and the doc agrees) that her mind works so fast that she can’t quite keep up with it.  She loses the words between her brain and mouth, basically.

So onto today….

She’s playing Barbies and has them spread from one end of her room to the other.  Her entire floor is the “Barbie house” with each room set up in a different location.  So, I hear her rining the doorbell of the house over and over and over.  Just as I’m about to tell her “enough”, a gruff voice (Ken) answers the door.  He explains that he’s trying to sleep and that she’s (Barbie) is bothering him.  Well Barbie convinces Ken to let her in and they start to talk.  While Barbie is sitting there, she says “you know, your house could use some cleaning.  I could do it for you, I clean, but I don’t really clean.  I pick up, but don’t like to clean.  So, if you’d like me to clean for you, you know, be your maid, I will”.  I just sat her laughing very quietly.  Here for her Barbie’s benefit is one of her conversations that just goes around and around the circle.  

Ok, maybe it’s just a “mom thing”, but I thought it was cute and I got a laugh out of it.  Maybe you just had to be there.  Either way, that’s the story and I hope you at least got a smile out of it because even now, it makes me grin just thinking about her sitting on that floor doing her thing and going around and around!!

Do your kids have any cute “habits” like that??

4 Responses to The Language of K

  1. Ann

    I found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
    Great story to share!

  2. Laura

    It makes you think twice about what you say and do around your kids. Later on it haunts you. 🙂

  3. armyfamilyok

    Hello Ann!! Thank you!! I enjoy sharing materials and stories about our life. I’m often afraid that it’s boring, but then remember that I do it for me and hope that others can join in and relate, learn or grow.

    Thanks for visiting and I do hope that you come back often!!

  4. armyfamilyok

    HAHA I’ve already had a few things “bite” me, but I just have to laugh it off. Probably the funniest thing was the first time that K cussed. I realize that most don’t think that’s funny, but the whole process was. I’ll have to share it one day!!

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